Asia – Cambodia Classic

Walk among ancient temples and modern-day palaces

Phnom Penh
Cambodia Classic




Start your vacation through the ancient sights of Cambodia at the city that acts as the gate to the Angkor ruins. Spend your first few days touring through temples of all kinds, from the crown jewel of Angkor Wat, an expansive and highly decorated temple, to small, delicate pink sandstone temples, to towering temples lost in the jungle. Wander among over 100 temples that date back as early as the 6th century, visit shrines dedicated to old gods, and explore fortified cities that house statues of demons, gods, and nagas standing guard over its entrance. 

Then you’ll get to come to modern-day explorations of cities like Kampong Cham sitting along the Mekong River and Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. Enjoy access to two beautiful museums that are wrapped in art, culture, and history, and sprawling markets that host a huge variety of vendors and shops.

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