Fujitsu ScanSnap Color Scanner

Fujitsu ScanSnap Color Scanner

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Color Duplex Desk Scanner for Mac and PC

Fujitsu ScanSnap Color Scanner



Fujitsu ScanSnap Color Scanner

Quickly declutter your workspace – create searchable, multi-page PDFs with the click of a button

Double-sided scanning with advanced paper feeding system – insert up to 50 sheets of paper on automatic document feed (ADF)

Intelligent scan correction performs a quick quality check on your scans – features include auto color detection, auto rotation for upside down documents, and blank page removal.

Easy to use software with color, grayscale, and monochrome scan speeds of up to 25 double-sided pages per minute

Scan your documents directly into integrated cloud services (Dropbox, Google drive, Evernote, and more) to access your files from anywhere

Compatible with iOS and Windows devices – scan via USB cord or Wi-Fi to laptop, tablet, and smartphone devices.Display Resolution:1,024 × 768 pixels or more.

Get Organized in a Snap!

Get organized by scanning your documents, receipts, old photos, and more into your desktop or cloud drive. Easily sort and find your files by searching for relevant keywords. Store these files directly to your cloud drive, so you can access and share them from anywhere.

Create searchable multi-page PDFs and sort your files into appropriate folders based on relevant keywords

Intelligent scan correction performs a quick quality check on your documents by optimizing contrast, auto rotating upside-down documents, and removing blank pages

Directly integrated with Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and more, so you can access your files from anywhere

ScanSnap Manager, Receipts, and Cardminder software applications are included


One button simplicity

Double sided scanning speed of up to 25 pages per minute

50 page automatic document feeder (ADF)

Optical resolution of up to 600 dpi

Easy set-up


Declutter your desk by scanning your paper files into searchable PDF. Intelligent scan correction technology performs a quick quality check on your scans, removing blank pages, auto rotating upside down documents, and enhancing image quality.


ScanSnap Receipt software allows you to easily scan, save, and extract critical payment information from your receipts. Categorize expenses through relevant keywords, tally up totals within the software application, and export relevant information into Excel.

Business Cards

Collect and manage business card contacts through ScanSnap CardMinder. Extract relevant information into editable fields, add notes or reference information to your contact, and export data into external applications such as Outlook and Salesforce.

Handwritten Notes

Scan and save handwritten notes and old memories.


Digitize your photos by scanning them into your computer or cloud drive (use of carrier sheet is recommended for delicate photos).


Scan drawings, art projects, and your kids’ old homework assignments to clear your home of clutter.

Product description

Style:iX500 ScanSnap (PA03656-B305)

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Color Duplex Desk Scanner for Mac and PC

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