Protect Home with Bulbs

Protect Home with Bulbs

BeON Home Protection System, Set of Three Bulbs

Protect Home with Bulbs



Protect Home with Bulbs

Outsmarts burglars by making your home look occupied, learns and replays your lighting while away

Ends blackouts with 5 hours of backup light during power outages

Instant on emergency lighting during fire alarm, control and dim with your smartphone

800 lumens of 3000k soft white light, install indoors or outdoors, Bluetooth connectivity

New: Bonobos technology for full home protection and enhanced connectivity

Home Protection System

Starter Pack with 3 Bulbs and Modules

Stop break-ins before they happen:

Deters burglars by making it look like you are home. Learns and replays your lighting while you are away and even responds to the burglar’s doorbell check by turning on lights just as if you are home.

Emergency Lighting for the Home:

Comes standard with never-before available safety lighting for the home. Each bulb provides up to four hours of emergency lighting during a power outage. Responds instantly to smoke alarms turning on lights to help you get out safely.

3 LED Bulbs (60W equivalent, 800 lumen output)

3 smart modules with built-in rechargeable battery, microphone, Bluetooth and learning module

Free iOS or Android App download

Modules give BeON bulbs Super-powers

The smart module is packed with the latest technology to keep your home safe and secure. The module listens for sound events and learns your light switch activity. It recharges the battery when AC is present and communicates to your phone and other bulbs using Bluetooth.

Product description

Security and safety lighting system. Outsmart burglars. End blackouts. Installation is as simple as screwing in bulbs and downloading free app.

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