kimire Video Camera Camcorder

kimire Video Camera Camcorder

kimire Video Camera Camcorder

kimire Video Camera Camcorder Digital Camera Recorder Full HD 1080P 15FPS 24MP 3.0 Inch 270 Degree Rotation LCD 16X Digital Zoom Camcorder Camera with 2 Batteries(Black)



kimire Video Camera Camcorder

  • 【Video Camera as Webcam】:
  • The video camera is useful to take the beautiful photos and share it in your Youtube.
  • It can be used as webcam when the camera connect the computer.
  • Please operate the camera button to choose the “PC CAM” mode.When the “AMCAP ” window is opened,from which shooting object through the camera will be showed on this window.
  • You can have a video call with your families or friends.
  • Please download the software “AMCAP ” before use the webcam function.
  • 【Multifunction Camcorder】:
  • 1080P(15fps) Video Resolution, 24M(6000×4500) Image Resolution, image format (JPEG), video format(AVI), 16X digital zoom,
  • camcorder with fill light, 3.0 inch LCD and supports 270°rotation, Anti-shake, Face Capture,
  • Beauty Function, Self-timer and Webcam function, Pause function, USB 2.0, TV Output, Setting Date and Time.
  • 【Pause Function】:
  • This video camera supports Pause function,so you can pause the recording when you need,then continue recording again without starting a new one,
  • which makes it easier for you to edit and upload the videos.
  • This video camera included a USB cable,you can connect it directly to the computer to upload videos.
  • This video camera included a AV cable,you can connect it directly to the TV to playback the videos.
  • 【Recording While Charging】:
  • The camcorder come with two NP-FV5 batteries. It allows you to keep recording around 60 to 90 minutes when it’s fully charged.
  • For the first time use need to charge more than 8 hours.
  • The camcorder support the recording while charging,good to record long videos anytime.
  • 【Small and Compact Camcorder】:
  • The camcorder supports SD/SDHC card up to 128GB (not included), just remember to format the SD card before use the camcorder first time.
  • The camcorder support the tripod(not included) connection and the hole is standard size.

The camera can support TV and Computer output

Connect to the TV:

1. Please connect the camera to your TV with the AV&USB cable.

2. Please set the TV signal source as AV and get into this mode.

3. You will find the camera screen that turning black which is normal, not the camera malfunction. And the content will be displayed on your TV screen. You need to operate the camera to display your photos/videos. (Notice: In this mode, the icons on the screen cannot be removed.)

Connect to the Computer:

1.Please turn on the camera,insert the AV&USB Cable into the camera and computer port separately.

2.The computer will automatic install driver and the computer screen will display the driver installation is complete.

The camera use of detailed instructions:

1. Insert the fully charged battery and memory card into the camera, then press the” POWER” button to turn on the camera.

2. How to format the memory card: Please press the “Mode” button to get into the “Setup” page. Choose the “Format” option and press “OK” to confirm.

3. How to switch modes: Press the “Mode” button to switch modes between “Photo/Video/Setup”.

4. How to take photos: Press the “Mode” button to change to the “Photo” mode. Press the “Photo” button to take a photo.

5. How to record videos: Press the “Mode” button to change to the “Video” mode. Press the “START/STOP” button to start the recording. You can press the “Photo” button to pause the recording. And press the “START/STOP” button to finish the recording.

6. How to playback photos/videos: Press the “Playback” button(Beside the Menu button), and then press the “Left/Right” button to browse. Press the “START/STOP” to playback video and press the “Photo” button to pause.

7. How to delete photos/videos: Press the “Playback” button(Beside the Menu button), and then choose the one you want to delete, press the “Menu” button then choose “Delete” and confirm to delete.

8. How to adjust the volume: The volume can be only adjusted while playback. Use the zoom toggle to adjust the volume.

9. How to turn on the fill light: Press the “OK” button to turn on the light and press it again to turn off.


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