Waterproof Ice Scraper Glove

Waterproof Ice Scraper Glove

Ice Scraper Waterproof Glove Lined of Thick Fleece

Waterproof Ice Scraper Glove


Waterproof Ice Scraper Glove

Super warm insulated Ice Scrappers Mitt is the most practical and affordable car necessity in Winter,Easy to use,perfect combination of warmth and function.

Windproof outsite,warm inside,so handy and keeps ice off of hand.Best Winter gift for your friends,family,colleagues,lover and yourself.

Made of oxford waterproof material outside.Prevent ice, snow & water from penetrating into wrist band when scraping ice off windshield.

Keep your hand dry.Lined with thick soft fleece inside.

Prevent wind & snow from entering into the wristband in winter.

Keep your hand warm and cozy. Perfect combination with waterproof material.

Elastic wrist band design. Prevent gloves from falling off during scraping the snow & ice off.

Fits your wrist well and no need to roll up sleeves anymore.Suitable for all hands size and comfortable for both left- and right-handed use.

No age restriction and fits everyone, follow your handedness at your preference.

One size fits all hands size,Comfortable for both left- and right-handed use,Multifunctional .

Snow Ice Scraper for Car protects your hand and allows you to easily scrape the snow and ice off your car’s windshield,thick and durable plastic scraper blade will cut through even the thickest ice without scratching the glass.

Car Windshield Scraper with Glove is durable enough to last for a long time usage.Ice Scraper Height (plus blade) 14.5 inch,Width 6.5 inch.

Toasty warm while allowing plenty of room inside to get a great grip on the scraper.It is a very convenient and light weight shovel that can be carried anytime and anywhere without consume space in your car.

Product description


Comes with a mitt which is lined with comfy fleece for better protection and cold prevention, keeps your hands warm and waterproof while scraping

The cold can numb your hands and freeze your fingers when you have to scrape the ice and snow of your windows!

Easily remove ice with this scraper that comes with a mitt to keep your hand heated and waterproof.
Easily remove ice or snow, frost in cold weather with this scraper.

Perfect for car windshield and windows.
One size fits most, makes it a universal car glove.

Practical and affordable car necessity for people living in colder climates.

The snow scraper mitt is durable rock solid. The ice scraper is sturdy and made of material. tough enough to withstand the any form of elements of blizzard.

The ice scraper will last many winters to come.

The snow scraper mitt is made with solid aluminum with a heavy duty plastic scraper that will last in a long run.

The stiff bristles on the brush will grab and sweep snow away.

The snow scraper mitt is lightweight but effective.

It will remove the toughest of ice and snow with its sharp blade and strong bristles.

The snow scraper mitt is an all-in-one snow tool and the only one shovel for snow you’ll ever need.

The brush part is nice and long so you can clean off the top of your car with ease.

The snow scraper mitt is highly recommended for all drivers out there especially to those who are living on snowy places.

If you are looking for long lasting ice scraper that is sturdy, durable and effective, the ice scraper is perfect for you.
is known worldwide with superior product quality and service!



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