Floating Speaker

Floating Speaker

Floating Speaker – ICE Harmony Bluetooth Speaker

Floating Speaker


Floating Speaker

Floating Speaker Orb Harmony spins 10mm above a magnetic base

Special sound guide cone designed to increase 3D surround effect

Bluetooth function for seamless connectivity with Bluetooth enabled Smartphones & Tablets

Orb Harmony can be used individually as portable speaker without base as well

Orb Harmony has delicately crafted soft cushion to illuminate and is adjustable when switched on, making the product perfect bed side companion.

Product Description

We questioned ourselves as to how do you make an amazing existing levitating Bluetooth speaker even better? How can you refine the best and deliver an even more jaw-dropping experience when you once believed that this was the best that could ever be made? Surprisingly, we a found answer to it, and a wonderful one at that – presenting to you the ICE Orb Harmony.

The Levitating Pod

The levitating pod of the Orb Harmony comes with a delicately crafted soft cushion padding, which gets illuminated every time the levitating pod is switched on. This time round, it has a warm-golden glow, complimenting the overall colour of the product. The warm and soft golden glow is also adjustable, making the product a perfect companion – be it for bed side lighting, meditation and yoga sessions or hours of music playback

Improved Dynamic Stabilization

The Orb Harmony while in levitation is more stable, thanks to thousands of man-hours of conceptualization and determined hardware experiment. When picked up and moved from one place to another while in levitation, the levitating Pod tilts on its axis and balances itself dynamically. This makes the levitation more flawless and smoother, making the overall product a wonderful Bluetooth speaker to own and flaunt. Not only is making the pod levitate more easier, but keeping it levitating while you move around your desk, shifting and moving things around it, is much more simpler and hassle-free.

Re-designed Pod

Pod-shaped levitating speaker crafted from soft padding material and champagne gold finish base with speaker vents. Glows with a warm golden light, with controllable intensity/brightness.

360° Sound with Bluetooth

With a levitating pod-shaped speaker, a 360° sound experience makes the Orb Harmony a complete portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Music, Meditation & More

The Orb Harmony is perfect for those calm moments of meditation or yoga, which helps you rediscover  your inner potential.

In your fast-paced lifestyle, the soothing and warm glow of the Orb Harmony  help you concentrate better and find the calm you had always longed for.



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