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Best AirPod Accessories

Best AirPod Accessories

Best AirPod Accessories – EarBuddyz 2.0 Ear Hooks and Covers


Best AirPod Accessories

Your AirPods and EarPods will never fall out of your ears again with EarBuddyz 2.0

Engineered from Ultra Premium silicone, EarBuddyz provide twice the comfort

Helps improve ambient noise isolation for your Apple AirPods and EarPods

Easy & hassle free installation. EarBuddyz must be removed to charge AirPods

100% money back guarantee with 1 year EarBuddyz warranty – AirPods & AirPods Charging Case NOT included.

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Best AirPod Accessories – Waterproof Protective Silicon by Catalyst 


Best AirPod Accessories


Protect your AirPods from the elements, be it rain, snow or dust. The Catalyst AirPods case is waterproof 3.3ft and will protect your investment against accidental drops up to 4ft.


Catalyst Case for AirPods exceeds MIL-STD 810G military standard for shocks and drops up to 6.6ft (2 meters). It is made of impact resistant, scratch proof, rugged polycarbonate with a light premium silicone case.


Rain – Water – Snow – Smudge – Seawater – Dust – the elements don’t hold back the Catalyst Case for AirPods, you can adventure with assurance and without damaging or scratching your case (or Air Pods!).


The detachable carabiner makes the Catalyst Case for Apple AirPods accessible and secure against loss and thefts. Not compatible with AirPods Pro.


The Catalyst Case for AirPods is made of premium silicone, which is robust and designed to last. The smart design gives you easy access to the Lightning port. We offer you the manufacturer warranty, we participate to product recalls. We stand by our products.

Looking for the best protective case for your Apple Airpods?

Meet your new pal! A little apple airpod case that’s ready for big challenges! Out for your daily run? Hiking the Kilimanjaro? Either way, the soft silicone skin and the extra tough materials will protect your apple ear buds from any scratches or scrapes.

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Airpod Skins Protective Wraps


Best AirPod Accessories

PROTECT YOUR APPLE AIRPODS from wear, tear and everyday scratches

EASY TO APPLY and remove – made from premium and resistant adhesive vinyl. Made to last so you can get the most out of this superior product

MINIMALISTIC, beautiful Apple inspired design that has been tested and approved by top design publications around the world. Premium Apple inspired colors, including Piano Black and Matte Black

THEY FIT PERFECTLY in the Airpod’s case. Our skins are designed to avoid any ear irritation so you will feel no difference except its amazing look! 2 SETS included: Buy one and get a replacement!

LIFETIME GUARANTEE – You can trust our skins will fulfill your expectations, we guarantee complete satisfaction! Compatible with Apple AirPods.

Product description

Color:Matte Black

AirPod Skins let you customize the look & color of your Apple AirPods, while protecting them from wear and everyday scratches. Made from premium
adhesive vinyl, they are easy to apply and remove. Our AirPod Skins are made to last so you can get the most out of this amazing product.

Our minimalistic Apple inspired design has been tested and endorsed by the top design publications and is being used by Apple fans around the world. With
premium colors to choose from, AirPod Skins let you change the way you look and feel when wearing your AirPods. It’s really up to you!

The application is not hard. Included in the package there are easy to follow instructions. The simple explanation is you start by aligning the top “U” of your
AirPod Skins, then align them with the body. Once you remove your skins there will be no residue at all.

Your AirPods will fit perfectly in their original Apple case and will be protected from wearing of when sliding in and out. Our patented design is perfectly formed to
avoid any ear irritation. You won’t feel any difference, except its amazing look!

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Color:Matte Black




PodSkinz Keychain AirPods Case


Best AirPod Accessories

The ORIGINAL AirPods case. PodSkinz are the most convenient way to protect your AirPods

Just half an ounce yet provides robust protection against bumps and scratches

Easy, hassle-free installation

Engineered from ultra premium elastomers for a smooth, dust resistant finish

100% money back guarantee with 1 year PodSkinz case warranty – AirPods & AirPods Charging Case NOT included.

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Ultra Lightweight Protective Case For Your Apple AirPods!

Think of him as your ace, your sidekick, your buddy & pal. This little guy protects against the bumps and bruises of the daily grind. And don’t let his soft side fool you, he’s actually as tough as nails. Ok well maybe not nails, but you get the idea.

Whether you’re using your AirPods as your running mate or office pal, PodSkinz keep you moving with an unnoticeable yet rugged level of protection.

PodSkinz are engineered with you in mind.

√ Slim form-fitting design allows for easy installation and continuous use without the added bulk and hassle of carrying an additional case.
√ Never worry about scratching your AirPods Case. AirPods are perfect. Well nearly. The white scratch prone AirPods Charging Case is a magnet for scuffs and discoloration. Keep your AirPods case in their perfectly original condition.
√ If you’re unhappy, our team of highly skilled service ninjas will jump through hoops to put a smile back on your face. Send us a message us through your Order Invoice and we’ll get back to you faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
√ Compatible with Apple AirPods
√ Included in the Box – One (1) PodSkinz Silicone Case. Apple AirPods NOT included.

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Spigen RA100 AirPods Strap


Best AirPod Accessories

Compact, lightweight and extremely durable

Ideal for keeping AirPods close by during outdoor activities

Fastens AirPods on each mount to ensure stability and security

Simple design that keeps the experience tangle-free with easy storage (Patent Pending)

ONLY compatible with Airpods 1 & 2 (NOT compatible with Airpods Pro).

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Best AirPod Accessories – i-Blason Strap for AirPods


Best AirPod Accessories

Conveniently connects AirPods to each other to prevent misplacement

Ear-fitting feature adds comfort and a more secure fit

18 in. long strap ensures universal reach and function

Fast and simple installation; Choose from 5 different colors

Compatible with iPhone X / 8 / 7 and iPhone 8 / 7 Plus AirPods.

Product description

Stop losing your wireless AirPods by keeping them together with i-Blason’s Airpods Strap. Built with an ear-fitting feature for added comfort and stability, this 18 in. strap connects your headphones while still giving you room to move around freely. This connecting strap is compact, flexible and easy to store while not in use. Start enjoying your AirPods without the anxiety of misplacing them.

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elago Upgrade AirPods Stand


Best AirPod Accessories


If you have experienced our D Stand, you will know exactly what to expect with this stand. Your AirPod Case fits perfect into the designed groove and will charge flawlessly once a lighting cable is installed.


Due to the simple design of the stand, we were able to make sure that your AirPod case will always have the perfect companion to come home to.


By making the stand out of silicone, we can guarantee that the stand was made with non-toxic materials that protect your AirPod case.


The groove designed for the AirPod case is an exact fit – it will not fit with a cover.


AirPod, AirPod Case and Lightning cable is not included, only compatible with Apple Original Lightning cable.



Best AirPod Accessories – Twelve South AirFly Wireless Transmitter


Best AirPod Accessories

Connect wireless headphones to wired headphone jacks with Bluetooth 4.1 technology

Use Wireless Headphones/ Noise-Cancelling Headphones on the plane with airline in-flight entertainment systems.

Listen to your health club’s TVs with your wireless sport headphones or use with Nintendo Switch for a wireless gaming experience.

If you have volume issues after upgrading to the newest Firmware on your iPhone, please see our website FAQ’s on the AirFly Product Page or reach out to us so we can help!

Tech Specs – Bluetooth v4.1, Audio Codecs: aptX Low Latency, aptX and SBC audio. Battery Life: 8+ hours

Included – AirFly, 3.5mm headphone cable, USB charging cable, travel pouch, quick start guide, manual

NOTE: AirPods must be INSIDE AirPod Case to enter pairing mode (#1 pairing mistake). To see how easy Pairing is, watch the Pairing Video in the Gallery.

Upgrade your Wireless Headphones/ AirPods to first class.

Plug AirFly into your seat’s headphone jack and enjoy provided entertainment with your AirPods/Wireless Headphones. AirFly uses Bluetooth to connect your wireless earbuds or headphones to in-flight entertainment systems. No more wired headphones or settling for those flimsy airline headphones. No more cords in the way when your seat mate has to get by.

Work AirFly into your fitness routine

Why wrestle with wired headphones when you’re running on a treadmill? AirFly plugs into the headphone jack on gym equipment, allowing you to listen to fitness center TVs and monitors with your AirPods or other wireless headphones.

Small but mighty

AirFly has a built-in battery that lasts about 8-hours per charge. This travel-friendly sized device also includes a USB charging cable and a travel pouch that holds both the device and charging cable. You can charge AirFly while you’re using it so even on long flights you are covered.

Not just for AirPods

AirFly was designed for AirPods, but works with any wireless headphones, noise-canelling headphones or earbuds. We even have had some customers call in and tell us that it works with their Bluetooth hearing aids!

Pairing AirFly with AirPods / Wireless Headphones

Step 1: Hold the pairing button for up to 10 seconds

To enter pairing mode on AirFly: press and hold the button for up to 10 seconds until AirFly flashes amber and white.

While in pairing mode, other light patterns may appear. AirFly will cycle back to the pairing mode light pattern shortly after.

Step 2: Put headphones in pairing mode **

To enter pairing mode on AirPods:

A) For Airpods: First place AirPods inside Charging Case. With the lid open, press and hold the pairing button on the Charging Case until the light flashes white.

B) For Wireless Headphones: Put your headphones into Bluetooth Pairing Mode (refer to your headphone’s owners manual for more details).

**If you have AirPods it is important that the AirPods are left in their case so they can enter into pairing mode. Removing AirPods from their case before pairing will disallow pairing.

Step 3: Headphones and AirFly will show ‘Paired’

Once successfully connected*, the light on your AirPod case will turn green, and AirFly will illuminate in white and remain on for 10 seconds.

* This can take up to 90 seconds for initial pairing, but AirFly will remember your AirPods when re-connecting in the future.

Step 4: Plug AirFly into desired device

Plug one end of the headphone cable into AirFly and the other end into your preferred entertainment system enjoy.

Product description

Style Name:AirFly Classic

Wish you could listen to in-flight movies with your AirPods? Now you can with AirFly from Twelve South. AirFly is a tiny bluetooth device that connects all AirPods (or any other wireless headphones) to entertainment systems on planes, in fitness centers and anywhere else with only wired headphone jacks. Simply plug AirFly into the headphone jack on an airplane seat or treadmill at the gym to listen movies or shows with your AirPods. It’s that easy. AirFly stays charged for eight hours and includes a USB charging cable and travel pouch.

Product information

Style Name:AirFly Classic




Apple Wireless Charging Case


Best AirPod Accessories

Air Pods charge quickly Inside the case

Case can be charged either wirelessly using a Qi-compatible charging mat or with the Lightning connector

Works with Air Pods (1st generation or later).



mophie – Wireless Charge Pad


Best AirPod Accessories

Latest Qi Wireless Technology; Through a collaboration with Apple, mophie has developed the most convenient mobile device-charging platform available today. It’s engineered to comply with Qi wireless charging standards.

Apple Optimized: mophie’s wireless charging pad is a product partnership with Apple to be optimized for the Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus. Compatibility-AirPods Models-AirPods Pro, AirPods with Wireless Charging Case (2nd generation), Wireless Charging Case for AirPods

Up to 7.5W Fast Charge: The Mophie Wireless Charger Was Developed to Charge Your iPhone 50% Faster Than Standard Wireless Chargers, With Up to a 7.5W Fast Charge Capability.

CHARGES ON CONTACT: Simply place your iPhone on the wireless charging base and charging will begin instantly. When the charging is complete, an LED light will illuminate.

NON-SLIP RUBBERIZED COATING: A durable, 360-degree non-slip TPU coating protects the iPhone from scratches and provides a stable surface for quickly placing and charging it.

mophie – Wireless Charge Pad – Apple Optimized – 7.5W Qi Wireless Technology

mophie makes charging your iPhone easier than ever. This wireless charging pad includes the latest Qi technology and delivers up to 7.5W fast-charging speeds to your phone on contact. The non-slip finish ensures perfect placement and the included wall adapter means you get everything you need to get charging right in the box.

Ultra‐fast response time: Immediately starts charging on contact

Low standby current: Ensures minimal power draw when idle

Foreign object detection: Communicates with the device, ensuring that power is only sent to compatible wireless devices.

The new standard for high-speed wireless charging

mophie has created the most convenient iPhone charging experience possible, built to comply with Qi wireless charging standards. mophie, the leader in portable power collaborated to integrate the latest technology optimized for the iPhone to deliver safe, fast-charging speeds with up to 7.5W of power to compatible devices.

Wireless technology optimized for the iPhone

Designed to work seamlessly with the wireless technology built into the iPhone, the mophie wireless charging base charges your iPhone on contact. Ultra-fast response time activates charging immediately while maintaining the full functionality of your phone and access to your favorite features.

Product description


The latest Apple mobile devices with Qi technology now have a lightning-quick and effective wireless charging solution via the mophie wireless charge pad. 

mophie has collaborated with Apple to develop wireless technology optimized for the iPhone that makes wireless charging easier than ever. 

This charging pad has been engineered to comply with Qi wireless charging standards and is MFI-certified to work seamlessly with Apple devices with Qi wireless technology.

 It is compatible with the iPhone X, the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus, juice packs, and all other Qi-enabled smart phones.

Best AirPod Accessories

Convenience and simplicity in charging your devices is enhanced with mophie’s latest wireless charging pad.

In fact, this wireless charging pad will permit charging through most lightweight cases.

It uses the latest wireless technology to charge your phone 50 percent quicker than standard wireless chargers.

Safety is ensured through a foreign object detection system that communicates with all devices.

This ensures that power is only sent to compatible wireless devices. Simply place your iPhone on the wireless pad base and the charging will begin immediately.

When the mophie wireless charge pad has finished supplying your device with power, an LED light will illuminate.

Best AirPod Accessories

The collaboration between mophie and Apple also focused on protecting devices.

Built with a 360-degree non-slip rubberized coating, this charging pad protects iPhones from scratching while also providing a stable base for placing the phone and charging it quickly.

The die-cast metal inner structure is electroplated, increasing the stability and sturdiness of this highly effective wireless charging pad.

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