Landscape Photography Course

Landscape Photography Course

Landscape Photography Course – Learn from one of the best in the world

Landscape Photography Course


Learn from the guy with one of the best jobs in the world

Our instructor’s day to day “job” (if you’d call it that), has him out taking shots of the beautiful Australian wilderness for The National Park Service. He has shot and edited tens of thousands of landscape and nature images. 

What to Expect . . .

Every landscape course is going to teach you about planning, gear selection, composition and lighting – at least we hope so – but this one does that and more. We’ve created a course that will leave you feeling inspired, entertained and confident in what you learned.

Why do a boring landscapes course when you can travel through the great outdoors of Australia with a character like Johny? 


Now you’re ready to go on a virtual journey with Johny! Experience an over the shoulder lesson as you both venture into the Australian outdoors. There are 10 fieldwork case studies – each covering a different kind of shot, covering scenes like waterfalls, seascapes and forests, to techniques such as long exposure, macro focus stacking and reflections. 

Unrestricted Access to Course Modules

One of the launch bonuses gives you two months free access to Johny’s online community, so make sure you take advantage of that. However, you can take as long as you like to digest the materials in the course.

Unrestricted access to over 4 hours of course modules.

Download all the videos.

Access Johny’s RAW files and practice his Lightroom techniques.

Module 1 – Welcome to The Complete Landscape & Nature Photography Course

 2 – Researching & Planning

 3 – Light

4 – Composition

 5 – Equipment

Module 6 – Using Filters

 7 – Exposure

 8 – Shooting Modes

 9 – Camera Settings

 10 – Tack Sharp Focus

 11 – In the Field – Capturing Details

 12 – Capturing Details Post Processing

13 – In the Field – Forest Composition

 14 – Forest Composition – Post Processing

 15 – In the Field – Long Exposure

 16 – Long Exposure + Black and White – Post Processing

 17 – In the Field – Macro Focus Stacking

 18 – Macro Focus Stacking – Post Processing

 19 – In the Field – Panoramas

 20 – Panoramas – Post Processing

21 – In the Field – Reflections and the Human Element

 22 – Reflections – Post Processing

 23 – In the Field – Sand Dunes

 24 – Sand Dunes – Post Processing

 25 – In the Field – Seascapes & HDR

 26 – Seascapes & HDR – Post Processing

 27 – In the Field – Photographing Wildlife

 28 – Wildlife – Post Processing

 29 – In the Field – Waterfalls

 30 – Waterfalls – Post Processing



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