Extra Long Cooking Chopsticks

Extra Long Cooking Chopsticks

Extra Long Cooking Chopsticks

Donxote Wooden Noodles Kitchen Cooking Frying Chopsticks 16.5 Inches Brown Extra Long Set of 2 Pairs


Extra Long Cooking Chopsticks

  • SIZE – Length: 42cm/16.53 inches, weight: 95g, Material – Ironwood.
  • PROTECTION – In some cooking links, the chopsticks are good tools. Ordinary chopsticks are so short that the hands might be scalded by boiled oil when we fry the food or produced high-temperature steam when we steam the food. So you need a longer pair of chopsticks for cooking. Please try our Donxote Extended Chopsticks for you. It is able to fry, deep-fry, pick-up and instead-boil at ease. With the Donxote Extended, you will never be worried about burned hands.
  • DESIGN – The chopsticks are mellow, full and smooth, burr-free and gentle to hands. Coated with natural plant paint on the surface, they are wax-free and oil-free, easy to clean. The chopsticks ensure the health of body.
  • MAINTENANCE – They should neither be clean at high temperature, nor soaked in water for a long time. After cleaning, they should be dried with a dry cloth.
  • SERVICE – Our Full money back! at Donxote we stand behind our products 100% enabling you to make a 100% foolproof purchase.

Want a Pair of Excellent Chopsticks for Cooking in Your Kitchen?

Chopsticks remain the most useful tool when you do the deep frying or cook noodles, etc. What we use to eat food is too short? Or does it feel hot in cooking? The Donxote lengthened chopsticks for cooking, as long as 16.5inches(42cm), can be used more easily and protect you from oil stains and steam.

You can use it to stir, from fried chicken to large pitchers of ice tea and lemonade. Even use it to get pickles and olives out of their jars. You can also use it as a normal one to fetch foods for sure. Wrap a towel on it to clean milk bottles and other items.

Love to cook with these tools! Preparing different Asian recipes for example General Tso’s chicken. And used these for stirring dumpling mixture. What a fun to cook authentic dishes with this tool!

Made of Ironwood, Donxote lengthened chopsticks for cooking with elaborate details such as a mellow, burr-free and smooth surface are easy to clean and healthy as it hardly goes moldy.

With over 10 years’ professional experience in kitchenware, Donxote is proficient in kitchenware manufacture and catering services. Donxote is dedicated to providing excellent tools for easier cooking of better foods by serving you in daily home cooking and commercial catering industry.


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