Steering Wheel Workstation

Steering Wheel Workstation


Steering Wheel Workstation

AutoExec AUE13000 Wheelmate Car Desk Grey Steering Wheel Tray for Laptop, Writing Space and Eating on The Go.




Steering Wheel Workstation

  • Manufactured In the USA with a durable powder coated wood material,
  • it is lightweight and smooth, making it comfortable to write on
  • Increase efficiency and comfortability by creating a forward working solution that is ergonomic and simple to use
  • Designed to be used in a vehicle’s steering wheel (when turned upside down),
  • this work surface is an ergonomic work solution for tablets or writing
  • Intended to mount on the steering wheel in seconds and can be stowed between the seats, creating a quick and safe solution for the mobile worker
  • Dimensions: 15″ W x 8.5″ L x 1″ D

The Wheelmate by AutoExec

Providing solutions and products for road warriors

The AutoExec Wheelmate attaches easily to your steering wheel by turning the steering wheel upside down and placing the lower half of the wheel. Convert your steering wheel into an ergonomic work surface that’s great for writing, or to use while eating in the car.

The lightweight construction makes it easy to carry with you or store in the back seat while not in use. Great for tablet PCs or small lightweight laptops. The Wheelmate comes with a tablet cutout on one of the sides, making it ideal for a more comfortable work solution.

Love Your Office

AutoExec specializes in transforming your vehicle into a mobile office by supplying a line of mobile desks, filing systems and mounting solutions. Our product line is specifically designed with the mobile worker in mind, increasing both efficiency and safety while on the road.

Choose from three convenient colors of Grey, White or Black to match the interior of your car
Product Description

Being comfortable is one of the biggest challenges when on the road. Specifically designed with safety in mind, the AutoExec Wheelmate fits with the steering wheel completely upside down. This allows you to make your steering one of the most ergonomic work spaces available. The Wheelmate can fit multiple different applications from holding your tablet, Bluetooth keyboard, or simply be used as an eating surface. The lightweight construction makes it easy to carry in a bag or stow away when not in use.


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