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Granada apartments – Granada Accommodation
Apartments in Granada – Budget Studios


Granada is famed for the majestic Alhambra but there is so much more to this cultural Spanish town. Set amidst the patchwork-perfect scenery of Andalusia, this rustic city shares a rich past and a lively present with its visitors. Today, it boasts a passionate and young personality with an eye-catching array of trendy bars and hip flamenco haunts. But it is also imbued with a deep, ingrained history bursting with Islamic colours and traditions that have followed it into the twenty-first century. Meanwhile, the surrounding scenery is spectacular, too, sweeping the horizon with the alpine peaks of the Sierra Nevada which paints a beautifully natural backdrop against the quaint architecture overtures. And, after dark, Granada comes to life with a pulsing, vibrant beat. Flamenco bars spill over with keen cultural enthusiasts, whilst top-notch bars and clubs are packed out until the small hours of the morning. Get to grips with the city with one of our many apartments in Granada. We have the perfect place to stay for you, whatever your travel style may be.

Granada Accommodation

Finding a beautiful place to stay in Granada is easy with its picturesque, traditionally Spanish scenes and its endless blue skies. Throughout the cobbled streets there are plenty of artisan shops and souvenir stalls as well as luxury hotels that offer an opulent way to see the city. For a more independent stay, there are numerous cheap apartments dotted around as well as small, intimate guesthouses and lively hostels. Granada accommodation is an extension of the cultural atmosphere of the city, overlooking tiny streets, tall spires, and a flurry of colourful flowers.

The Tea Culture of Granada

With such a heavy influence from the Moors it’s no wonder that some of their traditions and cultures have overflown into modern-day Granada. As well as bringing with them a distinctive style of architecture that rules the city, there is also a strong tea culture that stems from Arabic traditions.

Throughout Granada you’ll find plenty of ‘teterias’, or tea rooms, each of which are swathed in rich textiles and rustic ornaments. They are the perfect place to slump back on the plush cushions and revel in the peaceful atmosphere eased on by dim lanterns and luxurious drapes. For a moment, you might forget you’re in Spain as you’re transported to the medinas of Morocco amidst a flurry of colour and aromas.

The best place to go to experience authentic teterias is the Albayzin quarter. Head along Calle Caldereria Nueva, one of the more popular streets that’s edge with a collection of cosy teahouses just waiting to sweep you away from the real world. Once inside, you’ll have a hard time choosing from the vast selection of exotic teas that cater to all different tastes and ailments.

Jaw-Dropping Architecture and Design – Things to do in Granada

  • Alhambra – Granada’s most iconic site, the Alhambra, is a beautiful palace and fortress complex situated right in the heart of the city.
  • Generalife – An exquisite villa-style palace with pillared courtyards and exotic gardens. It was once Spain’s main summer palace.
  • Sierra Nevada Surrounding Granada, the picturesque Sierra Nevada is an expansive mountain range that marks the highest point of mainland Spain.
  • Palace of Charles V – This beautifully ornate Renaissance building sits at the top of the Assabica hill inside the grounds of the Alhambra.
  • Granada Cathedral With an eye-catching architectural style featuring detailed turrets and intricate etchings, this cathedral is the seat of the Archdiocese of Granada.
  • Monastery of Saint Jerome – Boasting a magnificent interior decked out with huge frescoes and gilt fittings, this church was the first to be consecrated to the Immaculate Conception of Mary in the world.
  • Arc of Elvira – This simple archway is situated in the heart of Granada and, in 1896, was pronounced Bien de Interes Cultural.
  • Archaeological Museum of Granada – Featuring tree-filled courtyards and a North African design, this museum exhibits some of the architectural wonders of the city and the stories that accompany them.
  • Park Federico Garcia Lorca – Nestled in the modern part of Granada, this splash of greenery is dedicated to Federico Garcia Lorca, a famous Spanish poet.
  • Estadio Nuevo Los Carmenes – Predominantly utilised as a football ground, this large stadium was erected in 1995 and is also used for a number of other sporting events.

You can find a selection of our Granada apartments in the areas listed above, giving you easy access to the city’s favourite attractions.

Take Tapas the Traditional Way

In most parts of Spain, the age-old tradition of receiving free tapas dishes with drinks has pretty much died out. However, in Granada you’re likely to find it still going strong thanks, in part, to the large population of students on a tight budget.

If you’re looking to experience tapas in the traditional way, whereby you receive a plate of free tapas with every round of drinks, then head to Calle de Elvira or Calle Navas to start. There are plenty of authentic tapas bars situated along the lengths of these streets, where you can really get stuck into life with the locals. To step it up a notch, grab a table at the bustling and popular Bodegas Castaneda which has been around for many, many years. True to tradition, you’ll be served up a delicious plate of tapas with each round of drinks to keep you going.

Our Granada apartments can be found all over the city, with plenty nestled around these popular tapas hotspots to keep you in the foodie loop.

Getting Around Granada – Public Transport in the City

By far the best way to get around Granada is by foot – all of the major attractions are within walking distance of each other and you’ll really get to feel like you’re a part of the city when you’re up close and personal with it. Whilst most of the city is relatively flat, you’ll have to exert some energy getting up the hills to the Alhambra and Albaycin. For these, you might wish to hop on one of the local buses that travel from the city centre to these major attractions regularly throughout the day. There are even shuttle mini-buses that take you up the hill from the bottom, cutting out the most exhausting part of the journey.

The bus services around Granada are cheap and easy to use, connecting the important landmarks together whilst offering you great views out of the windows. There’s also an efficient train service that runs to the outskirts of the city as well as to nearby towns and cities. And, if you’re feeling active, you can also hire a bike and cycle around the city. Whizz from one hotspot to the next at your own pace and on your own timings.


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