Original Wet & Dry Exfoliating Brush Eliminates Razor Bumps

*Original Wet & Dry Exfoliating Brush Eliminates Razor Bumps*

Original Wet & Dry Exfoliating Brush Eliminates Razor Bumps
.Original Wet & Dry Exfoliating Brush Eliminates Razor Bumps.


**Original Wet & Dry Exfoliating Brush Eliminates Razor Bumps**

About the product

  • WIZKER Brush Eliminates Bumps + Exfoliates Skin + Stops Shaving Irritation. As seen on BuzzFeed and Bustle, the WIZKER is the ORIGINAL BUMP-AWAY BRUSH for RAZOR BUMPS + INGROWN HAIRS
  • LIGHTEST EXFOLIATING BRUSH EVER featuring a BENDABLE + FLEXIBLE + POSEABLE Design. FREE SHIPPING! Saves Time & Money. Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, Portable, and Travel Compliant. Loved by Millions!
  • WATERPROOF Brush + Hanging Shower Lanyard + Resealable Baggie in a SEALED Tamper-Proof Travel Box – WIZKER Works or use our **NEVER Waste Your Money** No Hassle, A-Z Guaranteed FULL REFUND! Makes the Perfect Gift!
  • ✔ ONLY for Pseudofolliculitis barbae ✘ NOT for Folliculitis bumps ✘ NOT for Keratosis pilaris ✘ NOT for Keloid/Back neck bumps ✘ NOT for Razor Burn bumps ✘ NOT for Blackhead or acne bumps. 100% RELIABLE when used as directed.
  • ✔ NO HARMFUL PVC or PS plastics ✔ WON’T Expire ✔ NO Lasting Odors ✔ WON’T Burn ✔ NO Peeling ✔ NO Messy Creams ✔ WON’T Break ✔ NO Allergic Reactions ✔ NO Bacterial Build-up ✔ NO Dry Skin Side-effects 

Product Description

Make beautiful, bump-free skin yours again.

Used daily IN or AFTER a shower, Wizker PREVENTS bumps. The Wizker’s patented FirmFlex micro bristles tease newly shaved hair and lift trapped hair from the skin. As seen on BuzzFeed and Bustle.

If the Wizker feels more abrasive to sensitive skin, ONLY use it while showering. Using it on dry skin increases exfoliation yet may feel coarser on sensitive skin. Some users may want to consult their dermatologist before using as they may NOT be suffering from bumps caused by trapped hair (Pseudofolliculitis barbae) and instead may have a skin condition unrelated to razor bumps such as: folliculitis, keloids, keratosis pilaris, or razor burn bumps. The Wizker is NOT recommended for these conditions. Use before AND between shaving, waxing, and electrolysis as directed along with proper skin care and hair removal methods. A Wizker lasts up to 6 months – that’s 10x longer than any chemical.

Variations in skin and hair type mean results may vary. For maximum hygiene, replace every 6 months. Made from safe, skin-friendly plastics. Avoid cleaning brush with harsh cleansers.

*Certain soaps and detergents can cause micro cracks in the plastic, making them brittle and prone to break. Avoid cleaning the Wizker with chlorine, windex, or harsh detergents such as dishwashing solutions.*

Razor Bumps? Razor Burn? Ingrown Hair? What’s the difference?!

What is a Razor Bump?

Shaved hair grows out, curling back & into the skin causing a bump.

What is an Ingrown Hair?

Shaved hair falls beneath the skin and regrows causing a bump.

What are Razor Burn Bumps?

Poor technique & dirty shaving tools cause an irritated, bumpy rash.


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