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Apartments in Split – Cheap accommodation

Apartments in Split - Accommodation and rent
Apartments in Split – Cheap accommodation


Splitmaintains the balance between the old and the new, true to its Croatian roots, but progressing towards a modern life. This old Dalmatian city is characterized by its impressive classical architecture. Its coastal mountains are also an icon of Split and we can not forget its robust walls that kept the invaders out of the perimeter of the city. Split is not a big city, it is relatively small in size however it has many restaurants, luxurious bars, designer shops, museums and a very long and busy history. The city is very picturesque, perfect for a picture postcard and is bathed by the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. So this city has it all, beautiful beaches where you can relax and enjoy the mild climate of Split and an unparalleled history with a unique landscape that provide wonderful views. So you already know how to rent one of our apartments in Split near what interests you the most, be it near the sea or enjoy the old town.

Things to Do

  • Diocletian’s Palace – This iconic point of interest is the most recognizable building in Split. It is an old palace that was built in the 4th century located in the heart of the city.
  • Hvar – A popular Adriatic island that gained popularity in Greek times very close to Split.
  • St. Domnius Cathedral – Also known as St. Dujam, this catholic cathedral has an elaborate design and is the seat of the Archdiocese of Split-Markarska.
  • Marjan – A hill covered with pine trees with incredible views of Split and the nearby islands.
  • Ivan Mestrovic Gallery – This museum features a large collection of works by Ivan Mestrovi, a twentieth-century Croatian sculptor.
  • Brac – Another island near the Dalmatian coast, Brac spans 396 square kilometers and has beaches that attract many visitors every year.
  • Croatian National Theater – Housed in an impressive yellow building. Opened in 1893, it is one of the oldest theaters of its kind on the Dalmatian coast and has an extensive program of shows throughout the year.
  • Museum of Croatian archaeological monuments – Located in the heart of Split, this is one of the few museums in the country that shows research findings and artifacts from the natural and social history of Croatia.

Do not forget to look at our collection of apartments in Split , they are scattered throughout the city and of course near the places mentioned above.

Looking for paradise – the islands of Split

The Adriatic Sea surrounding Split contains many islands, each with its own personality and idiosyncrasy. All of them enjoy a temperate climate that forms green and paradisiacal landscapes. They also house typical villages and many historical monuments, the fruit of the civilizations that inhabited these islands.

There is Vis, a beautiful island with hidden bays, vineyards and dense forests. In the city of Vis you can find a dozen or more restaurants and bars, while in the south of the island you can see the ancient fishing techniques in Komiza, and dive with turtles and dolphins.

For a cultural experience and at the same time admire an incredible landscape you can visit Korcula , an island of incredible natural beauty and a long history. The old quarter of the city has a main tower and an infinity of labyrinthine medieval streets where you can admire the beauty of its cathedral, churches, walls, stairs and visit some museums. In addition to all this the island has a paradisiacal island landscape of extensive beaches and shallow waters.

Hvar is possibly the most popular island in this area, attracting a variety of visitors of all kinds. Here we can visit the part called Stari Grad , a labyrinth of narrow alleys flanked by cozy family restaurants. We can also visit the Tvrdalk Castle and if you want to take a souvenir you can visit the local craft shops. Finally, Hvar also has a lively nightlife, with many fashionable clubs and bars. The design of its streets, together with the design of its bars, seems a mixture of surreal, Venetian and Austrian styles, without a doubt a strange and pleasant combination.

Finally we can visit the island of Brack . This is an island a bit more wild and abrupt than those mentioned above. Here we can find leafy forests and paradisiacal beaches. There is also an infrastructure of accommodation, bars and restaurants.

Accommodation in Split

Split is becoming a very popular destination among travelers due to its wonderful beaches, the warm climate it enjoys and the interesting history it has. It also has an important infrastructure of restaurants, bars and museums. The accommodation in Split is also evolving with the city, along the promenade there are many hotels of several stars, a luxurious stay in this magnificent city, while the holiday apartments and studios are becoming increasingly popular with their incredible sea ​​views For travelers with less budgets we also have the traditional guest houses and B & B accommodations. This type of accommodation is much cheaper and attracts backpacker tourism.

Live like a local in Split

Many tourists visit Split every year, but not all are involved in the quiet life of the locals. If you want to know how locals live you can start by exploring the labyrinthine streets of the old town, have a coffee in one of the local bars and if you interact with the locals. So you can have the experience of how is the day to day of the inhabitants of Split. You can also try the Pasicada , a local sweet, and eat it while you walk the streets as the locals do.

For dinner you can try one of the delicious fish dishes with a refreshing glass of wine in one of the many restaurants specializing in fish.

If you rent one of our apartments in Split it is much easier to interact with the neighbors. The people of Split are very friendly and it is easy to start a conversation with them and get to know the history, old traditions and the quiet daily life of its inhabitants a little better.

Get around town

The center of Split is predominantly dominated by narrow pedestrian streets. In this area you do not need to take any means of transport as it is very small and picturesque and it is a pleasure to walk through its streets. However, if you leave the pedestrian area, it is a good idea to have a means of transport.

For starters, there is an efficient local bus service that has a number of lines that meander through the city, connecting all the main attractions and offering great views along the way. Tickets are cheap and it’s a typical way that locals go from one place to another.

Alternatively there are the tourist buses where you can get on and off, and it’s great if you want to stop at all the important points. Simply buy a ticket for your stay and upload and download everything you need. There will usually be an audio guide to tell you the history of the city while you move.


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