Lens for Smartphone Cameras

Lens for Smartphone Cameras

Lens for Smartphone Cameras : Moment – Macro Lens for iPhone, Pixel, Samsung Galaxy and OnePlus Camera Phones


Lens for Smartphone Cameras



Lens for Smartphone Cameras
Get 10x Closer.

The Moment Macro Lens captures life sized images of the smallest objects.

Different from traditional macro photography, this lens works less than an inch away from the subject to capture rich textures, materials, and living things that our phones were never before capable of seeing.

With low distortion and the sharpest glass imaginable, the Moment Macro Lens is perfect for capturing the tiny details that your phone will never be able to focus on.

The New Macro Lens attaches to your phone with our Photo Case or Battery Photo Case, on the latest iPhone, Google Pixel, or Galaxy devices.

 Uses our new lens interface to provide a secure, durable connection to your phone.

And includes a removable diffuser hood to capture even light.

When to use it?

Flora/Fauna: See the petals of a flower in all their incredible detail.

Insects: Capture the tiniest of creatures with a super close-up

Textures: Show of the intricate stitchings of fabric or clothing.

Arts and Crafts: Perfect for capturing detail shots of crafts.

Jewelry: Capture the finest aspects of your jewelry with a stunning new perspective.

What makes this lens unique?

The Moment Macro is the sharpest macro lens on the market.

The use of multiple elements of cinema quality glass combined with a removable light diffuser we’ve made it simple to capture details the naked phone could never see.

What about shadows?

Macro photography on a phone is different from traditional macro photography in that the subject sits one inch away from the phone.

To prevent shadows, the Moment Macro includes a removable diffuser hood that creates even light when shooting tiny details.

At one inch long, it’s also designed to serve as the perfect working distance for the lens.

Why are Moment lenses better quality?

All of our Moment lenses are handmade from premium, cinema-grade glass.

What makes the Moment Macro Lens unique in the market is our custom design delivers minimal chromatic aberration and maximum sharpness edge to edge.

We’ve brought cinema level optics to mobile macro photography.

What is it made out of?

When you pick up a Moment Lens you instantly feel the quality.

This isn’t a cheap plastic lens, instead it’s made of aerospace grade metal and hand polished glass. It adds just enough weight to your phone without weighing you down.

How does it attach?

All of our New Lenses include our latest bayonet interface to guide and lock the lens into place.

Relying on aerospace grade metal and a special hardening process, we ensure that each lens is strong and easy to mount.

You can attach the lens with either our non-electronic Photo Case or our Battery Photo Case.

Align the line on the side of the lens, rotate the lens 90 degrees, and click it into place.

You’re now ready to shoot.

What are the technical specs?
  • Design – 3 Elements, 2 Groups
  • Distortion – 0.1%
  • Flange Working Distance – 18.5mm
  • Focal Length – 25mm
  • Lens Coating – Multi-layer, low flare broadband anti-reflection
  • Reduction Ratio – 0.16: 1
  • Resolution (Axis) – >200 LP/MM
  • Resolution (Edge) – >100 LP/MM
  • Visual Magnification – 10X (250/F)
  • Chromatic Aberration – < 1PX at edge
  • Lens Weight – 34g
  • Weight with Diffuser – 38.6g
  • Height – 15.3mm
  • Height with Diffuser – 33.3mm
  • Diameter – 34.5mm
  • Diameter with Diffuser – 41.1mm




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