Best Sit Skate Scooter

Best Sit Skate Scooter

Best Sit Skate Scooter – Get ready to be amazed! Roller Racer Red Deluxe Model is our BEST Sit-Skate Scooter


Best Sit Skate Scooter


BEST Sit-Skate Scooter

Roller Racer Red Deluxe Model is our BEST Sit-Skate Scooter

Get ready to be amazed!

The quality of Deluxe Roller Racer is the BEST of the Mason Scooter line. It’s featured in amusement parks around the world, and now offered for kids to roll and race at home.

Long considered the gold standard of kid-powered vehicles,

Roller Racers are Fun and Fast –

Smooth and Sleek –

Freakily Maneuverable! Mason Corporation employs dynamic design features such as rugged “Rams-Horn” handlebars made of tubular Steel.

Look closely enough to see that we weld a solid steel plate to the underside of the handlebar, giving the Deluxe Model its reputation for Superior Strength and Longest Life.

No plastic wheels for Mason Scooters that can scratch hardwood floors and wear down outdoors.

Our non-marring, indoor/outdoor Polyurethane Wheels sport super-fast ABEC rated bearings and easily take Deluxe Roller Racer from your living room to neighborhood park to wherever your riding adventure awaits.

The durable injection-molded Seat holds up to 250 lbs. and is as Sporty and Red as a Race-Car. I’ve saved the best thing for last…your riding toy comes completely assembled and ready to roll, right out of the box.

Deluxe Roller Racer is the winner of Best New Kiddie Ride by the International Association of Amusement Parks and appears in Hershey Park, Six Flags, zoos and family fun centers around the world. Now it’s available for you to enjoy in your own hom

Made in the USA for Best Quality and Customer Care

Mason Corporation has a 30 year history for making Treasured and Timeless Toys.

Each Mason Scooter is made with utmost care by our team of experienced toy-builders.

Don’t settle for mass-produced, plasticized versions of our original innovation. All generations agree…Deluxe Roller Racer is an epic product…

Kids love it because it’s super-fun!

Parents love it for its healthful benefits!

And grandparents love it for time-tested quality!

Everyone wants to know…HOW’S IT GO?

This engineering marvel will have you wondering:

Where’s the battery?

Where’s the motor?

Is it possible that Deluxe Roller Racer can move so easily with just the Kid-Powered motion of swinging the handlebars back and forth?

It’s all about DESIGN as this riding toy is the breakthrough brainchild of a brilliant Boeing engineer almost 50 years ago.

This invention launched decades of delighting kids and there’s no end in sight.

Every Day is a Roller Racer Play Day

Roller Racers go where Kids go…

Elementary Schools

Gym Classes

Childcare Centers


Roller Rinks


Indoor Fun Centers

Amusement Parks

Your home and neighborhood

Wait. What? No Assembly?!

Hard to believe in this era of Instruction Manuals, Decal Sheets and Tiny Tools…

Deluxe Roller Racer is ready to ride and raring to go when you open the box. No assembly headaches, no missing parts, no time to wait for the thrill of riding. Kids clamor for the BEST riding toy on the market.

Look to Mason Corporation to provide it.


Red Deluxe Model of Roller Racer is Best of Mason Scooters. Powder-Coated Handlebars have Steel-Reinforced Throat Plates and RamsHorn safety design.

A solid Injection-Molded polyethylene Seat holds up to 250 lbs.

Also included are Deluxe Waffle handgrips and super-fast wheel bearings. Meets all Safety Standards worldwide


Exceptional American Quality & Original Design by Boeing Engineer | Family-owned company with focus on Product Excellence in Nashville, TN.

Check out our full line of Quality Riding Toys: Original and Super Flying Turtles, Sport Roller Racer and adaptive Mason Exer-Rider


4 Decades of Fun prove that kids love Roller Racers.

Winner of “Best Kiddie Ride” by International Amusement Park Association.

Ready to ride out of the box.

Swing handlebar from side to side on any hard, smooth surface for children ages 3-12.

Race and Roll, Zig and Zag, Twist and Turn Indoors and Out on hardwood floors, tile, linoleum, concrete, asphalt, patios, driveways, sidewalks without batteries or pedals


Did you ride one as a child? Comes Completely Assembled (no tools, missing parts, instruction headaches!) Expand your Kiddie Area with this Interactive Ride.

Liven up your Scooter “Bored” Games with a device to strengthen Upper Body. Non-marring polyurethane Skate Wheels won’t scratch hardwood floors like plastic.

Roller Racer Activity Sheet sparks ideas for Group Games, Obstacles Courses and Races


Deluxe Roller Racer is designed for COMMERCIAL (ex. Amusement Park, Skating Rink, Family Fun Center), INSTITUTIONAL (ex. School, Childcare Center) and HOME usage

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