Best Hair Steamers

1. Best Hair Steamers: Conair Pro Style Bonnet Hair Dryer

Conair Pro Style Bonnet Hair Dryer, White


Pro Styler Bonnet Hair Dryer, White

Take a look under the hood of this portable salon style dryer and you’ll find a powerful way to gently dry and style your hair.

It’s fully adjustable, with variable height and heat controls, and has an extra-large hood to accommodate jumbo curlers.

This bonnet style dryer brings salon styling home at an affordable price.


  • 1875 watts for powerful drying
  • Extra-large hood accommodates a set of jumbo rollers
  • Variable airflow settings for maximum styling comfort
  • Even airflow distribution
  • Adjustable height
  • 2 heat/speed settings
  • Carry handle
  • 6-foot long cord stores in base
Best Hair Steamers


2. Best Hair Steamers: Salon Sundry Professional Salon Hair Steamer with Rolling Floor Stand Base

Salon Sundry Professional

The Salon Sundry professional salon hair steamer with rolling floor stand is the ideal choice for salon professionals, providing high performance and stylish design. 

Ideal for use with deep conditioning treatments, wet rollers, and more, this professional-grade steamer effortlessly seals in treatments and helps to set styles without drying out the hair, for shiny, hydrated, and beautiful results every time. 

Steamer features a premium, stainless-steel coil that delivers 650 watts of heating power for superb steam vapor.

The bonnet hood is made from durable tinted acrylic for a sleek aesthetic look, and is generously sized to comfortably accommodate both men and women with a 12″ diameter opening, 10″ deep.

The hood swivels completely and tilts 90-degrees so it can be positioned as desired, accommodating all types of chairs. 

Best Hair Steamers

Hood also features a 17″ long diffuser located inside the hood, providing even steam distribution throughout, along with three vent holes with an adjustable control to allow refinement of the steam level.

There is also a rolled lip along the lower edge of the hood, which collects condensate and deposits it into a removable collection jar (included) located at the base of the hood. 

Stand height is adjustable from 37″ to 49″ (measured from the floor to the top of the water reservoir). 

Includes complete hair steamer, grounded power cord (120 volt use only), reservoir, 26″ diameter rolling base and instructions. Minor assembly required. 

Salon Sundry specializes in creating the highest quality salon equipment, and is the preferred choice by industry professionals.



3. Hair Steamer Kingsteam 2 in 1 Ozone Facial Steamer, Design for Personal Care Use At Home or Salon

Hair Steamer Kingsteam 2 in 1 Ozone Facial Steamer, Design for Personal Care Use At Home or Salon (Coffee)


Money-and-Time Saver:
The face and hair steamer offers you an amazing salon-like home hair treatment and face care with easy quick and safe operation, save time and money.


Hair steaming method: 

1.Wash your hair and dry it until half dry, don’t use the steam cap so the steam can penetrate your scalp and bring moisture straight to the roots and hair shaft

2.Place the machine on a desktop, fill in water then connect power to it

3.Press power button then switch steam button, steam will come out in 5-6mins, then you can start using

4.Steam time 10-15 minutes 

Facial steaming method: 

1. Wash your face with a facial cleanser before steaming 
2. Fill the water into steamer and start the device
3.Adjust the angle of sprayer according to your needs with 360° rotatable sprayer 
4. To avoid burning your face, keep your face 8 to 12 inches away from the steamer, steam time 10-15mins

5. Aromatherapy diffusing function is provided

Hair steamer for natural hair:

provide valuable nutrient to unhealthy hair, prevents breakage and split ends, treating brittle&damaged hair;

Facial steamer:

Opens and unclogs your pores, allows you to remove dirt, oil and grime from your skin; Melts away dead skin cells, replace chemical exfoliating scrubs & peels; Make toner, cream and other nutrients absorbable. Aromatherapy diffusing function is provided.

The difference between Kingsteam 2 in 1 facial steamer and market is that we takes the advanced PTC ceramic heating element to vaporize clean water and produce a visibly strong steam instantly.

Ample and directed micro-fine steams penetrate deeply into all your hair and skin layers. Plus ozone generated Ion water particles can be up to 10x more effective in penetrating hair and skin.

Auto-off function:

Hair and Facial steamer will turn off automatically when water is lower than probe and alarm until you press OFF button to unplug the device.

Conveniently sized:

This is professional-quality machine of hair steamer for black hair also delivers convenient portability, ideally suited for use at the salon, at home, or while traveling.

Safety and Guarantee :

TUV&CE approved 2 in 1 hair steamer, your safety is always our priority, If for whatever reason you don’t love our kingsteam, let us know within 30 days, and we can give you a full refund or send you a replacement, just buy with confidence.

Best Hair Steamers


4. KINGDOMBEAUTY Large 2-in-1 Hair and Facial Steamer


KINGDOMBEAUTY Large 2-in-1 Hair and Facial Steamer Face Steamer Humidifier Hot Mist Moisturizing Clear Blackheads Acne Facial Hydration Sauna SPA Skin Care Facial Atomizer

About the product

  • 1.Instantly switch to facial or hair steamer, flexible usage
  • 2.Softens surfaces skin to help remove dead skin, dirt, oil and makeup remnant; Cleanses pores, exfoliates, and hydrates skin; leaves skin fresh, smooth, dewy-soft, and radiant
  • 3.Hair moisturizing and enhances beauty product absorption for better results
  • 4.Use as interior humidifier in a powerful and efficient way
  • 5.Intelligent Safety Warning System, beeping sound reminding you water will be ran out soon

Product description

1.For skin care:

Adjust the nozzle to your preferred spraying angle.

The steam is in high temperature, to avoid burning, keep your face at least 25 cm (9.8in) away from the steam outlet.

2.For hair care:

Wash your hair before steam.Evenly apply hair mask or the other hair care product after gently wipe the wet hair. Adjust the preferred height of the chair and carefully put your head under the hair-care cap.

3.Aromatherapy diffusing function is provided.

Drop a few drops of essential oil on the cotton pad. Open the cover on the pollen box of the nozzle and put the prepared cotton pad.

Skin can feel and absorb the fragrance and essence through this special steaming. Dried flowers can be put in the same way.

Best Hair Steamers


5. Project E Beauty Personal 2 in 1 Facial + Hair Steamer with O3 Ozone Steamer Device Home or Salon Use

Project E Beauty Personal 2 in 1 Facial + Hair Steamer with O3 Ozone Steamer Device Home or Salon Use


Intelligent Portable Easy Operating Design

Easy to Operate

One-press for operating is quick and handy that can save time for you beauty routine.

360-Degree Steam Nozzle

A stylish design for the steamer with a steam nozzle which can be rotated by 360-degree is convenient when you are sitting or lying.

Portable Design

The fashionable portable design can easily complement your bathroom, makeup table and dressing area. It is great for using at home and office.

Automatic Power-Off Function

An automatic power-off function is set to prevent water from running out of. Use the steamer with facial mark can get a better result for water replenishing.

Smooth Your Hair, Give You The Best Hair Treatment

The Hair and Facial Steamer is a beauty care instrument that can be used by the whole family. This type of instrument is often used in top hair salons.

The sprayer is designed to speed up the hair dyeing process by generating O3.

This also helps nutrition absorption for healthier hair. In addition, the O3 aids in the prevention of dandruff.

  • Moisturize and hydrate hair prevent breakage and split 
  • Brings glow to the skin and enhances the skin tone and complexion 
  • Built-in UV Ozone System 
  • The steamer can also be used as a interior humidifier and is a powerful and efficient way. 
  • Activate the blood circulation, stimulate the metabolism of cells, improve wrinkles 

Best Choice for Your Skin Care and Hair Treatment

  • Moisturize hair 6x more effectively
  • Prevent breakage and split ends for greater length retention
  • Spa facial at home
  • Easy clean-up
  • Adds lots of moisturize to your hair
  • Less split ends, greater length retention
  • At-home spa facial Save money on salon treatments with this DIY system

Best Products

Best Hair Steamers



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