Photo Nuts And Post

Photo Nuts And Post: Transform Your Photos with the Power of Post Processing

Photo Nuts And Post


You press the shutter, a moment in the universe is captured, and an image is created that will last forever. Your work is done….. right?

Or has the fun only just begun?

The decisions you make as you frame and take your photos are of great importance in determining how your images will look – but what happens after an image leaves your camera can be just as important.

The creative choices and opportunities in ‘post’ are almost as great as they are in the capture of the photo itself, and almost every photo can be improved with a little post-processing.

But where do you start?

dPS’s new eBook – Photo Nuts and Post is the third installation in the Photo Nuts series by professional photographer Neil Creek.

It tackles post processing head-on and gives you the tools and the courage you need to make it work for you.

Inside this Beautifully Designed 110 Page Downloadable eBook you’ll Discover Topics such as:

  • Why even process your photos?
  • How do image files work?
  • How to manage workflow and thousands of photos
  • The cull and select of a photo shoot
  • How different processing tools work
  • Common problems and how to deal with them
  • Creative processing
  • The output process

Photo Nuts and Post is Beautifully Designed and full of examples.

If you’re intimidated by the idea of processing, don’t know how to make your photos look amazing like the pros, this is the resource to show you how to go from bland to brilliant.

The eBook includes detailed walkthroughs of processing some example images, including over an hour of screencast videos which walk you through a number of the techniques talked about in the eBook. These videos are hosted on a password protected page on our site – you may either view them online or download them to your computer/iPad/device for viewing at your own convenience. Photo Nuts and Post also comes with over an hour of extra bonus video tutorials to illustrate the principles taught in the eBook.

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