Inversion Table-2019 Model-Back Pain Relief Kit

Teeter FitSpine X-Series Inversion Table, 2019 Model, Back Pain Relief Kit, FDA-Registered

Inversion Table, 2019 Model, Back Pain Relief Kit



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Inversion Table-2019 Model-Back Pain Relief Kit
  • Acupressure Nodes provide trigger-point release while Lumbar Bridge supports and focuses traction on the lower back.
  • FlexTech Bed with 8-point floating suspension system moves with you for greater range of motion and allows for maximum body slide for better decompression. Grip-and-Stretch Handholds in the bed and frame for added stretching options. Patented wrap-around ankle cups for comfortable, ergonomic fit.
  • It’s easy to do – simple arm movements shift your body weight so you can effortlessly invert and return to the upright position. Easily adjusts to any angle with optional lock-out in full inversion.
  • UL 3rd-Party Safety Certification; Heavy-gauge steel parts with patented security features; 5-Year Full Warranty; Frustration-Free Assembly with Getting Started DVD; Free TeeterLink App; 37-Year Legacy; 300 lb, 4 ft 8 in- 6 ft 6 in user capacity.
  • Teeter Inversion Tables are the ONLY registered with the FDA as a 510(k) medical device. The Teeter is indicated for back pain, muscle tension and spasm, herniated disc, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, spinal curvature due to tight muscles and facet syndrome.

The Teeter Difference

FDA Registered 510(k) Medical Device
Inversion Table-2019 Model-Back Pain Relief Kit

The Teeter is an effective, FDA Registered 510(k) medical device designed to provide traction to the spine while stretching the para-spinal muscles.

The Teeter is indicated for Back Pain, Sciatica, Muscle Tension, Degenerative Disc Disease, Herniated Discs, Spinal Stenosis, Spinal Curvature due to Tight Muscles, Muscle Spasm & Facet Syndrome*. *Issue Date: 12/31/17; Number: K16207; Issuer: Dept. of Health and Human Services, FDA.

UL (Underwriter Laboratories) Certification

Teeter Inversion Tables are UL certified and outperform in comparison testing for endurance, rotation control and ease of assembly*. *Issue Date: 12/06/07; Number: E215459; Issuer: Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

More Comfort

Ergo-Embrace Supports

Surround the ankles to distribute weight comfortably and evenly around the feet and heels.

Ankle Comfort Dial

Offers an adjustable foot platform height for smaller or larger feet to ensure a comfortable fit.

More Stretch

Decompression Surface

Allows for maximum body slide for better results.

Grip-and-Stretch Handholds

Built into the FlexTech Bed and Frame for added stretching and decompression options.

More Relief

FlexTech Bed

The unique 8-point suspension system holds you in comfort and flexes with you as you move for added decompression and back pain relief.

Acupressure Nodes & Lumbar Bridge

Place anywhere along the tracks in the bed for trigger-point release and support of the lower back for deeper decompression.

More Value

Healthy Back & Body Routines

Bonus DVD content includes seven (7) guided corrective exercise routines to target specific trouble areas and benefit from daily stretching and strengthening (including inverted decompression).

Each routine is just 10-12 minutes long, offering simple, quick guidance to help you on the road to a healthier back and body.

Inversion Table-2019 Model-Back Pain Relief Kit


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