Best 3D Printers for 2019

Best 3D Printers for 2019 : Dremel Digilab 3D45 Award Winning 3D Printer


Best 3D Printers for 2019

Unsurpassed Reliability

There is nothing worse than an extruder clogging up. Based on Dremel’s proprietary sensor technology, the 3D45 is engineered to run as smooth as butter and resist clogging. We want you to make, not repair.

Advanced Filaments: Nylon & Eco-ABS

Advanced materials like nylon and eco-ABS can mimic the properties of functional injection-molded parts. The 3D45 has a heated plate and an even more robust extruder to allow for printing these advanced materials.

Designed by and for Engineers

Dremel is part of the Bosch Group, one of the world’s top engineering firms which comes out with 22 patents per working day. Designed by and for Bosch engineers, the 3D45 enables development of their next generation innovations.

RFID Filament Recognition

Dremel’s 3D45 is the only 3D printer that will automatically update the g-code for optimal extruder & build plate temperatures, in addition to print speeds & feeds by recognizing Dremel’s RFID-equipped filament rolls.

Wifi-Enabled for Cloud Printing

Every 3D45 3D printer is wifi-enabled and part of the Dremel Print Cloud. This web-based application allows users to slice files online and print directly to their 3D45 from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Semi-Automated Levelling

The 3D45 incorporates smart sensor technology, allowing effortless, accurate calibrations, and easy set-up. The touch screen shows you in real time how to precisely level the plate with just the turn of a knob.

HD Camera

Inside the 3D45 is a 720p HD camera that can be used for fleet management and capturing time lapse videos. Connecting to the Dremel Print Cloud allows makerspace supervisors the ability to visually manage their fleet offsite.

More Than Just a 3D Printer

In a world full of 3D printing startups, Dremel stands alone in providing an ecosystem of benefits that go beyond the 3D printer. In addition to our reliable 3D printer, you will get our:

  • Industry’s best 1-year warranty
  • World-class customer support
  • UL safety certification
  • Free Cura-based desktop slicing software
  • Free cloud-based slicing software
  • 1 nylon and 1 eco-ABS filament roll
Best 3D Printers for 2019



Best 3D Printers for 2019 : Formlabs Form 2 SLA 3D Printer Complete Package


Best 3D Printers for 2019

Product features

  • Auto-orient for optimal print position, Auto-mesh repair
  • Auto-generation of supports, Rotation, scaling and duplication
  • Resin Fill System: Automated
  • Technology: Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Wifi, Ethernet and USB
Best 3D Printers for 2019



Best 3D Printers for 2019 : LulzBot Mini 2 Desktop 3D Printer


Best 3D Printers for 2019

The Portable Printer for Professionals

The LulzBot Mini 2 is a versatile, high performance desktop 3D printer engineered to deliver premium results. Compact, portable, and scalable, the Mini 2 features numerous upgrades over the original LulzBot Mini and is a perfect addition to classrooms, offices, and workshops.

  • Genuine E3D Titan Aero Extruder/Hot End
  • Reversible PEI/Glass Heated Print Bed
  • Belt-driven Z-axis for high quality prints and fast cycle times
  • GLCD Controller for tetherless 3D printing
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Proven self-cleaning, self-leveling technology
  • Hundreds of reliable material profiles in Cura LE software

Plug and Play Functionality

Go from unboxing to 3D printing in minutes using our Quick Start Guide. Cura LulzBot Edition software makes 3D printing easy with preconfigured profiles for over 30 materials. Just load your 3D model file and click print.

Legendary LulzBot Reliability

LulzBot hardware is made in the USA using premium domestic and imported parts. Our unwavering commitment to quality means your 3D printer will deliver professional results for years to come with minimal maintenance.

Coloado-based Technical Support

Receive fast and friendly help when you need it to maximize up-time. Technical support from our acclaimed team of 3D printing experts is available by phone and email seven days a week from our Colorado headquarters.

Whisper-Quiet Printing

‘Is it running?’ Thanks to Trinamic TMC2130 stepper motor drivers and premium igus polymer bearings, the Mini 2 is so quiet you may have to look to be sure. The LulzBot Mini 2 makes a welcome, unobtrusive addition to quiet classrooms, libraries, and offices.




Best 3D Printers for 2019 : MakerBot Replicator+ 3D Printer


Best 3D Printers for 2019

MakerBot Replicator+ 3D Printer

The MakerBot Replicator+ is engineered and tested for reliable, faster printing. The Replicator+ prints high-quality concept models faster, easier, and with a bigger build volume. Combined with MakerBot’s powerful workflow tools, the MakerBot Replicator+ streamlines desktop 3D printing for professionals and educators.

To ensure improved performance, the Replicator+ features a sturdier construction, a 25% bigger build volume, better print adhesion, and more. The Smart Extruder+ and all ease-of-use features from the previous model come standard. The Replicator+ is also compatible with MakerBot’s new Slate Gray Tough PLA Filament Bundle, created for engineers and designers.

Engineered and Tested for Greater Reliability

The MakerBot Replicator+ prints 30% faster than its predecessor and offers a 25% larger build volume. For greater reliability and precision, it features improved hardware, like a redesigned gantry and z-stage. To ensure consistent performance, our new 3D printers and their subsystems were re-engineered and rigorously tested for 380,000+ hours across multiple facilities.

Combines with Powerful Workflow Tools to Streamline the 3D Printing Process

Save time and accelerate iteration by pairing the Replicator+ with MakerBot Print software and MakerBot Mobile. The Replicator+ is Cloud-enabled so you can control it remotely with MakerBot Print or the MakerBot Mobile app. With MakerBot Print, you can import Native CAD parts and assemblies, auto-arrange them during print preparation, and then print them on one or more printers. To get started printing quickly and easily, MakerBot Mobile offers an all-new guided wireless setup.

Best-in-Class Support

MakerBot’s Brooklyn-based support team are experts in 3D printer maintenance and troubleshooting. For best coverage don’t forget to include the MakerCare Protection Plan with the purchase of your MakerBot 3D Printer.

MakerBot Print

What is MakerBot Print?

MakerBot Print is free software that optimizes and streamlines the 3D printing process for any workflow. It allows you to discover, prepare, manage, and share 3D prints.

Native CAD Support

Save time by importing native CAD files, like parts and assemblies. Reduce the number of files to manage, and eliminate the need to convert files to an STL format which prevents conversion errors.

Optimized Printing

Our new slicer algorithm automatically adjusts slice settings for your specific printer model, software version, and Smart Extruder type. The new print preview helps verify design details before printing, and includes rafts and supports break away more easily for a cleaner print surface.

MakerBot Tough PLA

As Tough as ABS and as Reliable as PLA

Made with designers and engineers in mind, the MakerBot Slate Gray Tough PLA Filament Bundle allows you to create durable, high-impact strength prototypes and fixtures.

  • Similar Tensile, Impact, and Flexural Strength to ABS
  • Save time and money creating durable, high-impact prototypes and fixtures just not possible with PLA
  • Tested and optimized to print reliably and easily




Best 3D Printers for 2019 : da Vinci Mini Wireless 3D Printer


Best 3D Printers for 2019

Ready to Print

As it prints with XYZprinting filaments only, there is no need to adjust material settings. With the free starter filament and the auto-calibration function, you can start your first print right away.

The da Vinci mini weighs less than 18 lbs. It is light enough to easily move around your house for any projects.

Upgrade to Print More

With a simple upgrade to our Hardened Steel Nozzle, you can create exotic prints using metallic PLA and carbon PLA too. With its big print volume 5.9″ x 5.9″ x 5.9″ , the da Vinci mini w + lets you turn all your ideas into reality.

Hassle-free Operation

All XYZprinting printers come with CAD and slicing software. The user-friendly UI design will lead you all the way from modeling to printing.

Print safely

The PLA filament our printer uses is derived from natural materials, such as corn, sugarcane or other sugar-containing crops, giving you peace-of-mind to leave the printer printing quietly in the corner.


Based off NGSS principles, XYZprinting provides over 30 ready-to-teach lessonsonline, which encourages collaborative learning and problem-solving skills of your child or student.

Online Gallery

We have a big community of passionate and creative designers who have shared more than 3000 3D models for free download. Join the community and create together.

Wifi connectivity

The da Vinci mini w+ can connect wirelessly to your home network for easy 3D printing throughout your home, office, or classroom.

Technical Support

Besides our online ticketing system, you can also reach out to our technical support via Skype or telephone.




LulzBot TAZ 6 3D Printer


LulzBot TAZ 6 3D Printer

Self-Cleaning, Self-Leveling

The LulzBot TAZ 6 3D Printer features proven self-cleaning, self-leveling technology. Get a clean start to each new print job and never worry about leveling your print bed again.

Big Printer, Huge Possibilities

The LulzBot TAZ 6 has one of the largest build volumes of any desktop 3D printer. So whether you need one big part, or lots of small ones, the LulzBot TAZ 6 has capacity to spare.

Tested, Proven

At the LulzBot factory in Loveland, Colorado, USA more than 150 LulzBot 3D Printers run 24-hours-a-day producing components used to build more 3D printers. Reliability is a critical feature.

Anatomy of a Workhorse

Advanced Tool Head

Features a proven extruder, hot end capable of reaching 300-degrees Celsius, and dual part cooling fans. Modular design allows easy upgrades to flexible or dual material printing.

Heated Print Bed

The heated PEI print surface ensures your parts stay in place while printing and are easily removed when cool.

Quality Built In

Every component of the LulzBot TAZ 6 was selected for a long life of trouble-free operation. From the rugged aluminum frame to the premium power supply, the TAZ 6 is built to last.

Cura LulzBot Edition Software

Cura LulzBot Edition software makes it easy to load your model files and slice them for printing. Best of all, it’s free software, meaning you will never pay for upgrades and the source code is available to all.

  • Easy to use with hundreds of Quickprint Profiles built in for LulzBot 3D Printers
  • Advanced options for expert users
  • Free Software with no limit on installations
  • Works with GNU/Linux, Windows, and Mac
  • Compatible with STL, OBJ, X3D, and 3MF files




Best 3D Printers for 2019 : Ultimaker 3 3D Printer


Best 3D Printers for 2019

Brand Name – ULTIMAKER

EAN – 0817146020157 , 8718836374357

Item Weight – 0.01  ounces

Model Number – 1528662




XYZprinting da Vinci Jr. 2.0 Mix


XYZprinting da Vinci Jr. 2.0 Mix

Supports 3rd Party Filament

With adjustable temperature settings, the da Vinci Jr. 1.0 Pro can print with any 3rd party 1.75 mm PLA, Tough PLA, PETG, Antibacterial PLA, *Metallic PLA and *Carbon PLA filament. Easily adjust print settings to match your material using our XYZmaker or other slicing software (Cura and Slic3r).

*With upgrade to Hardened Steel Nozzle.

Upgrade to Print More

With a simple upgrade to our Hardened Steel Nozzle, you can create exotic prints using metallic PLA and carbon PLA too. With its big print volume of 5.9” x 5.9” x 5.9”, the da Vinci Jr. 1.0 Pro lets you turn all your ideas into reality.

Ready to Print

The da Vinci Jr. 1.0 Pro uses an intuitive 9-point calibration detection system that accurately determines the distance between the extruder and the print bed, allowing you to print perfectly from 20 to 400 micron resolutions.

With the optional 0.3mm extruder add-on, the print surface can become spectacularly smooth.

Hassle-free Software

All XYZprinting printers come with CAD and slicing software. The user-friendly UI design will lead you all the way from modeling to printing.

Online Gallery

We have a big community of passionate and creative designers who have shared more than 3000 3D models for download. Join the community and create together!

Technical Support

Besides our online ticketing system, you can also reach out to our technical support via Skype or telephone.




FlashForge Finder 3D Printers with Cloud


FlashForge Finder 3D Printers with Cloud

Slide-in build plate. Easier 3D prints removal

Slide-in build plate allows you to draw it out of the printer and then remove the finished 3D prints more easily. At same time, it can minimize damages or offsets to the build plate.

Intelligent assisted leveling system. More precise and easier calibration

Finder features an intuitive calibration detection system to assist leveling. You are directed to tighten or loosen leveling screws until a beeper barely sounds, then it detects the distance between nozzle and build plate to verify whether your leveling is at the right position. Once the first location is leveled, you’re directed to next two screw locations accordingly with same operation. In this whole process, you’re well instructed with clear messages on the touchscreen display. And all of these make calibration much easier and more precise than before.

Quiet during operation

Finder is equiped with super quiet printing desiging, the sound of operation is low to 50 decibels, provides a quiet printing experience for colleague and family!

2nd Generation Wireless connection. More stable.

Finder features the 2nd generation Wi-Fi connection with more stable wireless file transmission. And now you can send 3D files from your computer to Finder 8GB memory with your own Wi-Fi network under AP or STA modes.

Colorful Cloud experiences

Finder supports 3D Cloud function. 3D Cloud not only allow you to store, edit, share and printing status checking online, but also provides you a massive model database.




Robo R2 Smart Assembled 3D Printer


Robo R2 Smart Assembled 3D Printer

Make greatness with the Robo R2

The Robo R2 high-performance smart 3D printer with Wi-Fi is the most feature-full 3D printer for the price. Awarded CES Best of Innovation 2017 as well as the coveted Good Design Award, the R2 boasts reliable, easy to use, smart technology to ensure a seamless, exceptional 3D printing experience.

Simply download the free Robo app on iOS (Android coming soon) to experience the next level in 3D printing. With dropbox and google drive integrated libraries, you can download, save, and print directly to your Robo R2 over Wi-Fi. We are also integrating Thingiverse and MyMini Factory so you can have access to printing over 100,000 models right from your smart phone.

Big Build Volume and Heated, Removable BuildTak Platform

With a 25% larger build volume than other top 3D printers in it’s class and a removable, heated Buildtak platform (no need for tape or hairspray), you can print bigger, easier, and with more materials than ever before.

Open Source Filament System

Our open system allows you to print with any of the materials that are out in the marketplace from a variety of vendors. Go ahead. Experiment, explore, and be empowered with unique materials like wood, carbon fiber, nylon, and flexible materials. There are no boundaries with Robo R2.

Smart Features

With filament run-out detection saving your 3D prints, innovative on-board slicing removing the need for a slicing software, on-board camera for viewing your prints, automatic detection leveling, and the Robo app, you have all the tools you need to be successful with 3D printing.




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