Photo Nuts and Shots

Wish you could take amazing photos every single time?

Photo Nuts and Shots
Photo Nuts and Shots

Now you can!

  • The dream: To take photos that your friends and family won’t believe you shot because they’re so incredibly good. Photos that have the ‘wow’ factor.
  • The myth: You don’t have what it takes. You need better gear, you don’t have the ‘eye’ and you’ll never understand the skills needed to take amazing photos.
  • The REALITY: If you think amazing creative photography is limited to artistic types – think again. Great photography CAN be learned and this all-new dPS course will show you how!

The second in our series of Photo Nuts video courses, and complementing our best-selling ebook of the same name (and author, Neil Creek), Photo Nuts and Shots will teach you the craft of photography– so you can take evocative photos that truly connect with viewers and reflect your creative vision.

Stream or download, watch when you want

Photo Nuts and Shots

In this new watchable format, you’ll see Neil demonstrate and break down creative photography concepts step-by-step. It’s super-easy to go through at your own pace and replay any video as many times as you like.

Gain real skills in 10 practical lessons

In 10 practical video lessons, you’ll learn the tools, techniques and thought processes for producing amazing photos and gain real skills that you’ll use in every shot you take:

  • Learn to harness light to convey emotion
  • Understand the impact of great composition and how to achieve it
  • Take the sharpest possible photos
  • Discover how to adapt your camera’s exposure to produce the shot you want
  • Master the concepts of shot perception, planning and execution – in any setting
  • Know when to break the rules for creative effect
  • Tap into your creativity to select and apply practical techniques that create amazing photos

Best of all, Neil’s tips are easy-to-understand and immediately actionable – so you’ll see an instant improvement in the quality of your images.




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