FluxBeam H3 LED Fog Light Kit

FluxBeam H3 LED Fog Light Kit

FluxBeam H3 LED Fog Light Kit:OPT7 FluxBeam Headlight Kit w/Clear Lens-Beam Bulbs 


FluxBeam H3 LED Fog Light Kit



..FluxBeam H3 LED Fog Light Kit ..

Everything You Need in a Box

Purchasing bulbs that don’t work with your vehicle only leads to extra purchases and extra frustration. That’s why we offer complete kits for a smooth, successful install the first time. Every FluxBeam kit offers a pull plug and play system as well as TIPM bundles for owners of 2007+ Chryslers, Dodges, and Jeeps.

Brilliance. That Lasts

Never compromise quality for affordability. Cheap imitation LED headlight kits employ the use of overclocked LED Drivers to push the LED Diodes to the edge of failure; to achieve, inflated short term brightness which increases lumen count but severely shortens product life. Over 10 Years of experience, OPT7 FluxBeam v.2 is the premier brand in LED Lighting Solution. Choose Better.

Final Assembly in the USA

At OPT7, we think of the automotive community we serve as part of our family. FluxBeams’ v.2 final assembly takes place right here in our California offices, so we can be sure it’s done right.

 We burst into the scene and changed the aftermarket lighting game in the last decade, and we continue to rule the arena by constantly delivering new, innovative, and exclusive designs.

Product description

Size:H3  |  Color:Std Kit 6K Cool White

OPT7 FluxBeam v.2 LED Headlight Kit w/ Clear Lens-Beam Bulbs – H3 – 60w 5,000Lm+ 6K Cool White CREE – 2 Year Warranty

Brighter Isn’t Always Better
3 Years in the making, our second iteration of our Arc lens technology (Arc-Lens) – Crafted around the powerful OPT7070 CREE to provide the only LED headlight with the PROPER beam pattern using the ideal balance of Lux + Lumens + CRI. Dramatically minimizing dark spots, short beams, and scattered light.

Lumens Total light output (measured in lumens). 

Lux – One of the essential measurements of good headlight lighting is the measurement of how much light is projected At A Distance. 

CRI (Color Rendering Index)- The amount of light that is properly reflected against objects. If you can’t properly see what’s your light is shooting down the road, it’s just a lot of “blind light”.

H3 FluxBeam LED Bulbs are sized to replace H3 bulbs, effectively replacing your low beams, high beams, or fog lights with brilliant LED light.

Lumens Per Bulb: 2,535 Lumens at source
Lux Per Bulb:1550 Lux at Source
Voltage: DC 9V~ DC 24V
Build Material: Cold-Pressed High-Density Extruded Aluminum
Recommended for Projector Headlights:Yes
Driver Rating Tolerance: up 80% over FluxBeam Original
Working range: -40°C ~ 85°C

A 360° Approach on Light Output –

FluxBeam v.2 doesn’t place its focus ONLY on lumens/brightness, but on ALL 3 components of light output that determine the quality of light and lifespan. LUX-LUMENS-CRI

Automotive Specific LED Chipset-

FluxBeam LED v.2 is the only light that uses the all new CREE LENZ OPT7070 automotive specific LED Chipset and Arc-Beam v.2 technology to ensure an ideal beam pattern*

ALL new Roden LED Driver –

redesigned inside and out to take advantage of the ARC-LENZ LED Bulb Chipset. The deep crafted red aluminum ridges ensure the new LED Driver maintains optimal operating temperatures. A reminder than nearly half of LED Headlight failures come from everything but the LED Diode themselves.


FluxBeam LED headlights are made to replace nearly all stock housing and sockets. Before ordering, check your vehicle owner’s manual to confirm your needed bulb size for your desired application (low beam, high beam, fog).

Every Other Reason-

Does your Conversion Kit use Fortune 500 manufacturing partners? A TRUE 2 Year Warranty- paired with 10 years of award-winning service? A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee? OPT7 DOES.

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