Best 3D Printing Pens

Best 3D Printing Pens


CreoPop Starter 3D Cordless Printing Pen


CreoPop Starter 3D Cordless Printing Pen


  • Breakthrough Innovation – CreoPop lets you draw 3D objects with ease. Just press the button and create any shapes you like. The possibilities are endless.
  • No hot parts or melting plastic – Unlike other 3D pens there are no hot parts, no melting plastics and no unpleasant smell. Instead, CreoPop uses photopolymers that are solidified using built in LEDs to let you focus on creating designs rather than being worried about burning your fingers. Changing ink takes just a few seconds.
  • No power cord in the way – reoPop is battery operated and charged through mini USB. So there is no power cord that gets in the way of creating designs.
  • Unleash your creativity – CreoPop lets you draw three-dimensional objects with ease. Just press the button and create any shapes you like.
  • There are no hot parts so CreoPop is safe for both adults and children. Let your imagination flow. The possibilities are endless.





TECBOSS 3D Pen, SL300 Intelligent 3D Printing Pen with LED Display


TECBOSS 3D Pen, SL300 Intelligent 3D Printing Pen with LED Display

  • √ 2 FILAMENTS SUPPORTED – Capable of using PLA(160-180℃) and ABS(180-210℃) filaments refill, and filaments diameter 1. 750. 02 mm. This gives you free to choose material you’d prefer.
  • √ 8-LEVEL SPEED CONTROL – With this 8-level speed control, this 3D pen provide ultimate and limitless creativity. It’s not only for 5 years and above kids, but also a great interesting tool and gift for adults. Use it to sketch, print or doodle amazing three-dimensional masterpieces.
  • √ ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE DESIGN – With patented ceramic nozzle and adjustable temperature design, this 3D pen is extraordinarily friendly and safe while drawing. Also it provides accurate and stable extruding.
  • √ OLED DISPLAY – The OLED display will not only show the types of material you’re using(ABS or PLA), but also will display the temperature. So it becomes easy and convenient for you to get control of this 3D pen.
  • √ MUCH SAFER – It comes with 2 finger protectors to cover your thumb and index finger to avoid hurting during use. Since the tip of the pen will become hot while the pen’s working, it’s required children should use this pen under adults supervision.



Best 3D Printing Pens : 3Doodler Create


Best 3D Printing Pens

Make Art, Design, Personalize

The world is your canvas. With over 70 colors at your fingertips in more than 3 different types of materials, the possibilities are endless. From whimsical masks to adorable figurines, modern jewelry to an entire runway outfit, what will you create?

Decorate, Fix & Hack

A handmade gift for a friend, a decoration for your next party, you’ll be amazed by all the stuff you can make with the 3Doodler Create+. Or, if you’re a DIY-er, this versatile tool can help you fix worn out cables, improve a kitchen hook, and more. Now think of the possibilities.

Perfect for gifting

with all essentials in the box including the create+ 3D pen, plenty of refill filament, stencil activity guide and more, this is the perfect for gift for any young creator or art loving adult

All new dual drive technology

the world’s first in a 3D Printing device. Featuring improved power, durability, and reliability for a superior doodling experience.

High quality materials

Compatible only with 3doodler’s own 3mm non-toxic plastic, ABS, flex and wood plastics, Made in the USA, UK & Spain, and available in over 70 colors.

A versatile art tool for ages 14+

Make art, design wearables, build models, decorate your space, Fix things, or just play – The possibilities are limitless! Beginner-friendly so there is no need for special skills, A perfect gift for anyone who loves to create.




Best 3D Printing Pens : MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen


Best 3D Printing Pens

Elevate your imagination

Hold the magic of 3D printing in your hand with the MYNT3D Professional 3D Pen. Now you can use FDM technology in any application varying from drafting and prototyping to spatial learning and three dimensional sculpting. Whether you’re an engineer or an artist, the MYNT3D Pen will take your design projects to greater heights.

Works with Nearly Any 1.75mm Filament Under the Sun

We at MYNT3D believe you should be able to use any thermoplastic you wish. ABS and PLA are a given, but what about wood or bronze infused filaments? If it is 1.75mm and melts between 130-240° C, then it will work in the MYNT3D Pen.

Fast, Slow, and Anywhere in Between

One speed isn’t good enough for your car and it’s not good enough for a 3D pen either. With the MYNT3D Pen you can crank up the extrusion speed for larger fill in areas and turn it down slow to create intricate works of art. The stepless design lets you dial in the optimal speed for any task you can throw at it.

Ergonomic shape keeps the controls always within reach and let’s you manuever the pen in ways that would be impossible for a larger design.

The MYNT3D Pen is USB powered so that it can be used with battery power banks (with at least 2A output). Take your projects outside or on the go!

A temperature mistake with another pen could send it straight to the garbage. With MYNT3D we’ve got your back with a modular nozzle design that can be replaced in a matter of minutes.




Best 3D Printing Pens : Kuman 3D Printing Pen 


Best 3D Printing Pens

  • Creativity – Help Kids developing artistic skills, spatial thinking, and can be a great creative outlet that engages their mind as they create. Best gifts for Christmas and New Year.
  • Easy operation: Light-weight, 30 seconds fast boot and Upload filament to gets you drawing and creating quickly. 3D pen will automatically shut down when not in use for over 5 minutes.
  • for over 5 minutes. LCD Screen Displays: LCD screen will show current temperature , speed, filament, allowing for accurate melting levels. Speed controls for more accurate and stable extruding.
  • ABS & PLA Filament:Compatible with both 1.75mm ABS & PLA Filament. Filament can be switched freely by switch button.
  • Unclogging mechanisms that prevent jamming. Free Palette Knife Painting shovel Spatulas for Art Painting Included.

Best 3D Printing Pens : Soyan 3D Pen for Arts and Crafts


Best 3D Printing Pens

The Soyan 3D Pen is an amazing tool for 3D doodling. It can be used in any application varying from prototyping design to art making, decorating items or repairing. It’s lightweight and small enough for a kid to handle. And the ergonomic body shape is definitely comfortable to draw. Kids would totally love to make wonderful things with this 3D pen.

How Does the 3D Pen Work?

A 3D Pen works by extruding heated plastic that cools and hardens instantly, allowing you to literally draw in the air. With the 3d pen in hand, users can lift their imaginations off the page.

Heat is used to melt filament, the melted filament is then pushed through the extruder nozzle. The pen user moves the pen to create different shapes and figures. The melted plastic cools down and solidifies quickly once outside the pen, making the shape of the extruded filament permanent.

Gone are the days, when you drew only in X and Y coordinates. Now, you can also use Z coordinate to extend your drawing canvas of creativity.

Key Features

Easy to use

It can’t be more easy to use this pen to create 3D projects:Plug in and hit the feed button. Wait for the light from RED to GREEN. Insert the plastic. Hold the feed button to draw.Plus, we have a very detailed, graphical user manual and there’re 5 pieces templates for beginers to practice.

Stepless Speed Control

Soyan 3D Pen allows you to regulate the speed and flow of the filament for optimal control while you drawing your 3D object. You can make its flow fast, slow or anywhere in between for different works: fast flow for larger fill in areas and slow flow for intricate works of art.

Ergonomic Shape and Light Weight

The Soyan 3D Pen only weights about 60 grams, a kid and hold to draw without any difficulty. And the contoured shape allows a comfortable grip for either hand.

3D Pen Applications

  • STEM Activities in the classroom.
  • Prototyping & Invention, take ideas from their brains to the real world.
  • Improving spatial thinking ability and encouraging one’s creative imaginations.
  • Stimulate tactile learning throuth three-dimensional build.
  • Arts & Design.




Best 3D Printing Pens : 7TECH 3D Pen for Kids


Best 3D Printing Pens


Allow you or your little ones to DRAW IN THE AIR. Filament IMMEDIATELY COOLS when it exits the pen, so the tip & filament WON’T BURN or start a fire if they forget to turn it off. And it won’t stick to clothes, furniture, carpet or hair.


You can easily control extrusion speed, temperature, filament; most important thing is it is only 65g in weight compared others in heavy design.

Advanced unclogging mechanisms technology prevents jamming for easy maintenance.This 3D pen is extraordinarily friendly and safe while drawing.

7TECH 3D pen inspires creativity, design, planning, building and spatial understanding. 7TECH 3D printing pen makes you watching your imagination come to life.


Buy authentic 3D Pen with confidence in 7TECH MALL, you are entitled to one year premium quality guarantee!Fraud pens from other sellers are not entitled to guarantee.




Best 3D Printing Pens : AIO Robotics Full-Metal Premium 3D Printing Pen


Best 3D Printing Pens

  • Design and 3D print astonishing three-dimensional art objects in high precision!
  • Adjust material flow speed to your individual preference while crafting
  • Control the temperature in 1 degree increments to adjust for PLA variety.
  • Extra-bright OLED display allows you to monitor flow speed and temperature of material
  • Package includes slim, ergonomic touch pen, 2 colors of PLA plastic filament, manual, cable and A/C adapter




dikale 3D Pen with PLA Filament Refills 07A


dikale 3D Pen with PLA Filament Refills 07A

【All the Filaments and Accessories are in the Pen Box】【Perfect Gift for Kids & Adults】As one of the best gift choice for children, and an indispensable equipment for professionals. Dikale 3D pen is not only a fun toy, but also a practical tool. Use it to create a handmade gift for a friend or a decoration for your next party, or fix worn out cables, or improve a kitchen hook.

【Easy to Use & Safe for Kids】Simply plug-in, heat up and extrude! Dikale 3D pen with the newest version motor and nozzle, is made of eco-friendly ABS material and supplied by Premium PLA Filament Refills that are non-toxic, non-irritating and 100% derived from plants. It offers better scald prevention with 2019 upgraded features of Intelligent temperature control, fast heat dissipation technology and extra 2 finger protectors.

【Non-Clogging & High Performance】The aircraft-grade ceramic nozzle can endure high temperatures and its interior surface is so smooth that the PLA filament in the high temperature state is impossible to attach, thus effectively reducing the risk of clogging. And thanks to the high quality motor with stable rotation speed and strong power, the output of the filament is stable and smooth.

【One Button Control & Adjustable Temperature / Speed】Different from other 3D pens on the market, Dikale 3D pen don’t need long press button, but press button once to make the creation easily and relax children’s finger. 3 printing temperature and speed modes adjustable. Advanced LCD screen clearly display the corresponding speed.

Best 3D Printing Pens




DigiHero 3D Pen




Operation Instructions

1, After connecting the pen to the power supply(5V/2A), it enter into standby condition when the LED screen displays “PLA” or “ABS”.

2,Afer switch the filament mode between PLA and ABS, press the “ ▼ ”button once to heat, when the power indicator turns green ,load the PCL filament.

3, Press “L” button to adjust temperature and speed.

4, Press the “ ▼ ” button once to start loading, press the “ ▲ ” button once to start unloading automatically.

5, After using the pen, please press the button “ ▲ ”to unload the filament, please finish unloading progress at one time.

6. This product will automatically enter into standby mode without using of 3 minutes and the LCD screen displays “”SLEEP””. Please press the “ ▼ ” button once to activate.

Product Features

Nozzle diameter: 0.6mm

Voltage: 5V/2A

Operating Temperature: 190-220℃ degree adjustable

Printing Speed: Low, Medium, High speed

Suitable Filament: PLA/ABS 1.75mm

Package Contents:

3D printing pen

Power Adapter

Micro USB cable



12×10ft 1.75mm PLA Filament

1×3D Print Removal Tool

Safety and Warning Instruction

1, Product applicable age: 5 years old and above.

2, Pay attention to the temperature of the nozzle, please DO NOT touch the nozzle during use to avoid burning your hand.

3, Please exit out of 3D Pen Filament Refills and cut off the power supply after using

4, Please put the pen in a place where children can not touch after using.

5. Please do not use the nib to touch other hard objects.

6. Please do not use foreign materials to load the hole of load the filament or the nib.

7. Please do not use other manufacturers’ consumables, so as not to cause incompatibility.

8. This product is not waterproof.

Best 3D Printing Pens




Scribbler 3D Pen V3 


Scribbler 3D Pen V3


Create unique and fantastic 3-D art straight out of your imagination. Draw vertically, horizontally, or make up your own style! You’ll find that the only limit for your 3D pen is your own imagination. Scribbler 3D Pen V3 is NEWEST MODEL of 3D pen and includes all the latest features: LARGE OLED screen which gives the user complete control over all details of their drawing experience from temperature and feed settings to material type options.


The Scribbler 3-D Drawing Pen is lightweight, easy to manage, and lets you release the perfect amount of filament for precision crafting and art. It also won’t jam due to the premium unclogging feature. You can use ABS, PLA, FLEXIBLE, WOODEN, BRONZE, COPPER plastic filaments with our 3D Pen!


Whether you’re an experienced artist, novice crafter, or exited hobbyist, our Scribbler 3D Pen is great for people of all ages. The best toy for boys or for girls, and a great present for men and women who love tech or artsy toys, this is one pen you absolutely need! SafEvery pen comes with 3 LOOPS of PLA plastic filament, fume-free!


Our art 3D pen is more than your average paintbrush, pencil or watercolor; it’s a truly unique art tool that allows you to create dragons, ships, superhero logos, and so much more. Give in to your creative side and make something that truly wows people. Safety functions include: Ceramic Nozzle – much safer compared to copper nozzle from other manufacturers; automatic shut-off after a couple minutes of non-use for your safety.


The Scribbler is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. Enjoy hassle-free US Based customer service. Find usage and troubleshooting tips, technical support help and Stencils to download on our site!

Best 3D Printing Pens




AtmosFlare 3D Drawing Pen Set 




AtmosFlare 3D Drawing Pen Set by AtmosFlare

Product description

Lift your imagination off the page! Imagine a brand new art tool that defies physics!

AtmosFlare 3D drawing pen is a breakthrough innovation within 3D printing systems; it is like a mini 3D printer in the palm of your hand!

AtmosFlare will allow you to draw 3D objects in real time – just as if you were drawing with a pen.

Its light-sensitive ink will harden almost instantly, allowing you to create solid structures.

You�ll be able to draw up into the air, imagination is your only limitation! Get started! Start drawing flat shapes on paper à just peel it off when it�s dry!

The next step is to learn joining your 2D pieces together to make 3D objects. With a little practice, you’ll be able to go freestyle, drawing straight into the air! Unleash your creativity, there are endless possibilities!

AtmosFlare 3D Pen Set contains 1 pen and 2 assorted ink cartridges. Colours and styles may vary. Requires 1 x AA battery (included). Contents: 1 AtmosFlare pen, 2 assorted ink cartridges and instructions leaflet.
Suitable for ages 14 years +

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