Snowboard Kick Scooter

Snowboard Kick Scooter

Geospace Original LED Ski Skooter: Fold-up Snowboard Kick-Scooter for Use on Snow

Snowboard Kick Scooter


Snowboard Kick Scooter

Our premium designed Ski Skooter will provide hours of “snowboarding” winter fun for your kids. Great for use in your neighborhood, on snow covered hills, flat snow covered sidewalks or even up in the mountains


Cruise and zigzag down your favorite sledding hill; ride it like a scooter on sloped or flat compact snow covered surfaces. Just use one foot to push off the ground. Can even be used on grass, or sand dunes


Our Ski Skooter includes one LED Light Module at the top of handle for max visibility & safety. The LED marker has 5 colors with flash, strobe and fade modes. Add a 2nd “Illuminator” 20-mode LED puck light at the base (sold separately)


Super-tough polyurethane material flexes slightly for a smooth ride. The fold-up handle helps maintain balance & assists with steering, circular design provides better grip & hand positioning than other models with straight handles


For both Kids (6 years+) and Adults (Max weight 220 Lbs). One size fits all. Handle folds down for convenient transport and storage. Ski Skooter is 37” long, 9.50” wide and 31” high (when handle is up). Comes in assorted colors

Product Description

Our new and improved LED Ski Skooter! The LED Ski Skooter has a 3-mode LED light included, built-in to the handle, simply pinch & click it to illuminate different light modes. Separate yourself from the crowd, play in the snow at dusk and at night…the New! LED Ski Skooter is simply Awesome!

For both kids (6 years+) and adults (max weight= 220 lbs), one size fits all.

For “Snowboarding” on snow, grass or even sand dunes.

Also ride it like a scooter on flat, smooth surfaces such snow, sand, grass (even carpet)Using one foot to push off the ground.

The adjustable-height handle helps maintain balance and assists with steering, handle folds down for convenient storage.

Super-tough material flexes slightly for a smooth ride, non-skid foot treads keep feet sturdy.


For long or short days in the snow, Ski Skooter is built to last and engineered for kids of all ages to play, tow or zoom down the slopes!!

From Beginners to Experienced Shredders, LED Ski Skooter will LIGHT YOU UP!
Blast down the slopes…

After a few runs you’ll be ready to go like a pro!

Scoot around the town!

Starters can learn by simply kicking like a skateboard or scooter and before you know it, you’ll be ready for hills.

Pinch & Click LED light

The LED white light located near the top, front of the handle had 3 modes, simply pinch the front and back, until you hear a click and whoa! there is light. Keep clicking to see different modes or turn off.

Added Features, Enhance Fun!
Durability engineered into Ski Skooter’s DNA

Ski Skooters are made of more durable and flexible Polyethylene which does NOT easily deform upon impact and temperature changes vs. the competitors that use Polypropylene which are known to deform due to impact & temperature changes.

Larger by design, means more value and easier to ride!

Ski Skooter by Geospace has a larger board surface (9.06″ wide x 36.61″ length) with 20% more resin by weight (1.2 Kgs.) than most other smaller boards.

Strength & Safety built-in every Ski Skooter

Designed with a firm, tight and durable handle hinge.

Ski Skooter passes all ASTM963 USA safety requirements.

Mega-dimple texture for grip, to prevent slip.

Let there be LIGHT!

LED Ski Skooter’s by Geospace exclusively include at least one LED SS Marker Light and the ILLUMINATOR (#11126) additionally includes a LED Headlight plus a remote control with many color and light motion modes which makes them 100% unique and exclusive—There’s none other like them!

Ski Skooter started as an idea to easily teach snowboarding, along the way it became incredibly fun, convenient timeless!

In the early days of Ski Skooter we envisioned a way to teach youngsters snowboarding easily, along the way it evolved into a folding format, snowboard that is not only easy to ride, but awesome to take about, when in town.

In our second version we added one, multi-function LED light, THEN we invented the all-new ILLUMINATOR version and added a giant, remote controlled, multifunction, multi-light LED light, it’s simply awesome!

We are super excited to share this awesome active-play platform with you and we can’t wait to see what the future brings!




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