Best Wine Glass

Best Wine Glass

Riedel Vinum Cuvee Prestige Wine Glass


Best Wine Glass




Best Wine Glass

Item Shape: Port

Included Components: Cuvee Prestige Glasses

The company RIEDEL is a family owned, 300 year-old crystal company known to be the inventor of varietal specific stemware.

Riedel is the first company in history to recognize that the taste of a beverage is affected by the shape of the vessel from which it is consumed, and has been recognized for its revolutionary designs which complement primarily alcoholic beverages.

The company is celebrating being in business for 260 years

while Vinum – the company’s most successful glassware range – is turning thirty.

1986 was not just an important year for Riedel but for all wine lovers around the world.

The launch of the machine-made Vinum glass collection by Riedel Glas fundamentally changed the drinking glass culture.

In 1973, Claus J. Riedel, the ninth generation of the family-run company, introduced a winefriendly, handcrafted and hand blown range of glasses.

The ‘Sommeliers’ range is now world famous. In 1986, his son, Georg J. Riedel, presented a further innovation which would become even more significant: the first varietal-specific machine-made glass in history – Vinum!

Product description

Style Name:Cuvée Prestige

The classic machine-made cuveé Prestige glass of the established glass collection vinum should be part of the basic equipment of every sophisticated champagne lover. This flute, filled with Champagne, concentrates the unique, yeasty bouquet of great champagnes, while emphasizing their creamy texture on the palate. Vinum glasses have proved to consumers and restaurateurs that the pleasure of consuming wine starts with the glass. All Riedel glasses are dishwasher safe.

Product information

Style Name:Cuvée Prestige



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