Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker


Breakfast Sandwich Maker



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Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, mornings are hectic for most people, especially families with children.

So how do you cope with hunger pangs at breakfast time?

If you’re like most people, you have to rush through the meal, gobble down whatever’s handy in the kitchen, or grab a quick, on-the-go bite.

That’s where the Breakfast Sandwich Maker by Hamilton Beach comes to the rescue.

It’s all about making a fresh breakfast sandwich you can grab and go.

Just choose your bread and layer on the fixings: egg, cheese, precooked meat, or the ingredients of your choice.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

In five minutes or less, your perfectly assembled breakfast sandwich is ready to eat.

You can customize your breakfast sandwich with a practically endless variety of fresh ingredients.

Now you know why everyone who loves breakfast sandwiches wants this product in their kitchen!

Don’t let another morning go by without the Sandwich Maker by Hamilton Beach.

It lets you enjoy a homemade breakfast sandwich, made your way, in the comfort of your own kitchen. Cleanup is easy because all removable parts go in the dishwasher.

Go healthy or hearty, depending on your mood:

If you want to explore healthy breakfast alternatives and eat less processed food, the Breakfast Sandwich Maker can help.

Your sandwiches could include whole-grain English muffins or bagels, low-fat cheese, egg whites, and your choice of veggies, lean meat, or a vegetarian option. On the other hand, when you want to indulge in a satisfying, protein-packed sandwich, the Breakfast Sandwich Maker is ready to oblige.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

To make this kind of breakfast sandwich, use a whole egg and layer on your favorite cheese and meat.

You can even use a pancake as the bread and pour syrup on your finished sandwich.

What you make and how you eat it is completely up to you. Since you can make two at once, each can be customized you your liking.

Make breakfast sandwiches the easy way:

If you’ve ever prepared breakfast sandwiches at home, you know it’s a multi-step process often requiring more than one pan and a toaster for the bread.

And that means you’ll have to clean multiple pans, too. On mornings when you have extra time and energy to spare, that’s fine.

But what about mornings when you don’t? You can still whip up two delicious breakfast sandwiches, thanks to the five-minute cooking time and easy cleanup.

Know exactly how long until breakfast is ready, the built-in timer can be set in half-minute increments. A tone sounds when your sandwiches are ready.


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