New York, United States

New York, United States is one of the world’s most popular cities, boasting an abundance of restaurants, and a buzzing atmosphere that weaves its way through the brightly lit streets.


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Things to do in New York

  • Central Park – The world’s most famous park sprawls out in the centre of the city, offering a huge expanse of space for walks, picnics, and relaxation.
  • Empire State Building – Standing tall against the rest of the Manhattan skyline, the Empire State Building provides the perfect vantage point for incredible views across the city.
  • Statue of Liberty – This tall iconic figure is one of the most well-known statues in the world and is situated on Liberty Island.
  • Rockefeller Center – Sprawling out over 22 acres, this complex of buildings is home to numerous commercial centres.
  • Times Square – This brightly lit central hub of Manhattan is surrounded by a vibrant array of shops, restaurants, and bars.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art – Named as one of the top ten largest art galleries in the world, and the largest in the United States, this museum is home to a huge selection of famous works.
  • GE Building – Forming a section of the Rockefeller Center, this Art Deco skyscraper sits proudly in the centre of Manhattan.
  • Museum of Modern Art – Regularly shortened to MoMa, this gallery showcases works by some of the world’s best-known artists.
  • Grand Central Terminal – This elaborate, Art Deco style station is filled with quirky details and is home to a handful of top-notch shops and restaurants.
  • American Museum of Natural History – Located on the Upper West Side, this large museum is one of the most popular in the world.
  • High Line – Spanning 1.45 miles along disused rail tracks, this thin, elevated park is a quirky edition to Manhattan’s attractions.
  • Ellis Island – An island of the north coast of Manhattan, it was once a very important part of the immigration industry.
  • Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum – Sat on the edge of the Upper East Side, this world-famous museum exhibits a vast collection of works by highly-renowned artists.
  • Radio City Music Hall – Situated inside the Rockefeller Center, this entertainment hall is one of the city’s best-loved attractions.
  • The Cloisters – This unusual museum can be found in Upper Manhattan, and boasts a picturesque courtyard and an ornate architectural style.
  • Coney Island – Predominantly a residential neighbourhood, Coney Island is also home to a large stretch of beach and is famed for its selection of leisure and entertainment facilities.
  • Staten Island Ferry – Catch a good glimpse of the Statue of Liberty from this ferry which runs from Manhattan to Staten Island.
  • Madison Square Garden – This indoor arena in central Manhattan plays host to numerous concerts and events throughout the year.
  • Bronx Zoo – This is one of the biggest city zoos in the world, and is home to a vast range of exotic and local species.
  • New York Botanical Garden – Nature lovers should take a trip to the Botanical Gardens located in the Bronx, which displays a colourful, eclectic selection of flora.
  • Patrick’s Cathedral – This impressive Neo-Gothic church offers an ornate architectural contrast to the city’s numerous other high-rise buildings.



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