Self-Heating Smart Mug

Self-Heating Smart Mug

Glowstone Ultimate Honeycomb Self-Heating Smart Mug 


Self-Heating Smart Mug


Self-Heating Smart Mug

CREATED TO PERFECTION – The Glowstone smart mug is the perfect solution for keeping your coffee and tea hot to the last drop. It is especially designed to keep drinks hot for an extra hour beyond what traditional mugs can do.

RELIABLE DESIGN – Your drinks are kept at the optimum drinking temperature of 140°F (60°C) to 150°F (65°C). The mug automatically maintains such perfection for an extra hour, in 2 half-hour heat cycles, and switches off after you’ve taken your last sip.

ELEGANT FINE BONE CHINA – Finely crafted from bone china, the mug enhances the delicate flavors of your favorite drinks and provides a great drinking experience. Unlike ceramic-coated mugs, it is not prone to damage nor scratches.

WIRELESSLY POWERED – The Glowstone smart mug charges wirelessly with the included Qi charging coaster.

DISHWASHER SAFE – Load it in the dishwasher and save time without worrying about negative effects on the mug’s quality.

Product description

The Glowstone smart mug is the perfect solution to keeping coffee and tea piping hot and at peak flavour. The fully automatic heating system
is designed to keep any warm liquid hot for an extra hour beyond what traditional dumb mugs can do. Plus, it’s finely crafted from bone china,
so it lets the delicate flavours of your favourite drinks ring through with every cup. Even better, it charges wirelessly, so there’s no cords

Never compromise on taste.

You wouldn’t drink fine wine from a plastic cup or eat caviar with a metal spoon, so why have your hot drink from
anything other than a fine bone china mug? The Glowstone ceramic smart mug means you no longer need to taint your drinks in a flask in order
to keep them hot. And it’s dishwasher safe and charges wirelessly which means no fuss, just perfect hot drinks every time.

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