Boxing Speed Trainer Headband

Boxing Speed Trainer Headband

Boxing Speed Trainer Headband

Boxing Reflex Balls Set of 4 – Boxing Ball MMA Gear of with Varying Weights with Adjustable Headband and 4 Spare Strings to Improve Speed and Hand-Eye Coordination for Men, Kids Boxing Equipment


Boxing Speed Trainer Headband

  • RAISE YOUR REFLEX – Poor reflexes in the ring lead to painful losses. KO the competition when you refine your reflexes AND hand-eye coordination with Champs MMA’s reaction ball set.
  • READY, SET, SPAR – No need for guards or gloves with Champs MMA’s winning boxing equipment. Begin boxing training ASAP with your set that comes with 1 headband, 4 balls with cords, and 4 extra cords.
  • A BALL FOR EVERY BOXER – Beginner or beast, beef up your skills with Champs MMA’s boxing gear. Your boxing reflex ball includes 4 balls for you to increase the intensity as you improve your instincts.
  • FITS ANY FIGHTER – Sharpen your skills no matter your size. Your boxing workout equipment features an adjustable Velcro headband plus strings you can shorten to benefit your fitness.
  • NO KNOTS, NO PROBLEM – Never pause your punches to untangle straps. Instead, focus on your fitness without tedious untangling thanks to your boxing accessories’ innovative knot-free rotating buckle.

At Champs MMA, it is our mission to help ordinary people to awaken their greatness. To become a winner, you have to train like a winner. That’s why we create premium next-gen boxing equipment to give you a fighting chance at unleashing your greatness. Made by professional fighters, we bring the winner’s mentality to every part of production. That’s why Champs MMA products go unrivaled, as can you when you choose Champs MMA’s knockout boxing gear.

Bring Home the Benefits

With Champs MMA’s boxing ball, bulky punching bags have met their match. When you train with your reaction ball, you can bulk up, burn calories, boost balance, and supercharge stamina without a costly and cumbersome reflex bag. Plus, it makes it the perfect portable partner since it’s compact and lightweight.

Beginner Ball

Fresh off your first fight or just starting to learn the ropes of MMA? Solidify your skills with Newbie, the level 1 ball with a thicker rope for beginning boxers.

Veteran Ball

You’ve mastered the movements and now you want more. Challenge your conditioning with Veteran, the level 2 ball that’s a little lighter than the advanced ball to throw flexibility into the ring.

Advanced Ball

Your reflexes are fine, but refining them can give you that competitive edge you need to succeed. Take the training up a notch with Boxer, the heaviest ball to give formidable fighters even better reflexes. Remember to keep your hands up, you do not want to get hit with the Advanced Ball.

Beast Mode Ball

Bring out the beast within. Become the greatest boxer you can be with Beast Mode, the level 4 ball designed for only the strongest and fittest fighters to train like no other. Beware, it is the fastest ball.


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