all bloggers den – Paper Towels

Machine Washable Reusable Bamboo Paper Towel.

Use Reusable & Machine Washable  Bamboo Paper Towel and Conserve the Environment.



all bloggers den – Lamp

Triceratops Dinosaur Lamp

Triceratops Dinosaur Lamp

Triceratops Dinosaur Lamp

Sporting a minimalist origami-inspired design, the Triceratops Dinosaur Lamp is one of a set of three prehistoric classics including a T-Rex and Diplodocus.

$43.00     CHECK IT OUT


allbloggersden – Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Monopoly

Game of Thrones Monopoly

Game of Thrones Monopoly

This glorious collectors edition lets players purchase Craster’s Keep (Old Kent Road) and the Fist of the First Men (Whitechapel) in return for a song, or collect the landed gentry’s debts in King’s Landing (Mayfair) for the cost of an Iron Throne.

$50.19       CHECK IT OUT





allbloggersden – Nightlight

Pablo the Pufferfish Nightlight

Pablo the Pufferfish Nightlight

Pablo the Pufferfish Nightlight

Pablo the Pufferfish Nightlight. He’s cute. He’s orange. He’s wireless. He emits a powerful orange glow and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

$7.19     CHECKET IT OUT


allbloggersden – Wine Opener

Insectum Corkscrew – Wine Opener

Insectum Corkscrew

Insectum Corkscrew

The Insectum Corkscrew, Crafted from a sublime iridescent zinc alloy, is destined to become your go-to beetle opener.

$28.49     CHECK IT OUT


all bloggers den – Harry Potter

Harry Potter Quidditch Table Lamp – Lumos

Harry Potter Quidditch Table Lamp

Harry Potter Quidditch Table Lamp Additional Image

Light up your room by flying colors of your favorite Hogwarts house.

$11.99        CHECK IT OUT


all bloggers den – Star Wars

Star Wars R2-D2 USB Car Charger

Star Wars R2-D2 USB Car Charger

Star Wars R2-D2 USB Car Charger Additional ImageCompatible with anything that charges via USB (iPhones, smartphones, iPads, tablets, GPSes, etc.) as long as you have the cable.

$24.99       CHECK IT OUT


all bloggers den – Nintendo

Nintendo Game Boy Watch.

Game Boy Watch

Game Boy Watch

Nintendo Game Boy Watch is back, silky adjustable rubber strap, tells the time, date, day of the week, lights up and plays real Super Mario Land alarm tunes.

$28.49    CHECK IT OUT


all bloggers den – Motion Sensor Wall Light

Solar Power PIR Motion Sensor Wall Light Outdoor Waterproof Lamp.

Easy to install, just simply screw the product on the wall.Solar-powered, use solar energy for your evening lighting.

US$6.80       CHECK IT OUT


all bloggers den – Golf Putters

All-Direction Durable Plastic Green Golf Putter Cup.

US$3.11       CHECK IT OUT


all bloggers den – Shower Curtains

Christmas Snowman Screening Shower Curtain.

Retro Style London Bus Shower Curtain Waterproof Bathroom Bath Curtain Christmas Snowman Screening Curtain Set 180x180cm

US$14.45     CHECK IT OUT


all bloggers den – Spy Camera

Nanny Cam Mini Spy Hidden Camera.

The world’s smallest portable pocket body camera.



all bloggers den – Ceiling Lights

Roots Ceiling Light Inspired by a yoga exercise.

Rooting in the ground Inspired by  yoga, ‎feel grounded, whole and secure!

US$ 2,099.77    CHECK IT OUT


all bloggers den – Star Wars

Star Wars Waffle Station.

Star Wars Waffle Station

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker Additional Image

Bring an end to Late Night Trench Runs to Waffle House

A waffle station, in your own choice of theme, includes a waffle maker, a melamine plate and placemat.

$99.99       CHECK IT OUT


all bloggers den – Harry Potter

Harry Potter Hogwarts House 16 piece Dinner Set.

Harry Potter Hogwarts House 16 piece Dinner Set  Additional Image

Harry Potter Hogwarts House 16 piece Dinner Set  Additional Image

Officially-licensed Harry Potter Great Hall 16 pc Dinner Set.

$99.99     CHECK IT OUT


all bloggers den – Twinkling Skirt

Twinkling Milky Way Skirt.

Twinkling Milky Way Skirt

Twinkling Milky Way Skirt Additional Image


Amazing visual effect with sixty tiny LED lights let you twinkle the way  you desire for .

$59.99        CHECK IT OUT


all bloggers den – Experience Solar Eclipse in your Mugs

20oz Solar Eclipse Heat Changing Ceramic Mug.

Solar Eclipse 20oz Heat Changing Ceramic Mug

Solar Eclipse 20oz Heat Changing Ceramic Mug

With this ThinkGeek-exclusive Solar Eclipse Heat Change Mug, experience total solar eclipse at your  own home.

$3.99       CHECK IT OUT


all bloggers den – Backpack

Wild Shield Backpack.

Breath of the Wild Shield Backpack

Breath of the Wild Shield Backpack Additional Image

Breath of the Wild Shield Backpack, a sturdy shield loved by many an adventurer, will shield your important stuff during travel.

$9.99                  CHECK IT OUT


all bloggers den – Fog Machine

Multicolor LED Lights party fog machine.

Add  fun atmosphere to all of your celebration with three stunning LED Fog Machine.

$53.99        CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON


all bloggers den – Emerald Ring

Raw Emerald Ring, Rough Jewelry, Uncut Emerald, Natural Gemstone, Genuine Emerald, Raw Jewelry, Emerald Jewelry.

US$ 245.00+             CHECK IT OUT ON ETSY


all bloggers den – Oushak Rug

Multi Colored Decorative Bohemian Oushak Rug.


US$ 413.10        CHECK IT OUT


all bloggers den – Cluster Geode Crystal

Dream design Crystal – Healing, Metaphysical, Meditation, Chakra, Reiki, Altar, Rocks, Gemstones, Zen, Crystals.

US$ 3.95+    CHECK IT OUT


all bloggers den – Recliner Drink Caddy

Can hold wine glasses,coffee cups, go cups, remote controls, cell phones, eyeglasses.

Stable drink organizer securely holds nearly everything. For use in all lifestyle locations

couch, car, bed, beach, hot tub with the Floatsy legs.

$24.97          CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON


all bloggers den – CAT Excavator

A great construction toy – Caterpillar Excavator for your little worker.


$209.98       CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON


all bloggers den – Solar Garden Lights

LED Light Fence  Post Pool Square Light For Outdoor Boundary Pool Garden Decor Lamp White Lights.

Waterproof Solar Powered LED Light Fence Post Pool Square Light For Outdoor Boundary Pool Garden Decor Lamp White Lights 5*5*7cm

Waterproof Solar Powered LED Light Fence Post Pool Square Light For Outdoor Boundary Pool Garden Decor Lamp White Lights 5*5*7cm

Light turns on automatically at night and off at dawn Great for boundary and pool fences.

US$3.32             CHECK IT OUT


all bloggers den – Running Shoes

Best TerraFlex Trail Running Hiking Shoe – Minimalist Zero-Drop Lightweight Barefoot-Inspired.

Xero Shoes TerraFlex Trail Running Hiking Shoe - Minimalist Zero-Drop Lightweight Barefoot-Inspired - Men, Forest Green, 8.5 D(M) US

 Xero Shoes TerraFlex Trail Running Hiking Shoe - Minimalist Zero-Drop Lightweight Barefoot-Inspired - Men, Forest Green, 8.5 D(M) US

The foot-first, natural movement design lets your feet bend, flex, move, and feel the world the way they’re supposed to



all bloggers den – Pool Table

Portable 6-Ft Pool Table, Easy Folding for Storage, for Families with  Balls, Cues, Chalk.

Perfect for kids learning the game, the Fairmont’s compact, 6-foot frame is appreciated by  Adults for its high-quality construction and simple, space-saving design. A perfect addition to any game room, gym or office.



all bloggers den – Golf Bag

TaylorMade Lifestyle FlextTech bags.

FlexTech Lifestyle Stand Bag

FlexTech Lifestyle Stand Bag

Features a patented smooth release system and collapsible base system to improve ease of use and prevent club crowding.

$219.99     CHECK IT OUT


all bloggers den – Golf Swing Shirt

Golf Swing Shirt is a Patented and Trademarked golf swing trainer that is revolutionizing the way golfers learn, practice, and play golf.

$69.99       CHECK IT OUT


all bloggers den – Golf Clubs

Best Selling Taylormade Clubs – M4 Ladies Rescue.

M4 Ladies Rescue

M4 Ladies Rescue

$219.99     CHECK IT OUT


all bloggers den – Golf Clubs

Best Selling TaylorMade Clubs – M4 Combo Set.

M4 Combo Set

M4 Combo Set

$999.99        CHECK IT OUT


all bloggers den – Golf Clubs

Best Selling Taylormade Clubs – M4 Driver.

M4 Driver

M4 Driver

$429.99                 CHECK IT OUT



all bloggers den – Portable Air Conditioner

Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier/Portable Air Conditioner.

Evapolar Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier/Portable Air Conditioner, White



all bloggers den – Smart Bartender

Smart Bartender Perfect Drink – Mix Perfect Cocktails at Home.

Perfect Drink PRO Smart Scale + Recipe App – Mix Perfect Cocktails at Home (Wireless, Bluetooth 4.0)



all bloggers den – Wireless Headphones

Noise Cancelling Over Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphone.

$279.99       CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON


all bloggers den – Solo Quadcopter

3DR Solo Drone The world’s Smartest Drone is also the Easiest to Fly.

$260.00           CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON


all bloggers den – Car Tent

Remote Control Folded Portable Car Tent, Sunproof Car Canopy.


all bloggers den – Business

The factors that determine a good or bad credit score aren’t widely understood.

Repair Your Credit Like the Pros: How credit attorneys and certified consultants legally delete bad credit and restore your good name by [Warren, Carolyn]

 $6.99              CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON

all bloggers den – News

Legalization of cannabis by California for recreational use could have an outsize influence on the debate nationwide.

Botanical Extractor Machine 

    $174.95                                             CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON

all bloggers den – Technology

The costs of allowing your children be raised by screens and smart devices.

Wifi Camera W/Full App Control

      $49.99                                          CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON

all bloggers den – Business

SpaceX plans to launch the first test satellites for its next generation internet network.

Boat Spacex Launch Laminated Poster

    $24.99                                                       CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON

all bloggers den – Travel

TripAdvisor and Expedia are seeing very different months.

$7.99                                    CHECK IT OUT

all bloggers den – Business

Five areas where people are likely to cheat on their taxes.

$10.40                               CHECK IT OUT

all bloggers den – Business

Venezuela’s petro token raised more than 4.777 billion Chinese yuan, or $735 million.

Trezor bitcoin wallet

$165.49                                                    CHECK IT OUT

all bloggers den – Business

Interest rate is back to levels it was at when Lehman failed.

$13.96                            CHECK IT OUT

all bloggers den – Business

Tesla’s Amazon Web Services cloud account was compromised by hackers.

Tesla Model X Custom Made Floor liners

$199.95                                                            CHECK IT OUT

all bloggers den – News

The fast-food giant McDonald’s responds to a clamor for healthier eating.

MCDONALD'S Big Mac Sauce, 1 Count, 355ml/12.00 Ounces {Imported from Canada}

$18.95                              CHECK IT OUT

all bloggers den – Business

Sweden’s corporate map is redrawn by H&M’s stock selloff.

Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Ink Pad - Iced Spruce

$5.49                                         CHECK IT OUT

all bloggers den – News

“Black Panther” smashed Presidents’ Day weekend records.

Black Panther T Shirt Official Mens Black

$19.44      CHECK IT OUT

all bloggers den – Finance

An unexpected Chinese New Year bonus for Singaporeans.

Charmed Paper Lanterns (8-Inch, Multicolor, Set of 8) - Rice Paper Chinese/Japanese Hanging Decorations - For Home Decor, Parties, and Weddings

$6.99                   CHECK IT OUT

all bloggers den – Business

Iranians are forcing their leaders to reboot economic plans.

Luxury Navy Persian Silk Rugs Large 8x12 Living Room Rug Dark Blue 8x12 Dining Room Rug Navy Rugs for Living Room 8x10 Navy Floral Carpet (Large 8'x12')

$128.95        CHECK IT OUT

all bloggers den – Most tax friendly states for retirees

How much you will pay in taxes in retirement depends a lot on where you live.

Kindle $4.54                     CHECK IT OUT

all bloggers den – Business news

This market is ‘nuts’ and ‘very similar’ to 2008, investment manager warns.


all bloggers den – business news

Bon-Ton Stores, which operates 260 stores in 24 states, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

all bloggers den – Dream Vacation Spots: Belgrade, Serbia

Apartments in Belgrade – Affordable Accommodation.

Global Short Rentals.
Belgrade is a city with a tragic past, the scars of which are woven into the city streets. It’s a gritty hub with a soulful character, but it’s certainly not all doom and gloom. In fact, Belgrade has undergone some major changes in recent years, elevating it to a cultural, trendy hub in Eastern Europe. Set alongside the Danube River, it boasts an eclectic selection of sights and attractions. In the heart, you’ll find the Kalemegdan Citadel surrounded by pedestrianised streets lined with upmarket bars and restaurants. Further in, you’ll notice an abundance of museums and galleries which sit side by side with old Ottoman architecture and a mishmash of contemporary buildings. Belgrade is now one of the most happening cities in Europe, and you can experience all it has to offer from our selection of apartments in Belgrade, including a range of cheap holiday rentals and boutique flats in the city centre.

Fortresses and Fascinating History – Things to do in Belgrade

  • Belgrade Fortress – Nestled in the heart of Belgrade, the Belgrade Fortress rises up out of the Kalemegdan Park. Here you’ll find a selection of walkways around the old citadel, as well as great views across the River Sava and the Danube.
  • Church of Saint Sava – Belgrade’s most iconic sight is the Church of Saint Sava, the largest Serbian Orthodox church in the world. Its eye-catching exterior can be spotted miles away, with its green domed roof and cake-layer design.
  • Nikola Tesla Museum – Dedicated to the world-famous scientist, this museum exhibits the life and work of Nikola Tesla himself.
  • Belgrade Zoo – Animal lovers should carve out some time to visit the city zoo, which is situated in the centre of the city. Founded in 1936, it is one of the oldest zoos on the continent and is home to a range of native and exotic species.
  • National Theatre in Belgrade – Opened in the late 19th Century, this iconic theatre plays host to international performances and boasts a central location on Republic Square.
  • Great War Island – Tucked at the point where the Danube meets the Sava, this river island is uninhabited but features lush greenery and plenty of places to walk.
  • Museum of Yugoslav History – Belgrade’s tragic history is documented inside this important museum, which highlights the plight of Yugoslavia and its history.
  • Usce Tower – This impressive 25-storey building towers over the Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard and is a prime example of the city’s eclectic mix of architecture.
  • National Museum of Serbia – The oldest museum in Serbia is dedicated to showcasing artefacts, stories, and themes from the country through a selection of permanent exhibitions and fascinating displays.
  • Ruzica Church – Nestled in the Kalemegdan Fortress, this Serbian Orthodox church was razed to the ground in 1521 by Ottoman Turks before being rebuilt again in its current state.
  • Beli dvor – This impressive white palace is situated in the grand neighbourhood of Dedinje and was once the royal residence during the Karadordevic dynasty.
  • Pobednik – Jutting up out of the Belgrade Fortress, this monument was erected in remembrance of Serbia’s win against the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empire during the First World War and the Balkan Wars.
  • Ethnographic Museum, Belgrade – Set inside a war-torn building, the Ethnographic Museum showcases artefacts from around the region, highlighting stories, traditions, and cultures from days-gone-by.
  • Museum of Aviation, Belgrade – Aviation lovers will enjoy this museum which was founded in 1957 and displays an expansive collection of air vessels and their tools.
  • Belgrade Fair – The central hub of trade fairs is located inside a large complex that consists of three large domes and numerous smaller halls.
  • Kosutnjak – This green space combines dense, lush forests and urban neighbourhoods, providing an interesting place to explore or relax.

Browse through our collection of Belgrade apartments to find the perfect place to stay in the centre of all the action.
Belgrade Apartments – Belgrade Accommodation

Be a Local in Belgrade

Belgrade has numerous attractions that tourists flock to, but it’s also a very unassuming city with a friendly, local vibe. Get to grips with the city like a local by browsing the abundance of markets – outdoor and indoor – and perusing the stalls of fresh fruit and veg and homemade souvenirs. To explore the city like a local, hire a bike and cycle your way around the main attractions, get lost down little side streets, and enjoy things from a different perspective. The areas surrounding the Sava River are perfect for cycling, and there are a number of bridges that cross over the river offering spectacular views across the city. There’s also a New Belgrade cycling path that circles the Ada Lake, proffering a little bit of nature in the urbanised city centre.
With our selection of Belgrade apartments you’ll get to experience life as a local in the city.

Belgrade Accommodation

Belgrade accommodation is as up and coming as the city itself. Serbia’s capital is a vibrant hotspot for nightlife lovers and culture seekers, and has soared in popularity over recent years. Its hotels are on par with the selection of white cube galleries, offering luxurious but cheap stays, and there are plenty of high-end hostels that tap into the youthful energy of the city. As well as these, there are a large amount of apartments and holiday studios for rent that give visitors the chance to explore the city from a local perspective.

Being in Belgrade – Getting in and Around the City

Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport is located 20km outside the city centre, about 30 minutes by car or 45 minutes by bus. There are a few ways you can get from the airport into the heart of the city, some of which are more cost-effective than others.
There’s a minibus that regularly roves between the airport, the main train station, and the city centre. A ride on this will give you a great visual introduction to the city and is one of the cheapest ways to get into the city. Alternatively, you can grab a taxi outside the terminals for a speedy trip to your destination. You can also arrive in the city via the overland train services from surrounding countries.
Getting around Belgrade is easy, too, with an efficient collection of public transport services. There are regular bus services that connect up the main attractions, as well as a night bus service which will take you safely back to your accommodation after enjoying the nightlife in the city. You can pick up a BusPlus card which will save you time and money if you plan to use lots of public transport, though there is always the option to walk. Many of the major sights are within walking distance of each other, giving you the chance to slowly explore everything the city has to offer.


Plaza de la República  27 Apartments
Teatro Nacional  24 Apartments
Iglesia de San Marcos  17 Apartments
Templo de San Sava  9 Apartments
El Arena de Belgrado  3 Apartments
Zeleni Venac  3 Apartments

all bloggers den – news

US House Speaker Paul Ryan gets slammed over a tweet.


all bloggers den – news

South Australia plans to partner again with Elon Musk’s Tesla to turn some 50,000 homes into a giant, interconnected power plant.


all bloggers den – Business & Finance

Affordable eBay Loans for Online Sellers.

Apply for your eBay loan today!
Bitbond is a global peer-to-peer online lending platform. Small businesses and online retailers from around the world get access to affordable, low interest loans. This is especially true for sellers looking to get quick eBay loans, as Bitbond allows borrowers to connect their eBay accounts to signify creditworthiness!
Thus, your stellar feedback can now help you get perhaps the most affordable eBay loan available anywhere today. Financing the growth of your shop has never been easier. Apply today, and get the working capital you need to boost sales!
Bitbond loans for eBay sellers have several noteworthy advantages over alternatives. These are:

  • Use your eBay feedback to qualify. During the borrower application, you will be able to connect your eBay seller account. This gives us a “read only” access which we use to review the strength of your eBay business. A large amount of positive feedback will lower the interest rates you have to pay on Bitbond!
  • Bitbond is more affordable than competitors. Bitbond only charges a single, one-time 1-3% fee for borrowers. This is deducted automatically from your loan amount and is only applied if your loan request is funded. As a result, Bitbond is significantly cheaper than alternative providers of eBay loans, as there are no hidden costs such as late repayment fees, or application fees.
  • Trusted by over 1,900 small business owners.  The third major benefit of using Bitbond to fund your eBay loan, is the trust you can put in the quality of our product. We have been recognised for our contributions to the finance and business loans sector for years. Our many nominations as one of the best providers in the fintech industry, as well as our reviews on Trustpilot and other 3rd party review sites testify to the high quality of our service.

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Low Interest Loans

Our loans are specially thought for small business owners, entrepreneurs and eBay sellers. Build your working capital with our unbeatable financing offer!

Quick Money

Create an account in minutes, publish your request and start receiving offers. Your request can be fully funded in 5 days! Receive your payment immediately!

Bitcoin Technology

By using bitcoin we allow frictionless cross-border lending on Bitbond. You can buy and sell bitcoins through PayPal and other major marketplaces.

Pay on Your Terms

You can repay your loan at your convenience. 6 weeks to 3 years, it’s your choice. You choose your credit!

                             Why Work with Bitbond

  • Get an eBay loan of up to $25,000 to boost your business
  • Low interest eBay loans, as low as 1% per month
  • World coverage, get your loan anywhere!
  • +1,900 loans already funded and growing
  • Innovative Bitcoin technology
  • Personal loan manager to answer your questions
  • Over $2,900,000 funded already!
  • Connect your PayPal and eBay accounts to get unbeatable rates!

                             How Does It Work?

  • Register on our platform, fill in the application and we’ll get back to you with your borrower rating within 24 hours!
  • Once you get verified and rated, you can borrow Bitcoins by publishing a loan request on our site!
  • Bitcoin lenders will then finance your eBay loan!

Apply for your eBay loan today!

                       Bitbond Loans for Online Sellers

                                                    watch our video


Why Bitbond is Perfect for eBay Loans

The online powerhouse that is eBay is seen by many as the perfect outlet to sell high quality stock. The worlds’ leading online marketplace brings together reputable sellers and vast numbers of customers from around the world, to enable businesses to flourish and consumers to be satisfied. For most sellers however, tapping into this huge consumer base can be difficult as capital is hard to come by and high quality inventory subsequently remains out of reach. eBay loans with Bitbond can change that.
A number of online businesses have recognised the potential that eBay has, and have either used eBay as their main outlet, or set up a store that runs alongside their existing e-commerce store. As such, this has inspired many budding entrepreneurs to set up their online store and take advantage of the online sales boom that eBay is able to provide.
However, those new to the world of e-commerce could find themselves being cast aside for more popular stores which have revolving inventory.  Of course, there are other avenues a new start-up can take in order to furnish its store with products, such as dropshipping, but for those who wish to hold their own stock, then they may need to look at securing some eBay loans.

How to Secure an eBay Loan for Your Store

When people think of loans, they think of banks. And of course, banks are more than willing to listen to a business proposal, but if the person you speak to doesn’t understand the online e-commerce world, you could be left with a few blank expressions, as well as no loan.
This isn’t to say that all banks no nothing whatsoever, in fact, many are tech-savvy, but it can be helpful to acquire a loan from a company that truly understands what it takes to run an e-commerce business. Bitbond is one such company.

The Benefits of Securing a Bitbond Loan

      1.) Quick and Simple Signup for Your eBay Loan

Good reviews on eBay will grant you lower interest rates for your eBay loans when using Bitbond. This is because Bitbond allows borrowers to connect their eBay accounts, in order to analyse the customer feedback, which is weighted heavily when deciding on creditworthiness. Therefore, good reviews on your eBay store will give you access to lower interest rates.
Signing up for an eBay loan only takes 10 minutes of your time. This represents a significant improvement over the weeks or months banks, government or p2p lending sites take to clear you for a loan. With Bitbond you can apply for eBay loans in a matter of minutes without sacrificing time and effort. Be sure to have a valid ID, proof of income and a utility bill ready in order to complete your borrower application as quickly as possible.

      2) No Bank Account is Required

The first thing that should be noted is that Bitbond is not a bank, it is a peer-to-peer lending service, and as such your eBay loan will be funded by investors around the globe. The way in which Bitbond assesses its applications is very different to that of a bank, and doesn’t require the user to have a bank account. Those looking to secure a loan simply detail their request on the Bitbond website. Prospective investors then look at your proposal and if interested, will lend you Bitcoins in order to move your business forward with your eBay loans.
Once a request is funded, the money is transferred to the borrower straight away. As you can see, the method used differs greatly to the algorithms and credit scores that banks and high-street lenders use.
Those who lend small businesses and startups Bitcoins can benefit from earnings on their savings, whereas those receiving the funds can benefit from a low interest rate when compared to alternative high-street lenders.

      3) Global Access to Bitcoin Loans

Granted, it can be a little premature to boast about global access when only 35 percent of the world is online, but you have to admit, that’s still a fair amount of people. What it also means is that those looking to borrow funds for eBay loans aren’t shackled down with bank opening hours and endless meetings.
Having access to the Internet means that you can request a loan, regardless of your location. It also means that you are not limited to a specific country, as those who lend Bitcoins are located globally. Its factors such as these that are making Bitcoin loans a force to be reckoned with.

      4) Cheaper Fees

The world of loans is something of a fickle one. If you have had loans in the past and they have been paid with no problems, you will probably get a loan with a low interest rate. If you have a couple of late payments, then you could see your business paying back a loan at a higher interest rate.
Of course, this is only an estimate, as no one really knows what a high-street lender will charge until they have evaluated your loan. Now, it goes without saying that no-one should be looking to take out a loan if they don’t have the means to pay it back, but evidently life can throw up some obstacles, that can be a little difficult to avoid.
One the most attractive aspects of Bitbond is its low fees. There are still varying rates depending on how much is being borrowed and how long the loan will run for, but when compared to other lenders, the fees and interest associated with the loan are low.
With interest rates starting at 1% per month eBay loans with Bitbond are significantly cheaper than with other providers.

       5) Get Extra Resources

Bitbond specialises in providing eBay loans to Online sellers. Our Resources page is updated daily with free templates, eBay fee updates and seller tips for you to use. In your mission to maximise sales and make your eBay store a success, Bitbond can help you to gain valuable inside tips and tricks which will allow your business to flourish. Furthermore, our customer support is always willing to help and guide you through the process. Alternatively, feel free to send me an email to for any questions, recommendations or problems you might have.

Getting eBay loans has never been easier

Bitbond is the world’s leading peer-to-peer bitcoin lending platform. This means that people managing small businesses and Online retailers get access to quick and affordable loans with low interest rates from around the world! Bitbond is perfect for you as an Ebay seller, as your Ebay reputation has a direct positive impact on your credit rating! No credit score necessary!
Now that you have proven that you know how to make money selling Online, it’s time to get an eBay loan to expand your business! Small eBay loans enable you to increase your inventory, hire new staff and maximise revenues.
With Bitbond you can customise your loan terms from 6 weeks to 5 years! In addition to the fixed low interest rates, this gives you unparalleled control over your cash flow! With over 700 loans already successfully funded, Bitbond has proven that it is the ideal platform for Online sellers to the eBay loan they need grow their business!

Connect your eBay account and get lower interest rates

As someone who knows how to sell on ebay, you represent the ideal Bitbond user. This is because we include Ebay seller feedback as a key factor in assessing your credit rating. Positive Ebay feedback can significantly impact your personalised interest rates, making it cheaper for you to take out a loan.
At Bitbond interest rates start from as low as 1% per month which is significantly cheaper than the 10.8% offered by the cheapest alternatives! Bitbond also offers you the quickest way to grow your Ebay business at top-speed, as you can be fully funded within 5 days after registering. This gives you an important advantage over other Ebay sellers, because you can buy the inventory you need to grow your Ebay shop and beat your competitors to the punch.
Once you have connected your Bitbond and Ebay account, we have “read only” access in order to assess the quality of your feedback. Specifically, this means that we will not be able to change or alter your ebay account in any way, and will simply read the feedback you have received!
Get your personalised loan quickly and at unbeatable rates today. Simply sign up and go through the easy application process to get the funds you need to grow your eBay business.
Apply for your eBay loan today!

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