Apartments in Seville,capital of flamenco – Low Cost Rentals

Apartments in Seville,capital of flamenco– Low-Cost Rentals.

Apartments in Seville,capital of flamenco – Low Cost Rentals
Seville, Spain
Apartments in Seville,capital of flamenco – Low Cost Rentals


Apartments in Seville,capital of flamenco – Low Cost Rentals

The capital of flamboyant flamenco, Seville is a traditional Spanish city in the south of the country. Boasting a backdrop of charming Andalusian design flecked with Moorish castles and Roman fortresses, it effortlessly combines style and personality.

Things to do in Seville

  • Alcazar of Seville – Originally a Moorish fort, this impressive palace is thought to be one of the most beautiful in Spain.
  • Giralda – This prominent bell tower is again built in the Moorish style, but had a Renaissance turret added by the Spanish. It’s an impressive piece of architecture that combines two fascinating influences.
  • Maria Luisa Park – A lush green park that sprawls out alongside the Guadalquivir River. It’s the city’s main green spot and provides plenty of places to walk, picnic, and relax.
  • Plaza de Espana – Situated in the Maria Luisa Park, this incredible feat of Spanish architecture is a popular landmark in the city.
  • Seville Cathedral – Also known as the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See, this is the biggest Gothic cathedral in the world, boasting intricate detailing and breath-taking craftsmanship.
Apartments in Seville,capital of flamenco – Low Cost Rentals
  • Metropol Parasol – A quirky, modern wood structure that stretches out over La Encarnacion Square. Designed by German architect Jurgen Mayer-Hermann, it adds a modern touch to the old quarter of Seville.
  • Museum of Fine Arts of Seville – Art lovers should definitely visit this gallery that’s filled with an impressive collection of Spanish art ranging from medieval times up until the present day.
  • General Archive of the Indies – Housed in an old Merchants’ exchange, this fascinating curved building is now home to important archival documents and historic information.
  • Palace of the Countess of Lebrija – Tucked down one of Seville’s most popular streets, this jutting building harks back to the 16th
  • Torre del Oro – This unusual dodecagonal building is an ancient military watchtower built with views across the Guadalquivir River during the Almohad dynasty,

Apartments in Seville,capital of flamenco – Low Cost Rentals

  • Seville Fair – A huge festival in Seville and one of its most iconic events, this colourful fair takes place a couple of weeks after Semana Santa and is filled with vibrant costumes, delicious food, and lots of lively music.
  • Isla Magica – Seville’s very own theme park has a selection of fast and fun rides for all the family.
  • Hotel Alfonso XIII – One of the city’s most iconic landmarks, this historic hotel is situated right next to the University of Seville and boasts an amazingly intricate design.
  • Royal Tobacco Factory – Spanning back to the 18th Century, this gorgeous stone building is an architectural masterpiece that’s well worth a visit.
  • Palace of San Telmo – Boasting a quirky design, this palace is one of Seville’s most famous historical buildings and is home to the seat of the Andalusian Autonomous Government.
  • Archaeological Museum of Seville – Set inside an impressive building, this museum displays some of Spain’s most important historical artefacts and relics.



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