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Photography eBooks – Living Landscapes


Photography eBooks


Photography eBooks

Look through your photo archive and you’re likely to see lots of photos of two things — people and landscapes.

But what is it about Landscape Photography we love so much?

As a Landscape Photographer you strive to capture and share the beauty of the world around you,  just as you see it through your own eyes. But there can be a big difference between a good shot and great one …

A good landscape photo will sit in your archive and never be seen again.

A great landscape photo will bring the scene back to life every time you or your friends see them.

… and it’s likely you’ve only got one chance to make it count.

Living Landscapes will help you move past the point, click and hope approach to landscape photography. You’ll learn from a pro how to capture stunning landscape photos you’ll hang on walls – not hide in albums – by mastering the three key ingredients to stunning and engaging landscape photography.

The craft: Understand how exposure, color, and focus can make or break a shot.

The tools: A shoot-more-shop-less approach to the gear a landscape photographer needs.

The creativity: Merge what you know (craft) what you have (tools) with your imagination to create inspiring Landscape Photos.

What You’ll Discover in this 130+ page eBook

How to simplify the process of making engaging and technically proficient landscape images.

How to overcome the unique challenges that landscape photography presents.

The 4 landscape fundamentals that turn bland into beautiful.

Workshops and guided tours of some amazing landscape images.

A straight forward explanation of the gear you need (it isn’t as much as you might think.)

Landscape specific post-processing techniques.

Advanced tips and techniques for specific scenarios: mountains, water, bush and forest, black and white and panoramic stitching.





Photography eBooks – Photo Magic


Photography eBooks


Photography eBooks

You Don’t Have to be a Pro to Take Spectacular Special Effects Images

As a photographer chances are you’ve tried your hand at a few special effects. If you’re like most, the creative concepts in your mind were much more impressive than the end result!

Instead of trying to figure it out yourself, what if you could learn the tricks of a true Photo Magician?

You’ll immediately have a collection of photography tricks up your sleeve.

Your creative ideas can be backed up by some new special effect photography skills.

Magic will happen!  We guarantee it.

Photo Magic will step you though how to create unique (and amazing) special effect images of your own. The type of photos your friends and family just won’t believe you took!

You can download the eBook immediately for just $19 USD .

What do we Cover in this eBook?

In this eBook 11 specific special effects are broken down so you can re-create the scene yourself, then Neil will explore new options to kick start your photography creativity.

Zoom Effect

Add a dynamic zoom effect with a slow shutter speed, and learn a super charged variation using your flash.

360 Panorama

A spherical 360 degree panorama puts you there by showing the whole world from a particular viewpoint.

Aperture Masks

Create a romantic, magical or cool background for your night portraits with aperture masks.

Flour Hair Flick

Half a cup of flour, add three lights and flick hair vigorously for this dramatic action shot.

Light Painting Sparklers

Sparklers, a sci-fi schoolgirl and some really nifty colour and light tricks create this dynamic light painted photo.

Light Painting Steel Wool

Stars twinkling above and fire sparking below lights up the beach in a dramatic combination shot.

Little World

Starting with a panorama, create whole planets with this super distorted, super fun effect.

Mixing Ambient and Flash

Capture and freeze motion in the same shot for a striking effect by mixing flash and continuous light.

Multiple Exposures

If two are twice the fun, eleven clones are a party! This multiple exposure technique is a unique way to tell a story.

Star Trails

Capture the majesty of the night sky as it spins eternally overhead with this surprisingly accessible star trail technique.

Water Droplets

Natures little lenses create many images with this technique to get you started using water refraction in your photography.

Still not Sure if this is the eBook for You?

Then you might like to read this special note from Neil to help you decide.

Photography is a creative pursuit. Capturing an image as it appears to the eye is only one way, and possibly the less fun way to create photos. Like any other tools, the tools of photography can be used in limitless ways to push the boundaries of creativity, and some of the most striking images are made when those tools are used in ways their original inventors could never have imagined. Such is the way with special effects photography.

SFX photography is a huge and complex topic and there are many different ideas and many different ways to create them. Rather than try and be a comprehensive guide to every kind of SFX photography (an impossible task), this book focuses on 11 different shoots, each one providing a detailed look at one particular photo and how it was created.

The purpose of this is to give you an immediate example of a SFX shot and show you in detail how the effect was achieved. I will give you everything you need to know to re-create that shot yourself, and introduce you to the concepts with a real practical example.

Building on what is discussed in each photo shoot, I’ll then expand on the technique and show you other variations and images to get your creative juices flowing so that you can try the ideas yourself and take what you have learned and expand on it. Naturally, this isn’t the only or even the best way to create these effects, but using them as a starting point you can launch yourself into the world of SFX photography.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting if together for you.

Neil Creek.

What Sort of Camera and Gear will you Need?

If you own a DLSR then you’re covered.  The panorama effect does require a little bit of extra gear and the zoom effect needs a zoom lens – all of which is  detailed in the book.  Micro four third cameras will be equally well served by this book — you’ll be able to follow all effects.  Some of the shots can even be created with a compact, and there’s even a smart phone version of the panorama.  But I’d say you’re going to get the most from this book it your camera has a manual mode.





Photography eBooks – Portraits: Making the Shot


Photography eBooks


Photography eBooks

Say Goodbye to Dull and Lifeless Pictures of People. Learn how to take Portraits with SOUL…

Whether it’s taking pictures of our friends, kids, partners or even ourselves – for a lot of photographers, people are what we’re looking at through the viewfinder (or on the LCD) when we line up a shot.

Yet so many of us struggle to take portraits with the ‘WOW Factor’.

We wanted to help you achieve your true potential as a portrait photographer, so we’ve released a comprehensive 84 page downloadable eBook (this is not a hard cover book – it is a PDF eBook) to teach you the secrets of stunning portraiture.

Portraits: Making the Shot is bursting at the seams with practical and down to earth portrait photography advice, tips and imagery. It has been created to do one thing, transform your dull and lifeless pictures of people into beautiful works of art.

We’re so confident that it will, we’re backing it with a no questions asked money-back guarantee.

Practical, Easy to Follow and Beautifully Presented. Let’s take a look Inside

This is must-have resource for anyone aspiring to take portraits with SOUL. Everything from the right gear, to the right aperture, to working with subjects. Here’s a sneak peak at what’s inside.

What do we Cover in this eBook?

Each section covers an area of portrait photography with step-by-step instructions, tips, and tricks.

The Rules: learn the 10 commandments to portrait photography consistency (and brilliance)

The Gear: discover the best portrait gear with some tips on buying great second hand additions to your kit.

The 3 Amigos: This is where many beginner photographers get themselves into a twist, but it’s a lot simpler than you might think. Learn how aperture, ISO and shutter speed work together.

The Lights: Step-by-step instructions on using light meters, balancing daylight and flash and creating beautiful skin tone.

The Moves: Every pose you’ll need and how to create it, as well as tips on finding inspiration, the importance of preparation and insider tricks on directing the shot.





Photography eBooks – Photo Nuts and Post


Photography eBooks

Photography eBooks

Transform Your Photos with the Power of Post Processing

You press the shutter, a moment in the universe is captured, and an image is created that will last forever. Your work is done….. right?

Or has the fun only just begun?

The decisions you make as you frame and take your photos are of great importance in determining how your images will look – but what happens after an image leaves your camera can be just as important.

The creative choices and opportunities in ‘post’ are almost as great as they are in the capture of the photo itself, and almost every photo can be improved with a little post-processing.

But where do you start?

dPS’s new eBook – Photo Nuts and Post is the third installation in the Photo Nuts series by professional photographer Neil Creek.

It tackles post processing head-on and gives you the tools and the courage you need to make it work for you.

Inside this Beautifully Designed 110 Page Downloadable eBook you’ll Discover Topics such as:

Why even process your photos?

How do image files work?

How to manage workflow and thousands of photos

The cull and select of a photo shoot

How different processing tools work

Common problems and how to deal with them

Creative processing

The output process

Photo Nuts and Post is Beautifully Designed and full of examples.

If you’re intimidated by the idea of processing, don’t know how to make your photos look amazing like the pros, this is the resource to show you how to go from bland to brilliant.

The eBook includes detailed walkthroughs of processing some example images, including over an hour of screencast videos which walk you through a number of the techniques talked about in the eBook. These videos are hosted on a password protected page on our site – you may either view them online or download them to your computer/iPad/device for viewing at your own convenience. Photo Nuts and Post also comes with over an hour of extra bonus video tutorials to illustrate the principles taught in the eBook.






Photography eBooks – Transcending Travel


Photography eBooks

Photography eBooks

Taking a Trip? You’ve Got One Chance To Get Your Pictures Right…

The dream – going on a trip with dreams of capturing the magical experiences that you have and returning home with a camera full of captivating images to show your friends.

The reality – you return home wonderful memories, but a camera full of uninspiring images that don’t do your adventure justice, and leave your friends and family disinterested… when they could have been mesmerized.

What if you could spend time being coached by one of the top travel photographers in the world?

Transcending Travel is an eBook designed to give you the skill and inspiration to take riveting travel photography images, ones so striking you’re friends won’t be able to stop talking about and sharing them.

The great thing about it is that it’s just as applicable whether you’re traveling near or far from home.

Best Still – as it’s a downloadable eBook you can have it today (with no need for delivery fees) ! It’s just $19 USD USD.

Transcending Travel – What’s Inside

Written by acclaimed professional travel photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich, Transcending Travel is a downloadable PDF eBook specifically designed to help you improve your travel photography.

Here’s a sample shot of how a typical page is laid out.

Discover how to take Captivating Travel Images

Transcending Travel is set out in four easy to use sections.

1.Preparation: advice on preparing for your trip

How to research your trip

Choosing the Right Lenses to take

Buying the right camera body

Other Equipment to take

2.Composition: how to communicate effectively to those who view your images through principles of photographic composition.

The Photographic Frame and how to use it

How to draw the eye of those viewing your images

The importance of Focal Points, Perspective, Negative Space, Lines, Patterns, Depth of Field and more in Composition

3.Light: how to use light creatively to tell your stories, communicate your emotion and evoke emotions in others.

First steps to using light creatively

How to ‘Direct’ natural and available light

Familiarization with different times of day and lighting situations (including Twilight, ‘magic hour’, in midday sun, diffused light, firelight and foggy light) and teaching on what effects different types of light have.

How to shoot after sundown

Lighting tools: flashes and reflectors

4.Making Photos: walks readers through numerous aspects involved in the making of a good travel photograph.

5 key elements of the photographic process

How to Freeze Motion

How to Effectively Use Motion Blur

Working with people – ethics, language barriers and communication

Posing People effectively

Environmental Portraits

How to Shoot Landscapes (natural and man-made)

Tips on Photographing Buildings and Monuments

How to Photograph Interiors and Still Life Objects





Captivating Color


Captivating Color

Photography eBooks

A Picture is Worth Thousand Words, Color can Turn Them into a Real Story

The dream -– taking photo’s that evoke emotion, making people feel as attached to the images as you are. The type of images people pay for and memories that amaze your friends.

The reality – you continually take bland and lifeless photos – they just don’t capture the moment, as you see it through the lens. No matter how much you tweak in post production – you just can’t communicate the meaning behind the scene.

The answer – color is as much a part of visual communication as composition or light – but you need to learn to see and understand it. This eBook will teach you to do just that and will illuminate the topic of color.

Ignite your Photographic Creativity Through Color

In Captivating Color, a gorgeous, 48-page ebook, by award-winning photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich shows you how to see color—and use it to create stunning photographs.

You’ll be able to read it cover to cover in a couple of hours, but the impact will last you a lifetime.

It’s a book that will show to how to use color to ignite your photographic creativity.

Is Captivating Color for You?

Yes, if you want to:

create striking images that evoke strong emotions

capture photos that “speak” to the viewer

grasp the full potential of any photographic moment

master the use of color during the shoot

apply post-production techniques to create truly compelling images.

What You’ll Learn

Gain rare insights from global travel photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich over four detailed, visually rich chapters.

Understand how color affects visual weight and influences attention.

Use color hierarchy to tell stories and convey mood.

Combine subjects and colors to intensify emotion.

Learn how light and color work together, and how you can use them to their greatest effect.

Optimize color temperature and balance using professional post-processing techniques.

Manipulate the shoot—and your images—for maximum visual impact.

Not only that – this eBook has 6 practical exercises to go away and DO to help you implement what you learn.




The Art of Self Portraiture


Going Pro

Photography eBooks

What Limits you as a Photographer?

Equipment? Time? You?

For centuries, artists have used self-portraiture as the key to unlock their full creative potential.

Now, it’s your turn.

The Art of Self Portraiture is an eBook that empowers you to break your own creative and technical boundaries.

Explore new realms of Self-Expression in a no-risk environment

Free Your imagination to create more expressive compositions

Practice at your own pace, in your own space.

Grow as a person and a photographer.

Tap into your talent—then set it soaring.

The Art of Self Portraiture is your first step on the journey.

Why Self-Portraiture?

  • Master the photographic essentials: tools, light, shutter speed, and aperture.
  • Perfect the post-processing techniques that’ll set your images apart.
  • Refine your skills to pursue a lifelong interest—or career—in photography of any sort.
  • Meet new friends by joining popular self-portraiture projects around the world.

Over 52 visually arresting pages, this journey into self-portraiture will hone your practical skills while illuminating aspects of yourself you never knew existed.

Before you even realize, It’ll take your photography to a whole new level.

What’s Inside?

The Art of Self Portraiture’s seven chapters cover every facet of this addictive genre of photography:

  1. Ground yourself with a profile of the tools you’ll need.
  2. Adapt lighting to express the subtleties of your moods and feelings.
  3. Create compositions that reveal unique aspects of your personality.
  4. Apply focus in a way that highlights your passions and speaks to the viewer.
  5. Use post-processing techniques to tell your own story.
  6. Gain inspiration from pro photographers who use what they learned from self-portraiture to advance their professional practices.
  7. Join self-portraiture projects and hone your new-found skills as you continue to explore your new passion in friendly, no-risk forums.

Embark on a unique journey of self-discovery, achieve technical mastery—and combine your learnings to break your creative boundaries.

This inspiring, richly illustrated ebook makes it possible.





Going Pro


Click! [kids photography]

Photography eBooks

If you dream about making money through your passion…

This is your chance to make it happen!

Have you ever heard the words, “Wow. These shots are great! You’re good enough to be a professional photographer, you know that?” and wondered if could be so?

Today you can stop wondering if you’ve got what it takes with this dPS exclusive kit, Going Pro: How To Make Money Through Your Photography.

This comprehensive kit has been put together for one specific purpose – to help you profit from your photography passion.

Authored and compiled by experienced magazine photo editor, Kelly Kingman, it includes three valuable resources:

  1. Going Pro: How To Make Money From Your Photography – 91 pages of first-hand experience to help you sell your images the way you want
  2. 2 hours of audio download interviews – with pro photography experts Susannah Conway, Charles Borst, Suzanne Sease and Christina Villaflors
  3. NEW! Recipe for Success – an actionable 4-part guide to getting started and finding business success through professional photography

This kit will take you to the tipping point…

Your goal might be some extra cash or perhaps a full-time career. Either way, this kit will kick-start you on your way.

Armed with our resources and Kelly Kingman’s decades of experience working in photography – you’ll finally leap to becoming a professional photographer.

“But I wouldn’t know where to start!”

Relax. In Going Pro: How To Make Money Through Your Photography, Kelly steps you though exactly what you need to do to earn money from your photography (see a screenshot of the index to see the full range of topics here).

Choose a business model that fits your working style:

Photography as a service, including editorial and commercial assignments

Photography as a product, which covers fine art, selling prints and stock

Other options: teaching, phototourism, blogging and more

Kelly explains each option, shows you how to get started and profiles experts who work in the field:

Buyers of photography at publications, ad agencies and design firms.

A progressive New York City gallerist and a fine art photographer

A photography marketing consultant and a stock photography consultant

The top-selling microstock shooter in the world

A successful landscape photographer who turned his love of nature into a second career

And many more

These candid insider insights, coupled with Kelly’s own experience, give you an honest, pragmatic view of the field  and show you a world of options you might not have known existed.





Click! [kids photography]


Click! [kids photography]

Photography eBooks

You Don’t need a Fancy Camera or Artistic Flair to take Beautiful Photos of your Kids

Imagine if you could take beautiful photos of your kids time and time again. Photos that reflect the big personalities of those little people you cherish so much – images you’ll treasure forever and be proud to share.

With Click! you can.

This book will solve the challenges every parent and grandparent has:

Make photographing my kids fun again?

Go beyond the ‘click and hope’ approach?

Avoid taking staged and fake looking photos?

how do I add style and emotion to my shots?

With the guidance of pro kids photographer (and three-time mom) Rachel Devine you’ll discover there is a practical way take gorgeous photographs of your kids yourself — again and again

At just $19 USD, Click! is a pint-sized investment for a lifetime of memories.

Photography eBooks

Is Click! for You?

Yes, if you want to:

have more fun taking photos of your own kids, grandchildren or clients kids

avoid tantrums, tears, and other family snap perils

make images that reveal children’s true personalities

create kid photographs that capture the moment—and your heart

Taking Gorgeous Photos of your Kids is Child’s Play

Author Rachel Devine explores her unique approach to the photography of children in seven charmingly illustrated chapters:

THINK: Forget the “spray-and-pray” approach to kid photography, and learn to spot better opportunities to capture young ones experiencing everyday life.

PREPARE: With the right equipment on hand, and an understanding of essential photography concepts—from shot setup, to styling and safety—you’ll be ready to have some serious fun taking fabulous kids photos.

SMILE: Consciously develop your intuitive skills to ensure making photos is fun for kids of all ages and personality types—and for the photographer, too!

REFINE: Learn the photo processing tricks and techniques that’ll ensure every photo in your album, and on your wall, is truly unforgettable.

RESEARCH: Experiment with different styles and equipment, so you so you never miss a chance to capture a special moment, at any time, in any setting.

PUSH: Expand your creative boundaries with a series of practical challenges, each of which shows you new ways to make more evocative shots.

LOOK: Get inside the heads of five extremely innovative kids photographers, and benefit from their personal tips and advice.

This inspirational ebook is more than just a starting point—it’s a detailed resource you’ll come back to again and again as your photography practice and family grow.

Practical Kids Photography for real Moms, Dads and Grandparents (and Pros too)

Why do we think this is the best kids photography guide on the market?

Because it explains a unique approach to taking fabulous kids photos every time. Rachel’s experience as a pro kids photographer and three-time mom culminates in a philosophy of kids photography that’s proven to create movingly heartfelt shots.

It focuses on real moments, not posed photos. Children change every day. The practical advice in this book ensures you’ll never miss a moment worth photographing.

Because it shows you how to work with kids and cameras. Benefit from Rachel’s vast experience in working with children and equipment—from high-end lenses to toy and phone cameras.

It is practical. You’ll not just learn theory, you’ll be encouraged to put it into action with practical questions to consider and projects to try for yourself.

Because it’ll help you take photos with personality, starting today. As this book shows, photos that evoke the true personalities of your young subjects are well within reach.





Natural Light


Natural Light

Photography eBooks

After the Camera, Your most Powerful Photographic Tool is Light

Are you making the most of it to create beautiful images?

In Natural Light, pro travel photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich reveals his secrets for using natural light to enhance the mood, atmosphere, and quality of images.

Over 96 lavishly illustrated pages, you’ll learn how to create stunning images wherever you are, and whatever your subject—without spending a dime on fancy equipment.

Beautiful photography… just like nature intended it.

Is our Natural Light eBook for You?

Yes, if you:

Communicate mood and emotion more powerfully through every shot

want to harness the potential of light in your photography practice

want to unleash new creative possibilities with your existing equipment

Make the most of every photographic opportunity, no matter what the setting or time of day

What You’ll Discover

Understand the essential qualities of natural light

Master the technical components you’ll need to work with natural light, including exposure, metering, and the histogram

Learn expert methods to control natural light to suit your creative needs

Grasp the potential of harsh light, diffused light, fog, twilight, and other settings

Learn to sculpt light, create light interplay, reveal silhouettes, and more

Practice professional post-processing techniques to enhance natural light

Harness the countless creative possibilities that natural light affords

Photography eBooks

This Practical eBook also Includes:

a quick guide to natural light

nine case studies that show, step by step, how to optimize light to create stunning images

tips and tricks for working with natural light in any location, at any time of day.

Why do we think this is the Best Guide to Natural Light on the Market?

It’s packed with real-world advice. Mitchell has built a successful photography career by learning to harness natural light in any situation. His hard-won advice will save you years of trial and error, and help you get more from your photography, starting today.

Because it’s comprehensive. This ebook covers all aspects of photography using natural light. It gives you the skills you need to conduct your own experiments with natural light—to breathtaking effect.

Because it’s ultra-practical. Mitchell’s hands-on advice leads you from the essentials to more advanced aspects of natural-light photography. His field guide to natural light is supported by detailed case studies, tips and tricks, and clear illustrations to help you build up your skills super-fast.

It was created with the passionate amateur in mind. You don’t need an expensive camera, high-end equipment, or stunning subjects to get real value from this ebook. Mitchell targets his advice to the photographer who wants to use natural light to maximum effect in every image they make.





iPhone Photography


Shoot, Edit and Share Great Photographs on the Camera You Always Have With You

If you have an iPhone you’re already taking one of the most important steps to getting great photos – you’re taking your camera everywhere with you.

But are you just taking opportunistic ‘snap shots’ or are you creating beautiful images?

The iPhone is currently the most commonly used camera in the world, with millions and millions of snap shots taken everyday, but only a few photographers are using the full creative potential of the camera.

That’s about to change…

We’ve partnered with one of the world’s leading mobile photographers – Misho Baranovic – to create a guide for iPhone owners to take creative control of their device.

In this eBook you’ll learn how to create photos no-one will believe were captured with an iPhone.

Photography eBooks

What You’ll Discover

Whilst the iPhone is small, this eBook is big. Within its 106 pages we break iPhone Photography down into the three main skills you’ll need for complete creative control – Shoot, Edit and Share.

As you progress through each section you’ll discover:

How the iPhone Camera works and how to use it to take great photos

How to take more control of your iPhone using Camera Replacement Apps (with a rundown of the best ones)

Advanced shooting techniques with the ProCamera App to gain maximum control over focusing and exposure

How to find compelling subjects including; with the family, on the street, in nature, while travelling and at night

How to develop your own editing style

A rundown of native iPhone editing functions

An overview of the best editing apps including one touch apps, filter based editing apps and professional editing apps and techniques

How to add text and graphic elements to your photos

How to share your images with family and friends through popular photo-sharing apps including Instagram.

This Comprehensive eBook also includes

Step by step guides to shooting and editing on the iPhone

Simple exercises you can try to help you put into practice what you’re learning

Interviews with some of the world’s best iPhone photographers who share their tips and secrets

Illustrations, screenshots and diagrams to help you visualise what you’re reading

A handy list of key iPhone photography resources, including blogs, competitions, photographers and apps

Helpful advice on the best apps to create your own iPhone photography toolkit





Portraits Lighting The Shot


Portraits Lighting The Shot

Photography eBooks

Get ready to take your pictures of people to a whole new level!

When it comes to shooting stunning portraits, lighting can be the X factor in making your pictures pop.

For 25 years world-renowned Portrait Photographer Gina Milicia has used lighting techniques to create portraits with true richness and soul.

In her follow up to Portraits: Making The Shot, she shares all her lighting know-how so you can start taking portraits like a pro.

Is Our Portrait Lighting eBook for You?

Yes, if you:

Communicate emotion more powerfully through every portrait

Better harness the potential of light in your photos

Learn the techniques pros use to capture stunning portrait photography

Understand the right gear you’ll need to light up your shots

Ready to give your portraits that extra pop?

Order Portraits: Lighting The Shot and you’ll be able to instantly download the book.  It’s fully guaranteed for 2 months and you can either use PayPal or your Credit Card.  Simply click the button below to order.

What You’ll Discover in this 130+ page eBook

When we released Gina’s Milicia’s previous dPS eBook – Portraits: Making the Shot – we had a lot of wonderful feedback from the community about what Gina had written. The overwhelming response was she’d created a resource that was helping thousands of photographers improve their photography – but they wanted more!

One of the big requests from readers of the first eBook was that they needed to learn more about how to light their portraits well. As a result of this feedback we immediately started to work with Gina on a guide to lighting portraits. This eBook its the result – Portraits: Lighting the Shot.

We can’t wait to see the impact that this eBook has upon our community’s portraiture!





Photo Nuts and Gear


Photo Nuts and Gear

Photography eBooks

A small investment that will save you a fortune on your camera and gear.

Every photographer: amateur, enthusiast or pro will ponder …

What gear should I buy?  

This eBook helps take the mystery out of ensuring you have the perfect photography gear for your needs: from cameras through to lenses, tripods, filters and bags.  It’s perfect for a newer photographer looking to get a little more serious about the gear your carry with you or a great resource for those looking to purchase their very first camera.

Making smart choices not only will save you money, it will ensure you’re using the perfect gear to help you reach your full potential as a photographer.

Is Photo Nuts and Gear for You?

Yes, if you want to:

understand what gear is right for you

make smart purchasing decisions about the gear you buy

upgrade your equipment

learn how to look after your gear

own the gear that will help you reach your photographic potential!

What You’ll Discover

Do you really need new gear?

A reality check: do you really need to buy more equipment?

Can you DIY instead?

Reasons for buying new gear and justifying your decision.

Finding the right gear for you

How to fully unleash the power of the internet.

Community support and the wisdom of the crowd.

How to read reviews, read between the lines and know which reviews are garbage.

Lists of valuable resources for research.

Photography eBooks

Camera Gear Explained

Extensive in-depth look at a wide variety of camera equipment.

Many important features explained, in the context of researching your purchase.

Advice and help with determining what’s important and what’s not.

Covers core and obscure features you might otherwise overlook.

Covers most equipment including camera bodies, lenses, flashes, tripods and more.

Case studies:

Examples of real world gear purchasing decisions.

Advice on how to choose and buy a telephoto, flash and more.





Portraits: Striking The Pose


Portraits: Striking The Pose

Photography eBooks

Discover more about Portraits: Striking The Pose

Posing is something that can make or break a portrait.

Do it badly and your subject looks awkward and the resulting image is spoiled (and quickly deleted).

Do it well and your subject will be at ease and their true character will shine through.

As a portrait photographer (at any skill level) it’s your job to make sure the people in your viewfinder are positioned perfectly and comfortable in front of the camera.

Experienced portrait photographers all have a set of ‘go to’ poses for any situation and have their own ‘way’ of ensuring the people in their portraits are as relaxed and natural possible. Over years and years they’ve experimented, learned what works, what doesn’t. The problem is that this wisdom often sits in the back of their mind, hidden from view…

Not anymore!

Today you’re about to get your hands on the posing secrets of  super talented portrait photographer Gina Milicia.  With more than 25 years experience taking stunning pictures of people, she’s going to share with you the portrait posing tips and tricks  she’s used on royalty, rockstars and supermodels.

We’re not talking here about wildly unnatural poses, we talking about natural poses you can use with anyone, at any time.

What you’ll discover in this eBook

Gina often talks about giving your portraits heart and soul and from the very first chapter you’ll discover she’s put both in every single page of this eBook. Everything she knows about posing is right there at your fingertips

Best of all it’s actionable, it’s inspiring and will help you become  a much better portrait photographer, no matter what your level of experience.





67 Portrait Poses (Printable)


Photography eBooks

These portrait posing guides are VERY handy to have with you on a shoot.

They include 67 poses broken down into 7 different sets. Inspired by our eBook Striking The Pose and professionally illustrated to ensure they are simple and easy to use.

When you order you’ll receive two versions:

  • A printable version that’s designed to be printed and folded for quick reference
  • digital version that’s designed to be stored on your phone or tablet for screen viewing.

We’re already hearing great feedback on these posing reference guides. They’re really helping portrait photographers take control the posing process as well as being much needed visual aid.

Super handy, brilliant quality and VERY affordable.

Whilst others might charge $50, $100 even $200 for posing guides like this, you can pick up a copy of all 67 poses for just $9.99!

They’re immediately available for download once you make your purchase, so you can start using them right away.

All poses in these printables have been created by the author of our popular portrait series of eBooks, Portraits: Making The ShotPortraits: Lighting The Shot and Portraits: Striking The Pose, Gina Milicia.

An world-renowned portrait photographer, these are the poses she’s used with royalty and rockstars. Now you can too!





14 Amazing Portrait Recipes


14 Amazing Portrait Recipes

Photography eBooks

Just like traditional cooking recipes, these recipes give photographers the ingredients they need to take a great portrait.

Each of the 14 recipes cover the scene and the challenges, the gear, the lighting, the settings and the pose plus some key points you should keep in mind.

Once you know how different ingredients work together, you can begin create your own signature style.

… and it’s yours for just $19 USD!

Here’s the scenarios this eBook covers

Daylight inside – by a window

Outside – open shade

Daylight outside – in direct light

The three-frame quick shot

Beauty lighting with a fill flash

Cloudy daylight plus fill flash

Downlighting the body shot

Tungsten lights with special effects

Fun with water

Outside with a two-light setup

Using shutter speed to create mood

Creating film noir

Advanced fill flash 1

Advanced fill flash 2





Loving Landscapes


Loving Landscapes

Photography eBooks

Stop taking scenery snaps and start creating breathtaking works of landscape photography art that people will fall in love with.

If you’ve ever been frustrated that the landscape photos from your camera don’t portray the magical scenes you witnessed, then this is eBook will open up a new world of creative possibilities …

Transform your dull RAW files into breathtaking images.

Discover and learn how to use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom’s landscape-friendly tools for maximum impact.

Get ten free handpicked Lightroom presets to use again and again.

Learn fun landscape techniques that will extend your creative horizon.

Create eye-catching Landscape photos with exposure blending techniques.

Loving Landscapes will demystify the landscape photography workflow by sharing almost every technique, trick and hack that authors Todd and Sarah have accumulated over the past 20 years of photographing nature together.





Kids Posing Guide


Photography eBooks

Photography eBooks

It’s like having a pro-photographer by your side for every photo.

Created by Rachel Devine, these 5 kids posing guides include a tutorial, printable posing guide and digital posing guide ready for when kids next find their way into your lens. Inspired by our eBook Click: How to Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Kids all modules are clear and simple, professionally designed and illustrated to ensure they are simple and easy to use. When you order you’ll be able to instantly download all five Kids Posing modules including:

Posing Babies, Toddlers, Little Kids,  Bigger Kids

Posing Tweens

Each of these module combines teaching as well as practical application through three key elements:

tutorial to help you master the posing techniques

Printable version that’s designed to be printed and folded for quick reference

digital version that’s designed to be stored on your phone or tablet for screen viewing.

We’re already hearing great feedback on these posing reference guides. They’re really helping photographers take control the posing process as well as being much needed visual aid. … and with kids that can be quite a challenge! Own a copy of these handy posing  guides for just $19 USD today

Super handy, brilliant quality and VERY affordable.

Whilst others might charge $50, $100 even $200 for posing guides like this, you can pick up a copy of all 5 modules for just $19.99!

They’re immediately available for download once you make your purchase, so you can start using them right away.

All poses in these printables have been created by the author of our popular kids photography eBook, Rachel Devine.





Black And White Photography


Photography eBooks

Photography eBooks

Some of the most profound stories in history have been told with black and white photos. Isn’t it time you started creating some of your own?

The way we capture and process black and white photos might have changed over time, but the emotion, the passion and drama your black and white photos can invoke, will always be at its heart.

The Essential Guide to Black And White Photography has been created specifically to help you bring the timeless art of black and white photography to the modern science within your camera.

Together they’ll help you take remarkable black and white photos.

In this comprehensive eBook you’ll not only learn how to ‘see’ in black and white, you also learn the best gear to use, the special skills and setup needed to shoot and how to process your black and white photos to perfection – this eBook has it all covered.

Ready to take the quality of your black and white photography to a whole new level?





Photography eBooks – Portraits: After The Shot


Photography eBooks

Photography eBooks

Transform your dull and lifeless pictures of people into simply stunning portraits.

If you’ve ever been disappointed that the portraits you shoot don’t portray the true character of the people you photograph, then this eBook will open up a new world of creative possibilities …

Gain the confidence you need to post process like a pro.

Learn exactly how one of the best portrait photographers world processes her images.

Be empowered to develop your own unique processing style

Get started with 12 FREE Lightroom presets (personally used by the eBooks author).

It’s taken this eBooks author Gina over 15 years to evolve and refine her personal approach to post processing and she’s sharing it all with you in her 4th dPS eBook.

With such a refreshing, inspiring and easy to follow style,  it’s no surprise 10’s of thousands of dPS readers have improved their own portrait photography through Gina’s teachings.

It’s your turn now…

By the end of this eBook you’ll have the courage and the tools you need to create your own perfect portraits shot after shot – we guarantee it.

What you can expect from this eBook:

After The Shot is a digital photography workflow and post-processing guidebook. It is crammed full of highly detailed information that will simplify and streamline your image capture and transform your post-processing skills.

Learn from over 15 years experience in Portrait Post Processing.

Follow a refreshing, inspiring and easy-to-understand style of teaching.

Discover a beautiful design, with loads of visuals and pictures.

You’ll receive 12 Lightroom presets to use along with the book.





Life in Natural Light


Life in Natural Light

Photography eBooks

As a photographer, the most powerful tool you have is natural light

It may be free for the taking – but are you making the most of it to create beautiful images?

In Life in Natural Light, professional photographer, Rachel Devine, reveals her secrets for finding and using natural light to tell unique visual stories, enhance mood and increase image quality.

Over 96 gorgeously illustrated pages, you’ll be taken on a photographic journey celebrating natural light – and inspired to explore its creative possibilities.

Like life, light is always moving and changing. And with this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to anticipate, find and capture it – no fancy equipment required!

For just USD $19 USD, it’s an investment in your photography, guaranteed to improve the quality of your images.

Is Life in Natural Light for you?

Yes, if you want to:

Master the potential of natural light in your photography

Capture beautiful memories and moments that tell a unique visual story

Understand the versatilities of light and the photographic potential it affords

Unleash new creative possibilities with your existing equipment

Bring added heart and soul to your images, communicating mood and emotion more powerfully

Make the most of every photographic opportunity, no matter the setting or time of day


What you’ll learn with this Ultimate Guide

We call it an Ultimate Guide for a reason – it covers all aspects of photography using natural light, from concept through to results.

Understand the essential and ephemeral qualities of natural light

Master the theoretical components you’ll need to work with natural light, including exposure, metering and histogram

Discover expert methods for controlling the different types of natural light to suit your creative needs

Learn to shape, layer and translate light, create light interplay, reveal silhouettes and more

Practice professional post-processing techniques to enhance natural light

Realize the potential of natural light to enrich black and white, landscape and portrait photography

This 96-page ebook also includes

16 Lightroom presets, optimized for natural light and custom-created by Rachel herself (note: a copy of Adobe Lightroom is required to install and use these presets)

A natural light printable worksheet, to use as a quick reference in the field

Eight profiled professionals who harness the power of natural light beautifully in their photography

Practical tips and tricks for working with natural light, in different settings and times of day

What do we cover in this eBook?

All aspects of photography using natural light, from concept through to results:

Understand the essential and ephemeral qualities of natural light

Master the theoretical components you’ll need to work with natural light, including exposure, metering and histogram

Discover expert methods for controlling the different types of natural light to suit your creative needs

Learn to shape, layer and translate light, create light interplay, reveal silhouettes and more

Practice professional post-processing techniques to enhance natural light

Be inspired by the unique characteristics of natural light and the visual stories it can tell

Realize the potential of natural light to enrich black and white, landscape and portrait photography





Photography eBooks – Fast FLASH For Portrait Perfection


Fast FLASH For Portrait Perfection

Photography eBooks

Who said flash portraits had to be complicated?

With our brand new ebook, Fast FLASH, they don’t have to be!

Talented and world-renowned photographer, Gina Milicia, has been using flash lighting techniques in her portraits for over 25 years – photographing a-list celebrities, heads of state… even royalty.

Now in this follow up to her best-selling ‘Portraits’ ebook series (Making the ShotStriking the PoseLighting the Shot and After the Shot), she’s sharing all her best flash lighting secrets, tips and techniques.

With her practical, easy-to-understand advice, you’ll be shooting AMAZING flash headshots and portraits in no time at all.

And studio-quality results don’t necessarily require high-end gear, either. In fact, most of Gina’s examples in the ebook were shot using a budget lighting kit!

Light brings the WOW factor

You can have a great pose, an amazing connection with your subject and a superb location – but without the right light, your portrait shots simply won’t pop.

This 125-page ultimate how-to guide takes away the guesswork and will give you the skills and confidence to create the light you need with absolutely stunning results!

Even when:

Under pressure, working against the clock

In tight, dim spaces

With poor natural lighting





Photography eBooks – Photo Nuts and Bolts


Photo Nuts and Bolts

Photography eBooks

73% of digital camera owners wish they had more control over their camera

These results from a recent poll of readers highlight a challenge that many camera owners face – they’re unable to use their camera to its fullest potential because they don’t understand the basics of how to use it.

If you wish you had a better understanding of your camera and how to get it working to its potential – we’ve developed a resource for you.

Discover How Your Camera Works and Take Better Photos Today

Photo Nuts and Bolts is a brand new downloadable PDF E-Book designed to help you know your camera and take better photos.

This resource has been written by regular contributor to DPS – Neil Creek and works through a series of 10 lessons centered around the basics of photography.

10 Lessons to Give You Control Over Your Camera

Buying this book – you’ll be walked through the following topics:Light and the Pinhole Camera
Lenses and Focus
Lenses, Light and Magnification
Exposure and Stops
The Light Meter
White Balance
Metering Modes and Exposure Compensation





Photography eBooks – Photo Nuts and Shots


Photo Nuts and Shots

Photography eBooks

You can use a camera … but do you take great photos?

The dream – taking photographs that your friends think you paid someone for, not shot yourself.

The myth – that you just don’t have what it takes. You need better gear, you don’t have ‘the eye’ and you’ll never understand the skills needed to take amazing photos.

The reality – Great photography CAN be learned.  This book is the perfect companion on your journey to becoming a photographer.  It will teach you the techniques, tools, and thought processes used by the pros to take gorgeous photos. If you think creative photography is limited to those artistic types – think again.

Become a better photographer with Photo Nuts and Shots – our most popular photography eBook yet!.

This lush, 100+ page pdf ebook is the ultimate creative photography primer.

Photo Nuts and Shots is perfect if you …

look at others’ images and wonder “Why don’t my photos look like that?”

want to take gorgeous shots, every single time

know your camera, but want to learn the craft of photography

long to take more emotive, expressive photos

want to take photos that truly connect with viewers

What You’ll Learn

Packed with all-new, practical advice from professional photographer Neil Creek, Photo Nuts and Shots has been developed specifically for DPS readers.

Learn to harness light to convey emotion.

Understand the rules of composition … and know when to break them.

Take the sharpest possible photo every time.

Learn to adapt the camera’s exposure to produce the shot you want.

Master the concepts of shot perception, planning, and execution — in any setting.

Tap into your unique creativity to take evocative photographs that reach out to viewers.





Photography eBooks – Wedding Photography


Wedding Photography

Photography eBooks

Maybe I should be a wedding photographer?

If this thought has crossed your mind more than a few times now, it’s probably because:

You’re the friend everyone asks to take a few extra snaps at weddings and events

Confident with your camera and enjoy the challenge of candid photography

You’re wondering if you can make some money from your photography passion

Or maybe you’re already testing the waters and are getting frustrated with gear choices, how to manage your clients and how much to charge?

So how do you become one?

You could

Invest in an expensive course or workshop

Spend a lot of money on the wrong gear

Spend a lot of time working for free as an intern or assistant

Or, just ask someone who is willing to share her journey and experiences of becoming a professional wedding photographer!

This book’s author and regular dPS writer Lily Sawyer, shares her perspective of life as a professional photographer, and how through photographing more than 500 weddings, events and portraits combined, she can help you find your happy place as you set off on a similar journey to becoming a wedding photographer. 

What you can expect from this eBook:

It is not an over-promising “exhaustive guide” to wedding photography, with “formulas for success” or calls for “relentless hustle”. Instead, it’s a realistic perspective of life as a professional photographer, littered throughout with practical gems of advice on every element of the journey. Not just on shooting the weddings themselves, but from setting yourself up right through to managing an ongoing source of income for your business. You can expect:

advice to help you find confidence in yourself as a photographer at every step along the way

a friendly mentor at your shoulder with practical and sensible words of advice

an insight into the intricacies of a wedding event – the emotions, moving parts, and timing challenges you’ll face as a photographer

solutions to common issues that pop up when you’re planning or on the shoot

You’ll also get those all important tips on how to deal with stressful scenarios such as:

working with other suppliers on the day

managing guests, family and friends

dealing with other things that may crop up unexpectedly on the wedding day.

One of the best risk-free starting points for becoming a wedding photographer

Lily has graciously shared her best advice on becoming a wedding photographer so you can benefit from the mistakes she has made and the pearls of wisdom she has picked up that will help you make the bride and groom’s day.

If you want to get a feel for what wedding photography may have in store for you, then this eBook is one of the best risk-free starting points, backed by our 60-day money back guarantee.

It’s like having Lily as a personal mentor as she gives you an almost ‘over the shoulder’ view of life as a wedding photographer to give you all the tips you would normally have to glean from being ‘on the job’.

You can download copy of this beautifully presented, engaging and practical eBook for just $9 USD.






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