all bloggers den – keep your dogs from angering your neighbors

Quieter dog, happier household.

Bark Control

Non-stop barker, meet your match.

Best Sellers

Barking is a natural instinct for your dog. It’s also natural for you to want some peace and quiet now and then. Simply turn on the collar or ultrasonic deterrent when you want your dog to stop barking. Every time your dog barks, your dog will hear or feel a safe, effective correction that reminds him not to bark.

  • Gentle yet effective correction every time your dog barks
  • Hear less barking in as little as a few days
  • Options for single-dog or multi-dog homes

Most Advanced Safety Features

Safe, High-Tech Barking Solutions

At PetSafe®, all of our bark control products are engineered and quality tested to be humane and effective.

  • Quality tested for maximum safety & effectiveness
  • Approved for short term and long term use
  • No interference with other frequencies

Perfect Bark® Technology

Our bark control collars are engineered with the most advanced technology and safety features on the market. With innovative Perfect Bark dual detection technology, only your dog’s barking causes a correction, meaning no mistaken correction and no over-correction. The collar must pick up the sound AND vibration from barking before delivering a correction.

Approved for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Our ultrasonic devices are safe to use long-term and cause no negative side effects or hearing damage to pets or people. Our outdoor deterrents are specially created for outside use, and the indoor deterrent is most effective when used inside. Sound travels and bounces differently indoors and outdoors, so the technology is different in each product.

Bogey’s Story: From Constant Barker to Peaceful Pet


Jessica tells the story of her shepherd mix, Bogey, and how a bark collar helped solve the challenges she faced with Bogey’s constant barking.

“It’s been a huge relief for us to be able to know that we’ve got something that’ll keep our dogs from angering our neighbors… It keeps Bogey part of the family and keeps my stress level down so that we can all enjoy him, the wonderful dog that he is.”

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