Best Pet Cages and Crates

Best Pet Cages and Crates


Best Pet Cages and Crates: Sof-Krate Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home, 42 inches

Best Pet Cages and Crates

he Firstrax NOZTONOZ(R) Sof-Krate Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home allows you to take your best friend with you anywhere you go.

Bring the portable pet crate along with you on family vacations trips to the groomers or visits to the veterinarian.

It’s perfect for quick trips and extended excursions great for overnight hotel stays or simply set up at home to create a quiet safe retreat for your dog or cat.

Cleaning your NOZTONOZ(R) Sof-Krate is extremely easy.

Each model is constructed with a water resistant base for quick and easy cleanup; simply clean up any pet waste wipe down the material with a stain and odor remover (we recommend Nature’s Miracle(R)) and allow it to air dry.

For more extensive cleaning just remove the fully washable cover from the steel frame and throw it in with the rest of the laundry!

Simple Setup and Storage

You will find the NOZTONOZ(R) Sof-Krate Pet Home is easy to set up and breakdown.

Push button tabs and couplers located in the steel frame tubes allow the unit to be raised or collapsed within seconds and the accordion design allows it to store flat.

Its lightweight design makes it extremely easy to carry and move from place to place

  • Durable, Well-Ventilated Pet Crate For Indoor Or Outdoor Use
  • Made With New Heavy-Duty Tight-Weave Mesh Fabric
  • For pets up to 90 pounds
  • Sets Up In Seconds Anywhere You Want To Go
  • Rounded Corners Protect Home Décor And Auto Interior
  • Designed for easy storage and sets up in seconds, top, front and side entry doors

Choosing the Correct Size for Your Pet

NOZTONOZ(R) Sof-Krate Pet Homes are available in five sizes to accommodate almost any size pet.

First measure your pet from the top of his head to the floor; the Sof-Krate only needs to be one to two inches taller than this measurement.

Second measure your pet from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail; the Sof-Krate only needs to be four to six inches longer than this measurement.

This will allow your pet enough room to stand up turn around and lay down comfortably in his Sof-Krate.

You can of course provide a larger space for your pet but remember that dogs are den animals and feel most comfortable and secure in an enclosed area.

Use the handy chart located below to choose the perfect Sof-Krate for your pet needs.

Best Pet Cages and Crates



Best Pet Cages and Crates: Petmate Compass Fashion Kennel Cat and Dog Kennel

Petmate Compass Fashion Kennel Cat and Dog Kennel

Travel far and wide with your pet safe inside

Navigate new adventures alongside your pet with Petmate’s Compass Fashion Kennel
  • Versatile 2-way door design allows for easy access and assistance for pets entering and exiting the expandable entrance
  • Features slide assembly with 4 bolts for security
  • Heavy-duty construction and steel door provide a secure outer shell to withstand the rigors of travel
  • Ventilation openings surround the kennel, providing greater visibility and a fresh flow of air so pets can breathe easy during travel
  • Since introducing the first dog kennel over 50 years ago, Petmate has gone to great lengths to continue improving the lives of pet owners everywhere with a line of quality products made in the USA

No tight squeezes

The kennel’s adjustable entrance and double-opening door make entering and exiting a comfortable experience for pets and pet parents alike

No-tool assembly

The kennel slides together for simple assembly and is easily secured with four included bolts, no tools required

Trusted travel

Pet parents can rest easy as the durable construction of secure locks and steel door withstand the rigors of travel while pets stay safe and comfortable inside

More visibility and air

The upper and lower ventilation openings give visibility on all sides and a fresh flow of air for stress-free travel

Product description

Color:PEARL WHITE/BLACK  |  Size:10-20LBS

The Petmate Compass Kennel strives for a comfortable and safe experience for pets and peace of mind for pet parents.

With the expandable entrance, pet parents can easily assist their pets entering and exiting the plastic kennel.

The double-hinged door’s turn-dial latches allow easy access for opening on either side, or for complete door removal.

The top’s slide-on design allows for easy assembly, snapping together in three simple steps, no tools required.

Optional hardware is included for additional security.

Ventilation openings allow for better visibility and fresh air on all sides, keeping pets comfortable during travel.

The Petmate Kennel meets most airline cargo specifications, but pet parents should always check with their airline’s specific requirements.

The color combination available for this kennel is Pearl White/Black. Kennel is offered in sizes ranging from 10-90 pounds. Made in the USA.

Best Pet Cages and Crates



Best Pet Cages and Crates: Large Dog Crate | MidWest iCrate Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate 


Best Pet Cages and Crates

A Trusted Top-Seller from MidWest Homes for Pets

iCrate double-door dog crates by MidWest Homes for Pets are the Inclusive Home Training System designed completely around the safety, security, and comfort of your dog.

Features include safe and secure slide-bolt latches, rounded corners, a durable satin-black Electro-Coat finish, and a removable, washable plastic pan for easy cleanup in the event of an accident.

The fold and carry design means iCrate sets up easily in seconds without the need for tools.

iCrate easily folds down to a portable size for suitcase-style carrying and includes plastic carrying handles to move the folded crate from one location to another comfortably.

iCrate also comes with a free divider panel for use while your puppy is growing. Simply choose the size of crate that your dog will need when it reaches its full adult size.

The divider panel will allow you to adjust the length of the living area while your puppy grows, keeping the living space small enough to reduce the chance of your puppy eliminating in one end and sleeping in the other.

iCrate double door dog crates carry a one-year limited warranty and support from MidWest’s award-winning customer service team.

Rounded Corners

Rounded corners and safe and secure slide-bolt latches for your pet’s protection.

Fold and Carry

Sets up and folds down in seconds with no tools required! Easy-to-attach plastic handles make it easy to transport the folded crate.

The “all inclusive” Double Door iCrate, folding metal dog crate by MidWest Homes for Pets includes all of the features you will need to provide a convenient, safe & secure pet home for your best friend.

This metal dog crate includes a free divider panel allowing you to adjust the size of the dog crate while your dog is still growing, a plastic leak-proof pan for easy clean-up in the event of an accident, a strong plastic carrying handle for easy portability & rubber “roller” feet on the bottom of the crate to protect your floors inside the home.

Best Pet Cages and Crates

MidWest iCrates also feature our patented side clips which reinforce the dog crate & reduce possible sharp points ensuring a safe experience for you and your pet.

The iCrate Double Door metal dog crate configuration (with front & side door access) allows you to situate the dog crate to best fit your floor plan & folds down for convenient storage.

The 42″ metal iCrate (model 1542DDU) measures 42L x 28W x 30H inches & is suitable for “Large” dog breeds. **Please note the term “large dog” is subjective.

For the best fit, we advise that you check the measurements of the actual dog crate against your dog’s adult weight & measurements. Your dog should be able to comfortably sit upright, lay down & easily turn-around inside the dog crate.

When in doubt we suggest you purchase the larger crate option. We at MidWest Homes for Pets understand that your dog is a part of your family & that’s why we ensure our dog crates are manufactured with the highest quality control standards creating a safe home for your pet that you can feel confident with.

MidWest Homes for Pets stands behind the quality of our products with our “MidWest Quality

This crate is perfect if you have a Australian Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, or other large breed dog .

Best Pet Cages and Crates



Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Kennel – Assorted Colors

Best Pet Cages and Crates

  • TOP-LOADING DOOR: Wide, top-entry door allows easy access inside the dog and cat kennel to place or remove pets
  • VENTILATION AND VISIBILITY: Openings on all sides of the pet kennel allow pets to enjoy the flow of fresh air; grated front and top-load steel doors allow pets maximum visibility for stress-free travel
  • STURDY FOR TRAVEL: Small dog kennel is secured with a durable wingnut-and-bolt design, an the steel top-load door is reinforced with durable plastic to keep pets protected
  • COMFORT-GRIP HANDLE: Durable, ergonomic handle is securely anchored in the steel top-loading door for safe and comfortable transport of the pet carrier
  • EASY-OPEN LATCH: Secure pet doors feature easy-squeeze latches that can be conveniently opened with one hand
  • SMALL PET CRATE IN 4 COLORS: Pet parents can choose between four pearlescent color combinations for an attractive travel carrier or home kennel
  • AIR TRAVEL APPROVED: While airline travel requirements vary, Petmate’s Top Door Top Load Kennel meets most airline cargo specifications; Air Travel Kits available for purchase separately
  • PLACE OF MANUFACTURE: Plastic made in the USA
Best Pet Cages and Crates



MidWest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen/Pet Playpen


MidWest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen/Pet Playpen

Peace Of Mind With Room To Roam

Hey, it’s true for humans, and there’s no doubt about it: pets need exercise, too! A properly exercised pet is a happier, healthier pet.

Especially those that normally require a greater degree of confinement.

But even pets that are allowed to roam widely can’t always be given unlimited space in which to move about, play, and keep those muscles working.

That’s where MidWest exercise pens come in.

We offer a choice of models, any of which can accommodate animals ranging from dogs to ducks and rabbits to cats.

You’ll find whichever one you choose a great playground for your pet, indoors or out.

Our lineup starts with very affordable exercise pens – some with doors, some without – featuring eight 2-foot-wide panels that can be arranged in a number of configurations.

Each pen creates a 16-square-foot enclosed area when assembled and folds flat for convenient storage.

Set up takes just seconds. Our pens with Step-Thru doors allow your pet to step easily into or out of the pen without disconnecting the panels.

As with every product we make, our exercise pens are manufactured to the strictest quality-control procedures.

They’re followed daily during each production operation.

Beyond that, we also conduct random, full-scale quality inspections throughout the year.

Step-Thru Door

The step-through door features two secure slide-bolt latches and provides convenient and easy entrance or egress for your dog — or for you when you need to provide such care as filling water and food bowls.

Quick & Easy to Assemble

Simply unfold the panels and clip them together with the included clips. Configure your pen in a round or square shape in seconds.

Optional Tops Available

For added security and protection, optional exercise pen tops are available. Choose from our wire mesh top or sunscreen top. Sold separately.

Easy to Store & Transport

MidWest Exercise Pens fold flat for convenient storage. Each pen comes with ground stakes to secure them to the ground when used outdoors. Step-Thru pens also include corner stabilizers to add rigidity and maintain the pen’s configuration.

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