Car Dash 60 FPS 1440p Camera

Spy Tec A119 Version 2 Car Dash 60 FPS 1440p Camera G Sensor 

Car Dash 60 FPS 1440p Camera



Car Dash 60 FPS 1440p Camera
  • Perfect for forward-facing watch | Withstands extreme temperatures (capacitor)
  • Captures clear video of vehicles on the road (1440p HD) | Slim design keeps camera invisible from thieves
  • Automatically turns on and off | Never miss anything important with loop recording
  • Automatically captures impact events (with G-sensor) | Change camera settings with LCD screen
  • Easily attach to windshield using adhesive mount | Stores 7 hours of HD video (with 64GB memory card)

Start the Engine and Roll the Video


The A119 is an easy-to-install above-dashboard camera that records road tripsin high definition using an F1.8 low-light lens with wide 160° field of vision.

The wedge-shaped design helps conceal the small-footprint camera when placed by the rear-view mirror.

Justpress the adhesive mounting plate tothe inside of your windshield, snap in the camera and channel the power cord to the cigarette lighter.

There’s no battery to charge, and the capacitor-type connection senses when the ignition is started and shut off, so the video is always recordingwhen you’re on the go.

Add a 64GB memory card, and you’ll be able to store 7 hours of stunning HD video. Loop recording ensures that you’ll never run out of memory as uneventful video is routinely replaced by the newest videos and photos.

\Thanks to the built-in G-sensor that detects a collision, the A119 automatically protects video captured before and after an incident from being erased.

Plug into a PC Only as Needed

a119 without gps

Thanks to the built-in color display and hard buttons below the LCD, you can adjust allthe camera’s settings and review footage right in your vehicle. You’ll be able to mute the microphone, take photos, change the exposure value, and do time-lapse recordings. When you do want to share or archive content, simply remove the camera from the mount and copy files to a computer using the included USB cable. On an external screen, you’ll fully appreciate the sharpness of pictures, the smooth frame rate and the revealing detail even when the camera captures the road at night.

Capacitor Power

a119 without gps

Leveraging the battery power of your vehicle, the A119 bypasses the chore of recharging an internal or removable battery found in many cameras. That means dwindling camera power will never be an issue.

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