Low Power Radiator Fan

Low Power Radiator Fan

Low Power Radiator Fan – Radfan Classic Small – Low Power Radiator Fan

Low Power Radiator Fan




Low Power Radiator Fan

Boost the heat from your radiators

51cm / 21” long – Ideal for warming up the smaller rooms in your home

Easy to install and cheap to run – just £2 a year

Heat sensing technology switches the Radfan on and off automatically

Install yourself in less than 60 seconds – no plumber or electrician needed

Product Description

What kind of room is this product suitable for?
The Radfan Classic Small is ideal for warming the smaller rooms in your home, like a home office, utility room or conservatory.

Will it fit my radiator?
The Radfan Classic Small will fit any steel panel central heating radiator that is 55cm / 22” or longer. If you have a very narrow single panel radiator, you may need a Single Panel Radiator Fitting Kit (available on Amazon). See the fitting dimensions below:

Radfan Classic Small length: 51cm / 21”
Height needed to fit (above radiator): 8cm / 3.2″
Depth needed to fit (from front face of radiator to wall): 7.5cm / 3”
Cable length: 3m / 9′ 10”

*Radfans are not recommended for use with electric radiators or storage heaters due to the higher surface temperatures and varying designs, this means ensuring a secure fit and safe operation is impossible to guarantee. Apologies.

Will it definitely work?
The Radfans have been designed to work in the vast majority of UK homes and there are more than 35,000 happy customers feeling the benefits of their Radfan right now. Radfans have also been thoroughly tested in independent trials that were funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change to make sure that you not only feel warmer, but save energy and money off your heating bill too.

Radfans have been designed to be effective and discrete. The ultra-efficient fans have been designed to blend into the background noise and so you won’t notice anything more than a gentle hum.

Where is it manufactured?
Radfans are UK Designed and Manufactured at our factory in Tyne and Wear.

Fits all

As the smallest member of the Radfan family the Radfan Classic is perfect for radiators small and large. The magnets secure it on to both single and double panel radiators.

Trap the heat in

For radiators under windows the Radfan Classic reduces heat lost through the window by 35%, keep the warmth in your home and stop warming up the great outdoors.

Ever wonder why your feet are cold?

Most of the heat leaving your radiator goes straight up and gets trapped at the ceiling or is lost through your window leaving you feeling cold.

Redirect the warm air

Ultra low power fans in the Radfan move the warm air to where it’s needed.

Warmth where you want it

Radfan’s unique designs increase the warm air flow and puts the warmth where you want it most, making you warmer and more comfortable.

30 seconds to install

The Radfan is super quick to install. Simply take it out of the box, plonk it on top of your radiator, plug it in and forget about it – the Radfan will turn on when your radiator gets warm and off again when it cools down. No plumber or electrician needed, it’s as easy to install as a desk lamp.

Technical Details
Part Number Classic
Item Weight 472 g
Product Dimensions 51 x 10 x 11 cm
Item model number Classic
Size Classic Small
Colour Colour Matched to Industry Standard Radiator White (Ral 9010)
Style Original Packaging
Material ABS
Power Source DC
Voltage 12
Wattage 2 watts
Item Package Quantity 1
Number Of Pieces 1
Air Flow Capacity 25 cubic_feet_per_minute
Cord Length 3 metres
Plug Format G – 3 pin British
Certification CE
Special Features Removable, Washable
Batteries included? No
Batteries Required? No



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