Carpet Washer

Carpet Washer

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer FH50150


Carpet Washer




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Carpet Washer

SpinScrub Brush System

The 360 degree SpinScrub brush system that safely scrubs carpet fibers from every angle to tackle the toughest dirt providing a complete deep clean.

Easy to Fill, Empty & Clean

With Smart Tank system making emptying and filling easy with no mess, no tools and no waste of time. The recovery tank comes with a quick pour spout.

DualV Nozzle

Provides strong, equal suction to clean surfaces quickly and evenly.

Heated Cleaning

Directly applies forced heated air to carpets to help lift and remove tough stains from carpet fibers and speed up dry time.

Dual Tank Technology

Two separate tanks for clean and dirty water let you fill, empty and rinse each tank easily.


Weighs less than 19 pounds.

Automatic Detergent Mixing

Provides the correct mix of detergent and water for optimal cleaning results.

8′ Hose and Upholstery Tool

8′ Ready-To-Use Hose and Upholstery Tool to deep clean stairs and hard-to-reach areas.

What’s in the Box?

Stair Tool.

Upholstery Tool.

Crevice Tool.

Sample Bottle of Solution

Product description

Style Name:Power Scrub Deluxe

Help extend the life of your carpet with the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner.

Designed to clean many carpeted and fabric surfaces in and around your home.

Make cleaning a breeze with spill free tanks that are easy to access, easy to fill, empty and clean.

The Power Scrub Deluxe features SpinScrub multiple brush system, a rinse option, automatic detergent mixing, a DualV Nozzle for more efficient cleaning and forced heated air for faster drying time.

Powerful Reach – 20-foot cord extends room-to-room without the hassle of unplugging

SpinScrub Brush System: Safely deep clean carpets of the toughest dirt with powerful 360 degree brushes

Dual V Nozzle: Evenly cleans surfaces with equal suction

Heat Force: Speed up dry time while lifting stubborn stains

Lightweight: Less than 19 pounds, pick up and go wherever the mess is with ease

What’s Included: Sample bottle of solution, Stair tool, Upholstery Tool, Crevice Tool

Tank System Dual Tank System

Product information

Style Name:Power Scrub Deluxe



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