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Best Car Cameras

Best Car Cameras – Nextbase 522GW – Series 2 Car Dash Camera


Best Car Cameras


Best Car Cameras


Record your journey on the road with the 1440P/30fps & 1080P/60fps HD recording dash cam and F1.6 lens to provide high quality images on the road. The 140° wide viewing angle provides high coverage of the road ahead for additional protection. The 3″ HD award-winning IPS touch screen has upgraded picture resolution and clarity.


The 522GW is the world’s first Dash Cam with Bluetooth 4.2 and Quick-Link Wi-Fi to automatically sync files straight to your phone so footage can be supplied quickly to your insurer. You can also easily edit and share your footage via the MyNextbase Connect app.


The 522GW provides ultimate protection on the road. Track where an accident happened, safeguard your footage upon impact and allow the dash cam to automatically alert emergency services of your location and for help in the case of an accident.


The Nextbase Series 2 range is the world’s first 1440p Dash Cam series with Alexa built-in. With Alexa Built-in and access to tens of thousands of skills, you can ask to play music, place calls, listen to audiobooks, hear the news, check the weather, control smart home devices, get directions, find parking, and more.


The 522GW has compatible ports for plugging in additional camera modules for improved performance, including rear view, rear window and cabin view additional camera module options to record the road behind as well as ahead.

Product description

Size Name:522GW

Introducing Nextbase Series 2The all-new Series 2 range of Nextbase Dash Cams continues to focus on video quality and ease of use, with a range of revolutionary features.

Redefining quality across the range includes: –

35% smaller design to make your recording of the road more discreet. – Exclusive new Click&Go PRO mount with neodymium magnets as standard, which allows the mount to be easily removed.

Removing your dash cam from your vehicle is also simple as the power cable connects to the mount. –

An upgraded IPS Screen for increased picture resolution, clarity and viewing angles so you are better protected on the road. –

Improved Image Quality to look back on your dash cam recordings. –

Intelligent Parking Mode as standard across the range, so you can leave your car parked and know it is being safeguarded. –

Every dash cam in the series 2 range is compatible with the Nextbase polarising filter lens.

The polarising filter reduces windscreen glare and allows the dash cam to record clearer images in direct sunlight.


Customise your dash cam for all round protection with the dash cam modules. Simply plug in a module cam to record the road behind as well as the road ahead. Connect the Rear View Camera or Rear Window Camera for an extra layer of protection against tailgaters and rear impacts, or connect the cabin view camera for a wide angle lens to record inside the vehicle (commercial use). Compatible with 322GW, 422GW and 522GW models. In the Box: 522GW Nextbase Dash CamClick&Go PRO Powered Car MountCigarette Power CableInstructions

1440p HD Resolution at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps

Improved 1440p HD resolution at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps with F1.6 lens provides high quality images and footage for your security and ensures that you can clearly read number plates and other important information that you might need to rely upon later.

3” HD IPS Touch Screen and 140° Wide Viewing Angle

View footage on the highly detailed 3″ IPS screen with a 140° viewing angle, upgraded picture resolution and clarity for high quality recordings.

QuickLink WiFi and Bluetooth

The Series 2 Dash Cam’s are the world’s first with Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi to automatically sync files straight to your phone. Easily edit and share your footage via the MyNextbase Connect app.

Polarising Filter Lens

The 522GW uses an inbuilt polarising filter to dramatically reduce windscreen glare. This helps to record clearer images in direct sunlight and product enhanced recordings.

New Click&Go PRO Powered Car Mount

Has integrated magnetic power connectors to install and remove your dash cam easily. The power cable installs directly into the mount to allow the dash cam to be completely wireless.

Safeguarding you and your Vehicle

In the event of an accident, the dash cam has a G-sensor to automatically safeguard recorded footage upon sudden impact, and moves the footage to a folder that cannot be overwritten by other recordings. The Dash Cam also has an Emergency SOS feature to alert emergency services to your location and send an alert for help. The Intelligent Parking mode feature records any bump or physical movement on the vehicle when left parked and unattended.

Alexa built-in

You can talk to Alexa on your Nextbase Dash Cam. With Alexa Built-in and access to tens of thousands of skills, you can ask to play music, place calls, listen to audiobooks, hear the news, check the weather, control smart home devices, get directions, find parking, and more—all while you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Alexa lives in the cloud so she is always getting smarter and updates are delivered automatically. The more you talk to Alexa, the more she adapts to speech patterns, vocabulary, and personal preferences.

GPS and Bluetooth Feature

The High Accuracy GPS feature also provides information regarding the footage recording location for insurance or emergencies.

Product details

Size Name: 522GW
User manual [PDF]

Product Dimensions: 4.8 x 9.7 x 5.5 cm ; 99.8 g

Boxed-product Weight: 481 g

Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required.

Item model number: 522GW


Date first available at 19 Mar. 2019





Best Car Cameras – Garmin Dash Cam 66W


Garmin Dash Cam 66W


Best Car Cameras

Compact, discreet dash cam with extra-wide 180-Degree field of view captures crisp 1440P footage and Garmin clarity HDR provides increased detail in low-light situations

Automatically records and saves video of incidents; requires 8GB micro SD card, class-10 or faster (not included)

Dash Cam auto sync enables you to control and play back footage from upto four cameras on your smartphone using the Garmin Drive app

Voice control (Available for English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Swedish) allows you to easily save a video or picture, start/stop audio recording or start/stop the travel apse video capture feature

Driver alerts include forward collision, lane departure warnings (certain conditions may impair the warning function) and “go” alerts to enhance driver awareness

Red light camera and speed camera location alerts (not available in all areas) can be updated as often as you like

Notice: some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit use of this Device. It is your responsibility to know and comply with applicable laws and rights to privacy in jurisdictions where you plan to use this Device.

Garmin Dash Cam 66W

Compact, discreet dash cam with extra-wide 180-degree field of view captures crisp 1440p footage and Garmin Clarity HDR™ provides increased detail in low-light situations

Automatically records and saves footage of incidents

Dash Cam Auto Sync enables you to control and play back footage from up to four cameras on your smartphone using the Garmin Drive™ app

Voice control (available for English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Swedish) allows you to easily save a video or picture, start/stop audio recording or start/stop the Travelapse™ video capture feature

Driver alerts include forward collision, lane departure warnings (certain conditions may impair the waring function) and “Go” alerts to enhance driver awareness

NOTICE: Some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit use of this device. It is your responsibility to know and comply with applicable laws and rights to privacy in jurisdictions where you plan to use this device.

Control with Your Voice

Control your dash cam with your voice. Just say “OK, Garmin” to save a video or still picture, start/stop audio recording or start/stop the Travelapse video capture feature.

Capture the Scene

With an extra-wide 180-degree field of view, this dash cam captures more of the environment — including cross traffic — and includes detailed time and GPS location data, pinpointing exactly where and when events occurred. It records nonstop in a continuous loop. Play back the footage right on the dash cam display — or review on your phone using the Garmin Drive app.

Dash Cam Auto Sync

Dash Cam Auto Sync wirelessly connects up to four Garmin Dash Cams at the front, back and sides of your vehicle to provide virtually complete 360° coverage. If you save a video on one dash cam, the others will also save it. Use the Garmin Drive app on your smartphone to create a “picture-in-picture” video from any two perspectives at the same time. This makes it easy to share videos with friends, insurance agencies or legal authorities.

Share the Drive with Travelapse

The Travelapse feature provides an easy and fun way to record and share your adventures by condensing hours of driving into minutes of highlights.

Drive with Increased Awareness

Driver alerts help you keep track of vehicles around you. Forward collision, lane departure and a “Go” alerts work to enhance your driver awareness. Receive alerts for red light camera and speed camera (not available in all areas) locations with subscription-free updates via Garmin Express.

Product description

Style:Dash Cam 66W  |  Pattern Name:Cam

The compact, discreet gps-enabled Garmin Dash Cam 66W provides an extra-wide 180-degree field of view.

It clearly captures important details in high-quality 1440 HD video — in all light conditions — If an incident occurs.

It also provides driver alerts (certain conditions may impair the warning function), including forward collision, lane departure and a “go” alert to enhance driver awareness.

Get alerts for Red light camera and speed camera location alerts (not available in all areas) with unlimited updates via the Garmin Drive app. Say “OK, Garmin” to start/stop audio recording, take a still picture or start/stop the travel apse video capture feature.

Automatic Multisided sync allows you to play back “picture-in-picture” video captured from up to four dash cams in use at the same time, so you can see Multiple points of view with the Garmin Drive app If an incident happens.

Parking mode monitors your cards surroundings while your car is parked and the engine is not running. It automatically begins recording if and when motion is detected. (Requires Garmin parking mode cable, sold separately; Professional installation recommended. )

Product information

Style:Dash Cam 66W  |  Pattern Name:Cam




Kenwood DRV-830 Wide Quad HD Dashboard Camera


Kenwood DRV-830 Wide Quad HD Dashboard Camera


Best Car Cameras

Autarke wide quad HD dash cam with built-in 3.0 inch lcd; 3.7 megapixel camera (wide quad HD); high definition plus (2560×1440); 144° ultra wide angle lens; HDR recording for good contrast

Integrated driving assistance systems (e.g. warning when leaving the lane (from 60 km/h) or warning when the distance is too short to the car ahead); integrated 3-axis G-sensor

G-sensor event detection, automatically saves recordings before and after an accident/impact; GPS record speed and position

“Kenwood Drive reviewer” – software for managing records; 2 x microSDXC / SDHC card slots (max. 2 x 128GB); windscreen mount for discreet mounting on the windscreen

Easy to install using the supplied connection cable (4 m) with matching plug for the cigarette lighter

Advanced Driver Assist System. Default frame rate 27fps (selectable)

Product Description

You will not find a better eyewitness! The Kenwood Dashcam has everything to secure meaningful footage in the event of any case. Lens, comprehensive, unambiguous. Wide quad-hd resolution, G-sensor, GPS and HDR for difficult lighting situations ensure that no questions remain open. And those who are admitted in case of doubt in court as evidence.

Product details

Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 8.7 x 5.5 cm ; 9.07 g

Boxed-product Weight: 358 g

Item model number: DRV-830


Date first available at 16 Oct. 2018




Best Car Cameras – Thinkware TW-F70H Dash Cam 



Thinkware TW-F70H Dash Cam


Best Car Cameras

2 1MP full HD 1080P Camera with 140-degree viewing angle and wide dynamic range for high-quality true color video

Integrated thermal sensor and super capacitor technology provides added safety during extreme temperatures

Anti-file corruption technology and format free technology eliminates the need for periodic manual formatting of the Micro SD card and ensures the integrity of the data stored

Parking surveillance mode-ready with impact and motion detection and all-new energy saving mode when installed using included hardwiring cable accessory (professional Installation recommended)

Optional accessories TWA-SGM external GPS antenna for speed and Red light Camera alerts and embeds data (speed time and location) to video recordings

Full HD 1080p with Wide Dynamic Range

Records 140-degree distortion free, wide view angle in Full HD 1080p at 30 fps with Wide Dynamic Range for correctly exposed, true-colour video.

Integrated Thermal Protection

The built-in Thermal Sensor and Super Capacitors provided added safety and reliability in extreme temperatures.

All THINKWARE Dash Cams have been designed and constructed to withstand extreme temperatures your vehicle might face on a daily basis.

The Thermal Sensor monitors the internal temperature of the dash cam and triggers device shut-off if detected operating temperature has surpassed threshold.

Rechargeable batteries pose a safety risk when exposed to extreme heat, which is why THINKWARE opted for Super Capacitors instead.

They provide a reliable and safe alternative to batteries, and in the event of a sudden power cut-off, Super Capacitors allow the dash cam to securely finish recording and saving the current video.

Anti-File Corruption Technology

Recording good quality videos is important, but saving and managing these precious files is just as important.

THINKWARE’S proprietary Anti-File Corruption Technology improves your dash cam’s reliability by protecting your memory card from data fragmentation and potential data corruption due to bad blocks by dedicating pre-allocated space for each recorded video segment.

This allows the dash cam to save footage instantaneously on the MicroSD card while extending the life of the memory card.

Advanced Parking Surveillance Mode

Our Advanced Parking Mode will protect your car while the ignition is turned off. It’s most notable features are:

Impact Detection will capture impacts caused to the vehicle such as any hit-and-run driver in the act while you are away.

Motion Detection will capture any motion around the vehicle for potential vandalism attempts.

Energy Saving in Parking Mode extends coverage duration exponentially by keeping the dash cam in a power-saving mode during inactivity. The dash cam enters a Sleep Mode and Wakes Up instantly after an impact has been detected to safely record and store the next 20

Safety Camera Alert

With the optional GPS antenna, the dash cam can track the road and direction of travel to notify the driver of photo enforced areas for safe driving.

*Safety camera alerts must be enabled.

Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW)

The Front Vehicle Departure Warning system will alert the driver when their car is stopped at an intersection or in traffic. The intelligent guidance system informs them that the vehicle in front has started to move, preventing a delayed response just in case they stop looking ahead.

Small in Size, Big on Protection

Proud successor to our best-selling Thinkware F50 Dash Cam, the F70 builds on top of a winning recipe to offer you the same discreet and compact design you’ve come to love, coupled with an all-new image sensor for improved recordings in low light conditions, and the latest Energy Saving Mode for increased Parking Surveillance duration.

Product Details

Full HD 1080p @ 30 fps with Wide Dynamic Range

140° Viewing Angle

Integrated Thermal Protection

Anti-File Corruption Technology

Advanced Parking Mode*

Safety Camera Alerts*

Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW)

Smart File Management

Technical Specifications

Camera: 2.12MP CMOS Sensor

Frame Rate: up to 30 fps

Viewing Angle: 140° (Diagonal)

Dimensions (L x W x H): 3.07 x 1.4 x 1.24 inch

Weight: 42.4g (0.096 lb)

Storage Temperature: -20° – 70°C (-4° – 158°F)

Operating Temperature: -10° – 60°C (-14° – 140°F)

MicroSD Card Capacity: 8/16/32/64GB UHS-I

Input Power: DC 12/24v, Built-in Super Capacitor

Product information

Style:With Hardwiring Cable




Best Car Cameras – Blackvue DR900S-2CH with Power Magic Pro


Blackvue DR900S-2CH with Power Magic Pro


Best Car Cameras

2 Channel Front and Rear FULL HD Recording – 4K UHD @ 30fps Front and Full HD @ 30fps Rear

Compatible with Free Black Vue Over the Cloud Service (Remote Live View Emergency Alarm etc. )

Built-in 2. 4/5GHz Wi-Fi G-Sensor and GPS; comes with a 16GB Micro SD Card

8 Megapixel Front and 2. 1 Megapixel Rear CMOS Sensor for Enhanced Night Vision

Dashcams built for Hotter Climates – High Temperature Cutoff Built-In.Wifi:Built-in (802.11n 2.4GHz / 802.11ac 5GHz Dual band)

The BlackVue DR900S 2CH is the highly anticipated 4K dashcam from BlackVue. Bitrate and hardware have all been significantly improved but the biggest improvement comes from the highly requested bump in video resolution! Dash cam fans have been waiting for this for a long time now and we’re excited to say that it is finally here! The DR900S comes with the many features in the DR750S series such as WiFi Cloud Event Partitioning 4k UHD 30FPS or FHD 60 FPS and “Extreme” recording modes.

4K UHD / FHD Recording

With the new sensor and processor, the DR900S-2CH is capable of 3840 x 2160 4K UHD recording on the front and 1920 x 1080 on the rear.

BlackVue Over the Cloud

When connected to the internet, this camera can send push notifications, support live tracking, and remote video backup.

Built-in WiFi and GPS

Easily change settings and download videos on your iOS or Android device. GPS adds location and speed logging capability.

Product information




Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P


Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P


Best Car Cameras

Dual 1080P Dash Cam:

Vantrue N2 Pro is the best 2 way dash cam to record car interior picked by Wirecutter, it offers two cameras in one body to capture the road front (170°) and inside passenger cabin (140°) simultaneously in details at dual 1920x1080P 30fps

Infrared Night Vision:

The interior facing camera utilizes a Sony IMX323 sensor, 4 IR LED lights and f/2.0 aperture, which can handle low light conditions and ensures flawless video footage even when the passenger cabin is dark. F/1.8 6-glass lens front facing cam and unique HDR video system automatically balance the light and dark areas of the video.

24 Hours Parking Mode & Auto LCD OFF & Audio:

With the dash cam hardwired, 24 hours motion activated parking mode makes the dual car camera to automatically record when it detects motion, auto start and record when the ignition sparks up. Auto LCD OFF timer ensure you won’t be disturbed by another glowing rectangle on your windshield. Ideal for most climates: -4° to 158°F (-20° to 70°C). Excellent audio recording with built in microphone.

External GPS & Looping Recording & G-Sensor:

The bundle also includes the external gps mount, which allows you to track the driving route, location and speed via the Vantrue GPS Player on PC. Loop Recording overwrites the oldest footage with the newest upon filling a card to capacity. Variable sensitivity G-sensor auto detects sudden shake/collision and emergency locks the footage to “Event File” to prevent that video from an overwrite.




Nextbase Dash Cam Compatible Rear Window Camera 


Nextbase Dash Cam Compatible Rear Window Camera


Best Car Cameras


The rearview camera is compatible with the Series 2 Dash-Cam models 322GW, 422GW and 522GW


When connected to the 422GW or 522GW models, the resolution for the front mount can be 1080p rear 1080p or front 1440p rear 720p. The 322GW offers 1080p front and 720p rear.


The rear window camera offers all-round protection, as it is attached to the Series 2 dashboard camera via a 6 meter cable, so the rear camera is mounted on the rear window for high quality shooting. The cable can be hidden under the headliner.


With an extremely wide 140 degree view, you can see the road behind you, including walkways on both sides.


The mount is equipped with neodymium magnets, which makes the mount fully adjustable and gives you the flexibility to move the mount to where you want it.

Product description

The Nextbase Rear Window Camera offers all-round protection to guard against everything from tailgaters and rear end impacts, to knocks and bumps in a car park.

It uses a 140° ultra-wide viewing angle to capture the whole road behind, including the pavements on both sides.

The Rear Window Camera can easily be fitted to your front facing Nextbase Dash Cam via a 6m long cable, which can easily be hidden under the roof lining out of view.

It uses a fully adjustable magnetic mount to give you total flexibility.

Using Neodymium magnets, the table tennis ball size camera is discreet and can be used at any angle.

Compatible with Nextbase 322GW, 422GW and 522GW models.

When you are using a rear-view camera module the resolution of your front camera will automatically adjust to manage the two high resolution video files.

The options for these settings are 422/522GW Front 1080p Rear 1080p OR Front 1440p Rear 720p 322GW Front 1080p Rear 720p

Technical Details

Brand nameNextbase
Item Weight299 g
Product Dimensions20.3 x 6.4 x 8.9 cm
Item model number.




Best Car Cameras: WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS – Driver Assistance


Best Car Cameras



Best Car Cameras

PREMIUM DASH CAM w/ 2560×1080 / 2306x1296P SUPER HD –

The highest resolution currently available on any dash camera. Everything is recorded in crisp, 2304x1296P resolution allowing you to see the most detail.


WDR technology allows for the best night video. WDR is able to show a fully balanced exposure, with the ability to compensate light and dark spots of the frame in one shot.


2 Sticky Mounts + 1 Suction Cup ★ PLUG & PLAY – Once a microSD card is inserted, all you need to do is plug the camera in to the cigarette lighter outlet and it will start recording automatically.

GPS Enabled –

Follow your video alongside a Google Maps screen showing you exactly where you were! ★ EXTRA WIDE ANGLE LENS – The dash camera is equipped with a 170 degree extra wide angle lens that allows you to capture absolutely everything that you see in front of your vehicle.


The HD PRO will start recording automatically and will fill up the microSD card until full. Then it will automatically delete the oldest file and replace it with the new. Allowing for fully automatic and continuous playback!

Extra peace of mind while driving

Whether you want to go back in time and reminisce on your favorite road trips or catch those unexpected moments, the WheelWitness is the perfect travel companion. But it can do so much more:

Automatic and continuous recording

Key evidence to dispute motor vehicle collision and any wrong-doing

Provides refutable video evidence to police, insurance companies and court.

Safety and protective mechanism against reckless drivers and people

Promote road safety and reduce road trauma through raising awareness

Analyse Speed / Time / Date and Location of driver using vehicle

Evidence of any on road activity (accidents, theft, pedestrian activity)

Picture Perfect Super HD High Resolution Video

Combining the exceptional Ambarella A7LA50 processor and a 170 degrees super wide angle lens, the WheelWitness HD Pro model is the perfect witness, recording everything in front of you in ultra-clear Super HD 2k, in crisp 2304x1296P resolution.

3.0” LCD screen
Facing you is a 3-inch color LCD display that shows a preview of what the camera sees to aid in framing. Here is also where you interact with the various settings, menu options, and media playback controls via a bank of four physical buttons, two on each side of the screen.

Night Vision WDR/HDR Technology

Day or night, sun or rain or driving through tunnels, you will be able to always get razor-sharp images, thanks to the WDR technology. WDR is able to show a fully balanced exposure, with the ability to compensate light and dark spots of the frame in one shot. Combining multiple exposures, you will always enjoy an optimal night vision.

Easy to Install

Just insert a recommended SD card (check the main photos for recommended options), mount the suction cup and plug in the power. When the Dash Cam senses power, it automatically fires up and starts recording. When the power is cut (such as when the car’s ignition is shut off) the camera will automatically turn off.

Loop recording

Upon the memory card being exhausted and used up, the WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam has an internal loop-function mode enabling the camera to automatically overwrite the oldest file and continuously record.


The GPS module accessory enables the dash cam to capture the speed, location and coordinates of the motor vehicle. The logging of such details can be played back showing the speed the vehicle was traveling at the time, along with real-time location movements of where the vehicle has been.

Motion detector – G-sensor

The G-Sensor is capable of automatically detecting accidents and saving all of the relevant footage to ensure you have a perfect witness. When it detects bumps and shocks, the sensor is triggered, and the camera captures and protects the video clip leading up to the bump and a few seconds following, saving the footage of a potential accident from being overwritten.

Product information

Best Car Cameras




Best Car Cameras: Roav Dash Cam C1 Pro, 2K Resolution 2560X1440, Built-in GPS/WiFi



Best Car Cameras


Best Car Cameras

Beyond full HD:

Capture all the details of every journey in highly-detailed 2K resolution.

Track your travels:

Built-in GPS records your location data so you can see the routes you’ve taken.

Instant video access: Use the Road app to download, manage, view and share dash CAM’s recordings directly on your mobile devices. Motion-activated: gravity sensor activates the Camera if your car is bumped or moved to automatically record hit-and-runs.

Extreme temperature resistance: when plugged in: operates in 19℉-149℉. using battery power (for the parking monitor), operates in 32℉-149℉. —just stick it in your car and forget it.

Worry-free :

Road has total confidence in our products and backs them with a 12-month Replacement . What you get: Road dash am, Anker dual-port car charger, Micro USB cable, 32GB micros card, trim removal tool, user manual, happy Card, our 12-month product replacement and friendly customer service.

DashCam C1 Pro

Capture The Unexpected

Roav’s premium dashboard camera engineered with an advanced sensor and premium lens. Superior imaging technology, built-in Wi-Fi, and a dedicated app ensure every drive is recorded in rich HD clarity.

2K Resolution

GPS Logging

Built-in Wi-Fi for Easy Downloading and Sharing

Emergency Recording

Capture Every Detail

An advanced sensor enables recording of 30fps in rich 2K resolution.

Track Your Travels

Built-in GPS automatically tracks and indexes every journey so you can review it at a touch.

Easy Sharing

Quickly download videos and share them online with the Roav DashCam app.

Wide Dynamic Range Technology

Exposure is automatically fine-tuned to create balanced images and footage in any light conditions.

Expansive View

Simultaneously record 4 lanes of traffic for a full view of the road.

Product description

Ascham C1 Pro Capture The Unexpected From Road —

Making the smart driving experience accessible to all A collection of connected devices that enhances your driving experience Created by the same team as Anker—renowned for exceptional quality and innovation Beyond Full HD Film every part of your journey in super HD 2K resolution.

Whether it’s unexpected events, the daily commute, or sights from your road trip, capture it all in crystal-clear detail.

Panoramic Views Record more than just the car ahead of you. Comprised of 6 lens elements, Ascham’s wide-angle lens captures 4 lanes of traffic to give you footage of the whole road.

Travel Tracking Ascham’s built-in GPS automatically tracks and indexes the speed, route, and other information for every trip.

Instantly review any section of your journey with a touch via the Road Ascham app.

Records While You’re Away When your car is parked, Ascham’s shock sensor detects sudden movements, such as a car bumping into your car, and automatically turns on to record activity.

Worry-Free We have total confidence in our products and back them with a 12-month .

We’re the only brand in the industry that will replace any defective product with a replacement in the whole 12 months, no questions asked.

Product information


Best Car Cameras




Old Shark Dash Cam, 3″ 1080P HD Car Recorder 170 Wide Angle Night Vison Dashboard Camera


Dash Cam 1080P Full HD


Best Car Cameras


Loop Recording & Lock Accident

The Dash Camera with seamless loop record, it will overwrite old videos make sure continuous recording,32GB card never full. When G-sensor detects collision, the dashboard car camera will save and lock the accident footage, which provides proof in case of an accident claim.

24 Hours Car Security Camera Dash Cam

Parking mode: the dash cams will power on to record important videos when detect collision. Driving mode: the dashcam will power on to record driving videos when engine starts; power off when engine stops.

Ultra HD Night Vision Dash Cam for Cars

With super HD video resolution and superior fluently recording. The Car Camera deliver clear images videos even at high speed or in darkness, it will be safe and reliable with OldShark dashcam.

170°Wide Angle Dash Camera

Adopt Sony Sensor and F1.6 Big Aperture, real 170 degree wide field of view, the dash cam captures more details and reserve the real scene. WDR bringing you a better visual experience.

Car Security Cam with 32 GB Card

EASY TO Install and USE – simply mount this dash cam to windshield, connect the power cable. Simple to plug and play when you received it. no need to worry even for a first time user.

Capture Every Moments

Premier sensor enable to produce highly-detailed recordings during both day and night driving.

In extrem low light condition, please adjust the exposure in setting.

Premium Temperature Resistance

Composed of zinc alloy metal shell for greater durability and heat dissipation protection.

Surface temperature might higher than actual temperature, not affect function. Please do not exposure under sun for longtime.

Auto On and Off

The device is turned on and begins recording automatically with the engine ignition on. It is turned off automatically shortly after the engine is off.

This automatic on/off feature applies to all cars except those few with their cigarette lighters constantly on.

Little Money Save You Big Trouble

Crash Detection: (for driving)

When G-sensor detects a collision, the current video will be locked, ensuring your most important footage is kept protected.

Emergency Lock Key:

When you witness a accident, you can press mode key to lock current video when recoding.

We Stand Behind Our Products!

Every OldShark dash cam is provided with a Lifetime of quality policy.

Professional Manufacturer of Dash Cam.

OldShark is a professional dash cam manufacturer. we listen customer’s voice, dedicated to improve the convenience, safety of every drive.

Stay Connected

Connect with us on support mail to learn more about our dash cams.

Product description

OldShark is a brand professional in car video product, with 17 years’ Experience, we dedicated to creating car Camera that improve the safety, and reliable of every driving. It provides OEM and ODM services for numerous famous brands around the world. Little money saves you big trouble OldShark GS505 dash cam equipped with Novatec best 96650 chipset, and with retardant metal material and shock absorption design, it has better quality compare these equal price dash cam in market.

Product information


Best Car Cameras




YI Mirror Dash Cam, Dual Dashboard Camera Recorder with Touch Screen


Best Car Cameras - YI Mirror Dash Cam, Dual Dashboard Camera Recorder


Best Car Cameras

Two HD cameras including a front facing 1080p HD camera, and rear 720p HD camera

Easy to set-up, it fits comfortably over your existing rearview mirror

Integrated LCD 16:9 touchscreen for easy control and preview; front view mirror size: 12.25 inch x 3.25 inch

240mAh battery 3.7~4.3V(with NTC), Operating temperature: 14F Degree – 140F Degree.

Built-in Wi-Fi for app connection **YI Mirror Dash Camera rear-view cabling is 6.5m (21.3ft)


Safety can be sophisticated

The YI Mirror Dash Cam features a front facing 1080p camera, and a rear 720p camera. The front facing camera has a 138° ultra wide-angle lens to comfortably capture the entire road ahead, and its stealthy design will discreetly fit in any car, with a few simple set-up steps.

138° Wide-angle Lens

The front facing camera features a 138° all-glass lens with an f/2.0 aperture providing a true wide angle with high resolution. It can comfortably record three lanes, and Its four full-glass lenses with an infrared filter delivers clear day and night optical capabilities with a richer, purer imaging effect.

Dual-Recording HD Cameras

The front facing 1080p camera features a 138° ultra wide-angle lens with f/2.0 large aperture to give excellent viewing capabilities even in low-light. The high-sensitivity image sensor combined with an all-glass lens delivers superb live video to the display. The high resolution rear camera with reverse detection has stays protected from dust and water, while still delivering clear 720p recordings.

Driver Fatigue Alerts

Remain alert at all times with the driver fatigue feature. After two hours of continuous driving the YI Mirror Dash Cam will alert you with a prompt that can only be closed manually. Ensure the well-being of you and your passengers with this reliable safety feature.

Emergency Recording

With a built-in 3 axis adjustable G-sensor the YI Mirror Dash Cam will automatically activate emergency recording in the event of a collision. It will protect the entire footage, including the moments leading up to the accident.

Reverse Detection

The 720p camera discreetly fits on the rear of your car. With a simple auxiliary line setup the system automatically detects reverse motion and switches the mirror display to show exactly what the rear camera can see. The IP67 rating makes it rainproof and dustproof.

Simple Set-up

The materials and design of the YI Mirror Dash Camera have been selected to ensure the camera is easy to mount and will stay in place while driving. The mirror camera doesn’t require any exhausting methods to install, just simply mount it over your original rearview mirror with the adjustable elastic straps.

App Connection

After your journey use the accompanying YI Dash App on your smartphone to view videos and playback history in real time. Through the built-in 2.4GHz wireless module, you’re able to download videos to your phone and share with anyone at any time, wherever you are.

Product description

Transform your rearview mirror into a mirror with the functionalities of a dash cam, including an accompanying rear view mirror. The YI Mirror Dash Cam provides a clear high definition image from the back and front of your vehicle, providing better visibility and an overall safer driving experience.

Product details

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Product Dimensions: 13.3 x 4.3 x 3.1 inches ; 1.54 pounds

Shipping Weight: 2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)


Item model number: C1C

Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)


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Backup Camera Dash Cam TOGUARD Rear View Mirror Dual Dash Cams 4.3 inch Touch Screen


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4.3 inch display & 1080P HD recording

The half-screen display design will not prevent you from seeing the back view while driving, and the 1080P(480P for rear camera) HD recording ensures you get the best footage all day and night.

Looping Recording & G-Sensor

This HD mirror cam for car recorded video is split into 1, 2, or 3 minute segments.Seamless Loop Recording overwrites the oldest footage with the newest upon filling a card to capacity. Variable sensitivity Gravity-sensor auto detects a sudden collision and emergency,it will lock the footage to “SOS File” to prevent that video from an overwrite. 32GB class 10 memory card is recommended.Card is not included.

Enhanced Night Vision & Reverse assistant

With the function of enhanced night vision, you can see it through lights clearly at night.The backup camera will automatically display reverse image in any situation when the R gear is engaged(Please connect the rear cam red cord to your reverse light 12V positive lead). Also, the parking guide line will help you park more safely.

Dual dash cam & Parking Monitor

The front and rear dash cam simultaneously capture road front (170°) and back rear (120°) in crystal details. Mirror display screen has 4 view modes, one-touch switch is designed for you to switch view mode quickly from either full screen/front/rear views or pictures in picture display, triggered by the Parking Monitor, the dash cam will automatically turn on and record when parking.

Warm Tips

It’s very convenient for you to install the dash camera with the manual control. Please be sure to use a high speed Micro SD card, maximum support 32GB, minimum support class 10.

Front & Rear Dual dash cam:

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Display size: 4.3 Inch touch screen

Video Resolution(Front): 1920*1080( Only in Mirror camera recording mode). 1280*720P (Dual camera recording Mode) VGA

Video resolution for rear camera: 640*480

Front/rearview lens view angle: 170°/120°External

Video format: AVI

Photo Resolution: 3MP/ 2MP/1MP

Picture format: JPEG

Power Interface: 5V/1A

Temperature resistance : -77°F~140°F

Cable length from mirror to rear camera: 18ft(perfect for most 12~24V vehicles)

Screen Saver: YES


Back up cam with parking guideline

The mirror dash cam equipped with a waterproof rear camera. it supports night vision recording even in rainy day.

Both front an rear camera can keep recording at the same time.

It will automatically switch to the reversing mode with parking guide line in full view when the R gear is engaged.

User-friendly one-touch switch design

For One-touch switch design, you can switch the view with 4 display modes,full view front, full view back, half front half back and P-IN P features, just click the P-IN-P button to switch to the pattern as your need. And the front video will ending in “a” folder, rear video will ending in “b” folder.

Screen Saver

The rear view mirror display will automatically turn off but still keep recording as the screen saver features. And the screen saver time can be set as disabled or 30 seconds, 1 Min, 2 Min etc. When you back up, screen will automatically turn on, screen saver won`t influence reversing car.

Built-in Gravity Sensor offers Emergency Recording

With variable sensitivity G-sensor, it will automatically lock and will not overwrite the recorded video when collision detected in the event off an accident. it’s all there for your insurance company.A

djustable Gravity sensor: Low/ Medium/High (optional)G

ravity-sensor supports sensitivity adjustment. To avoid too many locked file save and your memory card full, we suggest you adjust to” low ” grade in setting.

Seamless Loop Recording

Seamless Loop recording will record the video on 1/2/3minutes clips and automatically overwrites the oldest clips with the newest upon filling a card to capacity;

For a 32GB Micro SD card, it can record about 1.5 hours in dual recording and 3 hours for front camera recodring only before it loops and start overwrite SD card.

24 Hours Parking Monitor–Keep Your Car Safety

With built-in battery, the dash cam will automatically power on and record a 30 seconds video after detected a shocking or vibration when your car is parked and turn off car engine.

Simple Set-up

Just simply mount the mirror dash cam over your original car rearview mirror with the 2 included rubber straps.

Easy Installation And Operation

You just need to tie the RED wire into your backup lights (12V). please kindly contact after-sales team for help if there any trouble or if you need installation instructions at:[email protected]

Compatible size

Car length less than 21ft are compatible with this rear view mirror camera.

Original car mirror size width less than 10 inch, height less than 3 inch are compatible with this dash cam.

Extension cable for rear cam

The default rear camera extension cable is 18 feet and can only be used in cars.

Technical Details


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