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Gel Nail Polish Kit

Gel Nail Polish Kit

Beetles Gel Nail Polish Kit




Mini Gel Polish Colors (5ml each bottle) + 3 x No Wipe Base and Glossy & Matte Top Coat ( 7.5ml each bottle). Beetles Pastel & Neon Gel Nail Polish Set 20 colors beautiful shades of popular and trendy colors suitable for the fall and winter seasons and daily routine life!





Preparing Nails:

1. Prep: Trim, file and buff nails for a clean, dry surface.


(1). We suggest using nail prep dehydrator for best adhesion.

(2). Before opening the bottle, roll bottle back and forth between your hands to gently mix.

How to apply Gel Polish:

1. Apply thin Base Coat, cure under UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds.

2. Gel Color: Apply first thin layer of color gel polish and cure under UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds. Apply 2-3 more coats of color if needed.

3. Top Coat: Finish off with a layer of top coat, cure under UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds.

How to remove:

4. Removal Process:

(1).File / Shape / Buff.

(2).Soak the nails by nail remover wraps about 5-10 minutes.

(3).Remove the nail polish by a cuticle pusher.

(4).Wash your hands and apply hand cream to moisturize your hands.

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