Weego Jump Starter 44s

Weego Jump Starter 44s


Weego Jump Starter 44s

Weego Jump Starter 44s 12-Volt Portable Lithium Jump Starter with Patented Smarty Clamps, 440 Cranking Amps for 7-Liter Gasoline and 3.5-Liter Diesel Engines, Orange (N44S).



Weego Jump Starter 44s

  • Powerful & Compact:
  • our new 44s lithium jump starter delivers 440 cranking amps (2100 peak amps) in an ultra-compact design weighing less than one pound.
  • Packed with power, 44s is rated for 7 liter gas engines and 3.5 liter diesel engines
  • Advanced Voltage Detection:
  • Weego 44s can detect a voltage as low as 0.5 volts and can provide voltage support
  • (known as pre-conditioning) to raise and maintain the voltage of your vehicle’s battery to a level safe for jump starting.
  • If your lead acid battery is completely dead (between 0 – 0.5 volts), and Weego 44s cannot detect your battery, you can use the bypass button to complete the jump start.
  • Simple & Safe: each 44s car jump starter has patented smarty clamps with built-in protections that will not allow you to jump unless properly connected.
  • Protections include anti-spark, reverse polarity, over-heat and power surge.
  • Long Lasting: the 44s jump starter battery pack can hold a charge for up to one year and can be quickly recharged in just 2.5 hours with the included micro usb charging cord.
  • We never stop improving: we combine innovation with the practical needs of our customers to produce the most safe and reliable portable jump starters.
  • We design, engineer and test our products in the usa and we offer lifetime customer support – if something goes wrong, contact us and we will make it right.
  • Fit type: Universal Fit

Safety Information

Do not expose your Weego 44s to excessive heat or fire. Do not use this product where there are flammable fumes, gases or liquids present. Don  submerge your Weego 44s in liquid. Never open or disassemble your Weego 44s. Do not crush, puncture or penetrate your Weego 44s. Do not insert foreign objects into any ports on your Weego 44s.

The Power to Go Anywhere

Just like you, we are car, truck, motorcycle and boat owners,

so we know first-hand the struggle of jump starting a dead battery.

Weego is the fastest, safest and easiest solution.

Traditional cables are dependent on a second party to come and give you a jump.

Lead acid jump packs allow you to jump your car on your own, but they tend to be on the heavy side and take up space in the trunk.

Weego Portable Lithium-ion Jump Starters offer a lightweight,

compact and powerful solution to get your vehicle started – all on your own in a matter of minutes!

Thanks to feedback from consumers, our engineering team continues to implement the newest technology and features.

All of our operations are proudly based out of our North American headquarters including design, engineering and product maintenance.

Our parent company Paris Corporation has been in business for over 58 years,

with a strong history in bringing the right products to market.


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