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Fall Detection Device

Fall Detection Device – Walabot HOME



Walabot HOME Features

Walabot HOME is the first and only automated fall alert system. Unobtrusive and discreet, it is designed for effortless use, always working, without you having to remember a thing. In fact, its’ so subtle, you likely won’t even notice it’s there.

Automatically monitors for falls

Walabot HOME continuously monitors for falls throughout your home. After proper installation, nothing more is needed from you.

No bracelets, pendants, or wearables

Set yourself free and still stay safe with the only fall detection device that requires absolutely no wearable to remember to put on, and no uncomfortable device to lug around.

Call from the device at anytime

If you need help at any time, just lie down or click the screen, to quickly establish a two-way voice call with your emergency contact.

4x The accuracy

Walabot HOME provides 4 times the accuracy of other automated fall alert systems. It keeps you safer using the most advanced fall detection technology available on the market.

What’s in the Box

Your Walabot HOME comes with everything you need to get started.

The box contains one Walabot HOME device, one power adaptor, four double-sided adhesive strips, and one installation guide.

Most advanced monitoring technology on the market

You’re in good hands with world-renowned Walabot HOME technology. Developed by Vayyar Imaging, a leading-edge tech company trusted by millions of people to deliver exceptional performance in health and safety applications across the globe.

Room Package

  • Includes 1 Walabot HOME fall device

The Room Package is ideal for bathrooms, a place where 80% of falls occur, or it can be placed in any single room of the house

Multiple Rooms Package

  • Includes 2 Walabot HOME fall devices

The Multiple Rooms Package will provide protection for multiple areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, stairs or other high-risk locations

Home Package

  • Includes 3 Walabot HOME fall devices

The Home Package provides the most complete home coverage for high risk locations, offering complete peace of mind



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