HerSolution Gel

HerSolution Gel

HerSolution Gel: Instant arousal gel to give you the warm, engorged sensation

Girls… Let’s Make Sex Fun Again!
The libido enhancing personal lubricant for women, made from natural ingredients!

HerSolution Gel





The instant arousal gel formulated to give you the warm, tingly, engorged sensations you crave, to help achieve maximum pleasure and orgasm! 

HerSolution Gel: Goodbye Vaginal Dryness…Hello Orgasm!

It’s INSTANT Arousal In A Bottle…
Every woman has been there…

You’re in the moment, TRYING to get into it, TRYING to enjoy foreplay, TRYING to feel aroused, but your body just isn’t cooperating:

Your poor vagina is as dry as the Sahara desert.

Foreplay is quickly becoming uncomfortable, even painful. Intercourse is out of the question. Your partner is starting to feel inadequate.

… And suddenly there’s all this PRESSURE and STRESS that’s making it even more difficult for you to get wet down there.

For Those Days Your Body Just Isn’t Cooperating

Unfortunately, most causes of vaginal dryness are physical… NOT mental!

So you can’t talk yourself into lubricating with a bubble bath, a Harlequin romance novel, and a little sexy lingerie. Oh if only it were that easy! 😉

Most women will experience vaginal dryness at some point in their lifetime –

– because it’s caused by SO MANY different things including:

Pregnancy / Childbirth, Breastfeeding, Birth Control, Hormone Replacement Therapy 

Medical Conditions, Hysterectomy, Menopause, Medications, Smoking

Poor Diet, Stress, Lack of Sleep

And it can last a couple of days, or MONTHS, or even years.

That’s why HerSolution™ Gel has been given a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, based on 124 reviews in Natural Health Source’s 2012 Female Enhancement Review)

Intensify Erotic Sensations, Feel Desire Build!

All women know, it’s an erotic cycle…

More Lubrication = Increased Sensation = Increased Desire For Sex
… Which then equals MORE lubrication, and so on.

So HerSolution™ Gel has been formulated to help women beat vaginal dryness by mimicking your body’s natural lubrication early during a sexual encounter to…

Intensify your feelings of sexual desire!

Heighten your sensitivity to pleasurable touch!

Encourage your own natural lubrication to kick in!

Keep you wet, warm, and slippery with ONE application!

Push you towards the edge of orgasmic climax!

It’s everything you need to start truly experiencing sexual pleasure again.

Live in the moment with erotic abandon. Stop thinking about it. And just start FEELING the desire and pleasure again!

Make Sex Irresistable… Delicious, Warm, Intense.

HerSolution™ Gel is specifically hand-crafted for YOU, to help your body achieve the kind of responses and physiological changes associated with irresistible sex.

STEP 1 –

Right away you’ll notice a difference with HerSolution Gel. Just apply as directed and the dryness is gone. There’s no more of that painful dry sex and going through discomfort to get it over with.

HerSolution Gel makes sex something you’ll look forward to immediately, with a very enjoyable, velvety-wet texture that’s a pleasure to apply.


But then, it surpasses those drugstore lubricants by helping your body along, actually increasing blood flow to your vaginal and clitoral regions by dilating the blood vessels.The effect is just like the rush you feel when you’re kissed deeply by someone you truly desire 

STEP 3 –

The benefits of HerSolution™ Gel continue throughout the lovemaking session, as the warm, wet, wild feelings continue and are intensified through touch.You’ll build up and up toward total abandon, with rising feelings of more urgency, more intensity.

STEP 4 –

And the ultimate payoff – HerSolution™ Gel helps you climax with more power, more force than ever, achieving a kind of full-body satisfaction that rivals anything you’ve felt before.

The Formulation Uses Natural Ingredients! Avoids Many of the Harmful Chemicals of Drugstore Lubes!

Did you know that many of the personal lubricants sold today could actually be HARMFUL to your health and fertility? That’s why it’s important you know:

HerSolution™ Gel has been formulated and doctor-approved for its pure, natural botanical ingredients including:

L-Arginine –

regularly recommended and prescribed by doctors to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow to vaginal and clitoral regions, to enhance and intensify that feeling of engorged readiness!

Natural Botanical Essences –

deliver a potent, immediate rush of pleasure-boosting and libido-intensifyingmagic right where you most need it and want it. Our herbal specialists have carefully selected the individual botanical components, then calibrated the amounts to achieve this extraordinary blend – all in the interest of creating a peak sexual experience each and every time.

Hand-selected soothing Aloe, Shea, and Cocoa Butters – 

in the ideal blend create a texture that’s one of the most wonderful things you’ve ever felt. It’s unlike anything else you’ve tried – silky and lovely, wet and sensual, warm and inviting.

Ingredients include:

Olive Squalene, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera Extract, Purified Water 

Dipropylene Glycol, Carbopol Ultrez Polymer, Triethanolamine, Menthol USP

L-Arginine, Citric Acid

It’s a precise, spa-quality formulation that makes love to your skin, in a breathtaking combination that makes you feel ever-so-sexy.

Plus, the formulation using natural ingredients is not only far better for you, it feels decidedly better, works intensely better, and even has a delightfully light, fresh, and natural scent.

Without question, HerSolution™ Gel is vastly superior in every way!  

HerSolution™ is Doctor Approved!

Dr. Karen Vieira

For a new level of sexual satisfaction, HerSolution™ Gel is a safe and effective product that can promote libido and enhance vaginal sensation and lubrication.

Many women are unaware that vaginal dryness occurs due to physiological rather than psychological factors.

Rather than accept this disappointing and uncomfortable scenario, women now have an excellent option that not only restores lubrication and moisture, but also increases sexual pleasure with a unique blend of ingredients.

HerSolution Gel

Several products exist for the purpose of providing vaginal moisture and lubrication, but virtually all of the other options fall short in a few key areas.

The first is that they are meant as simple one-time use solutions.

On a day that you don’t use it, there will be no effect. In contrast, HerSolution™ Gel gradually restores optimal body conditions with daily usage.

HerSolution Gel

This indicates that actual healing is taking place rather than just masking a problem.

A second factor is that HerSolution™ Gel contains ingredients not only meant to enhance lubrication, but also for improved circulation, enhanced libido and increased climax sensation.

Finally, HerSolution™ Gel only contains ingredients proven safe in the medical literature, while several other products include harsh parabens that can negatively alter hormonal balance.

The formula begins with L-Arginine, which has been shown to enhance blood flow and reduce anxiety and stress hormones, all of which help to improve sexual desire and pleasure.

HerSolution Gel

Next is a blend of natural, healing lubricants, including silky cocoa butter, soothing shea butter, repairing aloe vera, highly absorbable olive squalene oil, among other compounds.

Finally, menthol, derived from peppermint oil, creates a tingly cool sensation and enhances the pleasant aroma.

I recommend women interested in heightened sexual pleasure and libido, as well as enhanced vaginal lubrication try HerSolution™ Gel.

HerSolution Gel: How Fast Can You Expect To Feel Results?

Many women tell us they feel the effects of HerSolution™ within as little as 7 days of beginning supplementation, including:

A noticeable increase in your appetite for sex, Increased fantasies and anticipation of sex

Quicker full body arousal, More vaginal lubrication, faster

Intense sensations in the genital regions, A reduction in hot flashes

More energy, Fewer mood swings & less irritability

More intense, pleasurable muscle contractions with orgasms

So it only makes sense that it takes a little time and patience to restore this natural balance!

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