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Natural Flea Control with the EasyDefense Flea & Tick Tag.

Conventional flea & tick control involves dangerous, and even deadly, pesticides; you shouldn’t have to choose between pest free pets and their overall health. Thankfully, the Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Flea & Tick tag is chemical free and completely safe for your pets. Using a revolutionary technology that harnesses your pet’s own bio-energy, this tag is tough on pests, but gentle on your pet.

EasyDefense Flea & Tick Tag
12 Months of Chemical-Free Protection

natural approach to flea & tick control

The Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Flea & Tick Tag is a safe, chemical-free way to keep harmful pests off of your pet.

Containing silicon dioxide particles that are encoded with frequencies that are irritating to pests, this flea and tick tag repels biting insects, including fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. There are no dangerous chemicals or harmful pesticides involved, making it the best natural defense against harmful pests. It is completely safe for pets and humans in the household.

The EasyDefense Flea & Tick Tag begins working in just 3 weeks and offers long-lasting protection for up to a full year, even during winter. Just clip it and forget it!

How It Works
A Natural Approach to Flea & Tick Control

natural approach to flea & tick controlThe EasyDefense Tag contains silicon dioxide particles that are encoded with frequencies that are emitted over time. Once the tag is removed from its electro-magnetic shielded envelope and placed on your pet’s collar, encoded frequencies will synchronize with your pet’s own unique biological frequency, repelling fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other biting insects, while also supporting their immune system. The process operates with quantum mechanic’s refined frequencies and is similar to the basic principles of homeopathy. (It does NOT use traditional energy forms like electrical, chemical, thermal, magnetic, or radioactive.)

It is the result of more than 15 years of targeted research in collaboration with renowned doctors and scientists. This quantum energy approach has been used in Europe for many years to enhance human health and wellness through the energizing of objects, water, drinks, and supplements. The result is a unique pest repelling tag that is completely safe for dogs and cats of all ages.

Affordable & Effective Control
Natural Flea & Tick Control Costs Less

natural approach to flea & tick controlGoing natural is the most cost-effective protection available. 

Compare the cost of the EasyDefense Tag with its one year life span against the expense of other flea control methods, which must be continually reapplied on a regular basis. Not only will it save you money, it also offers these additional benefits:

    • Completely safe for your pet with no possible side effects
    • Repels mosquitoes in addition to fleas and ticks
    • Guaranteed to protect your pet from biting insects.

Important Note If Your Pet Has Fleas:
The EasyDefense Tag is designed for flea prevention, not eliminating infestations. If your pet is already infested by fleas, their environment is also infested, and the tag on its own will not be enough to mitigate the infestation. To eliminate existing flea infestations, we strongly recommend complementing the tag with other natural flea removal products, most especially the All-in-One Flea Remedy.

    • Protects your pet against fleas, ticks, and other biting insects as well as protects them from dangerous, possibly deadly, chemical spot-ons.
    • Works with a powerful collection of protective ingredients, including a safe flea collar, botanical spray, flea eliminating powder and bio-energy.

Flea & Tick Control Kit

Natural Protection
Give your pet the best natural flea & tick protection with this effective combination of flea eliminators, remedies, and safe collars.
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