Best Solar Water Heaters

Best Solar Water Heaters


Best Solar Water Heaters: Duda Solar 15 Tube Water Heater Collector 45° Frame


Best Solar Water Heaters

Duda Solar Water Heater Collectors are the most efficient solar collectors on the market.

The evacuated tubes retain heat much better than flat panel collectors and therefore can work much more efficiently in cold climates.

They also have a unique capability of obtaining higher efficiencies while the sun is at an angle in the east or west through passive tracking in the tubes.

SRCC Certified and eligible for the 30% Federal Tax Rebate. May also be used with Duda Solar Aluminum Reflectors.

  • Hailstone Resistance: up to φmm (1″), Max Operating Pressure: 87psi, Max Flow Rate: 5.25 gpm
  • 14mm TU1 Copper Heat Pipes, Manifold insulation: 45mm 93 Kg/m^3 Rockwool, Rated Best Heat Retention
  • φ58mm x 1800mm Three-Target Cu/SS-ALN(H)/SS-ALN(L)/ALN Vacuum Tubes, High Boron Silicon 3.3 Glass
  • Sun Absorption Efficiency: 93-96%, Vacuum Rating: Less than 5.0 x 10^3 Pa, Lifespan:70% @ 15 Years
  • OG-100 SRCC Certificate Number: 10001877, Eligible for 30% Federal Tax Rebate, Winter Resistant




Best Solar Water Heaters: Duda Solar 150 Liter SUS – 304 Passive Water Heater


Best Solar Water Heaters

Pressurized Passive Solar Water Heater with Attached Tank Passive solar water heaters use vacuum tubes with heat pipes and an attached water tank for direct heating of potable water.

Sunlight enters the tubes, converting into heat at ~94% efficiency, and is then carried up through the heat pipe to the manifold which heats the water inside of the attached water tank.

Water is supplied at the inlet from city/well water, heated and then fed directly into the hot water plumbing of the building.

This unit includes an electric backup water heating element and a TK-7Y controller. The passive solar water heater controller is used for timing of the backup water heating and display of the tank temperature.

Best Solar Water Heaters

Settings on the controller help prevent heating water when hot water will not be needed, such as during 4 in the morning.

This gives the user the ability to only use electrical backup heating when it may be needed, thus giving the sun a chance to replenish heat.

These heaters are very popular for use in southern parts of America.

For applications in more northern regions where freezing is common, it is best to utilize split active solar water heater systems.

This unit heats the domestic water directly.

The tank’s hot water outlet connects directly to the home hot water tap. Painted/Galvanized solar water heaters are adequate in most general applications.

304 stainless steel tank/stand heaters may be necessary for corrosive environments such as on a beach where spray from sea water from the wind may be common.

The stainless steel versions also have a metallic look which may be more appealing.

  • Hailstone Resistance: up to φmm (1″), Max Operating Pressure: 100psi, TK-7Y Controller
  • 304 Stainless Steel Outer Shell & Stand, Pressurize tank for domestic water supply, 14mm TU1 Copper Heat Pipes, Winter Resistant
  • 58mm x 1800mm Three-Target Cu/SS-ALN(H)/SS-ALN(L)/ALN Vacuum Tubes, High Boron Silicon 3.3 Glass
  • Sun Absorption Efficiency: 93-96%, Vacuum Rating: Less than 5.0 x 10^3 Pa, Lifespan:70% @ 15 Years
  • Tank Diameter: 460mm (18.1″), Inner Tank Material: SUS304-2B Food Grade stainless steel



Doheny’s Solar Grid Pool Heating Solar Panels

Best Solar Water Heaters

By using the Solar Grid Pool Heating Solar Panels you will extend your swimming season by using energy from the sun.

The sturdy legs keep the panel at a 30 degree angle to maximize sun exposure.

A “greenhouse” effect will be created due to the polycarbonate cover, improving pool heating.

10 square feet of surface area absorbs the sun’s rays, increasing your pool temperature up to 10 degrees in 5 days.

By connecting more than one solar panel, you can increase efficiency and warmth.

A Bypass Kit (sold separately) is required when connecting a solar panel to pumps 1HP or greater or for inground pools.

Basically, the sun warms the water running through the solar panel, then the water moves through the filter and returns to the pool warmer.

These Solar Grid Pool Heating Solar Panels are very compatible, working with more above ground and inground swimming pools.

Solar panels are easy to drain with the multiple drain plugs and is easy to store away. The easy access connectors and brass fittings create a leak-proof seal. 

  • Heats your pool water up to 10 degrees in 5 days
  • Very Compatible, works with most above ground and inground swimming pools
  • Unbeatable price performance ratio
  • Maximize your swimming season
  • Polycarbonate cover creates “greenhouse” effect



Intex Solar Heater Mat for Above Ground Swimming Pool


Bypass valve included. Folds into a compact shape for space-saving storage in the off season.

About robelle industries since 1973 robelle industries has been providing superior, dependable, and affordable swimming pool products.

They have painstakingly built a line of quality swimming pool products that include pool chemicals, pool accessories, and everything in between.

Uses natural sunlight to warm pool. UV stabilized pvc construction.

Designed to work with most intex filter pumps. Increases temperature 5 to 9 °f. Includes bypass valve and folds compact for storage.

  • Eco-friendly solar technology increases temperature of the pool water by approx. 3 ~ 5 DegreeC (5 ~ 9 DegreeF) depending on weather condition.
  • Simple hook up, compatible with filter pump up to 1/2 hp or pump flow rate < 2500 gal/hr (9463 L/hr).
  • Suitable for above ground pools up to 8000 gal (30,280L). 1m sq (11ft sq) surface to absorb sun’s rays.
  • 1 ¼” (32mm) hose attachment points, includes 1 adaptor A and 1 adaptor B for 1 ½” hose connection.
  • Includes: 0.5m (1 1/4″ / 32mm diameter) connecting hose. Bypass valve. Dimensions: 1.2m X 1.2 m / 47 1/4in; X 47 1/4in.



GAME 4721 SolarPRO Curve Solar Pool Heater for Intex & Bestway Above Ground and in Ground Pools 

Best Solar Water Heaters

  • Unique Curved Shape maximizes heat. Heats 5 degrees Fahrenheit in 4 days
  • Durable construction with commercial grade collectors
  • Threaded ports for versatile plumbing options
  • Includes 2 hoses and stainless steel hose clamps

The GAME SolarPRO Curve Solar Pool Heater puts the power of the sun to good work.

It increases pool temperature by 5 degrees in 4 days (for an 8,000-gallon pool).

We’ve designed this above-ground solar pool heater with high-quality materials that will hold up against frequent exposure to the sun and outdoor elements, and with solar collectors.

The curved design creates a maximum solar collecting area that captures free heat from the sun even as the position of the sun changes.

The curve easily connects to inground or above-ground pools, and multiple units may be joined for even more heat.

GAME is a cutting-edge innovator in the special event marketing and merchandising industries.

Along with manufacturing and designing high-quality products, GAME also provides services to diverse nonprofit organizations that raise millions of dollars for charities across the globe.

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