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Digital Photography –  Night Photography Course

Digital Photography : Learn in a few hours, what would take you months of trial and error to grasp.


Digital Photography



Digital Photography
Digital Photography : Learn How to Take Photos at Night ​Like a Pro

Everyone is looking to make their photography stand out. It is hard to do if you are photographing during the day like everyone else. But you can do just that by learning to photograph at night.

In a lot of ways, night photography is a new world that has really just opened up with the advent of digital – even more so now that digital cameras have improved so much. So if you don’t have the budget to travel to all sorts of exotic places to take photos, you can still get stunning photographs just by going out at night.

Digital Photography : It is almost unfair, the advantage you get shooting at night …

So often, scenes that look nondescript and boring during the day turn dramatic at night.

Streetlights, neon lights, traffic, even the moon and the stars give you things to work with that just aren’t available during the day. And the darkness lets you add effects to your photos that are off limits to the normal daylight shooter.

It doesn’t require fancy gear. And it might actually be a way for you to find the time to get out and do some shooting.

Digital Photography : Think about it
 – is it easier for you to sneak off and get in some shots during the day, when you have a job, family commitments, and errands to run?

Or would it be better to get out at night after work when the family is wound down and none of that business is going on? Not only that, but your aren’t chasing fleeting glimpses of light at night.

The light never changes at night. So at night, you can take your time and set up exactly the way you want.

But you have to know what you are doing. You have to know the techniques for dealing with the darkness. You have to know the best subjects and how to find them. And you have to have the right gear.

There are 20 different modules with practical examples, so you can tailor your learning experience and go your own pace. And after we have gone through everything you need to know to get started with night photography, we’ll go out into the field and do some shooting so you can see how it works in real time.




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